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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Day in and day out…. it’s another fight another journey another day of pushing forward. Sometimes, you have to count your rewards. It’s a journey that you welcome. You welcome it with open arms, and all you can do is embrace it.

I was telling a friend my friend, Lisa.
You know, this weight feels as if it got here over night.
It’s like I woke up one morning fighting fat.

You know what my friend said.
It’s just a weight loss battle. A battle you welcome, or a battle you choose to lay down on or you can get up and fight. It’s how ever you take it. You take it with the good or you leave it up to the bad.

Spark Ladies!

If you are willing to fight, then you are willing to stop backing down.
If you are willing to kick & scream…. Then you are ready to put up with the drama that comes with the weight loss.

Our men give us hell when we try to change.
Don’t they!
Our friends don’t want to hear about diet- until they see our rewards.
Oh they do, you know they do.
Our bodies are changing, and everything we work so hard for is shown in our rewards and at times thrown back in our face.
Now, that’s some (___________!) You fill in the blank.

It’s like every part of you wants to play…. Hide and Go seek… Peak A Boo.. I don’t see you…
More like.. It’s hiding and you working your “a--” of so you can see those missing parts take shape.

Oh, you don’t want to see those belly rolls.. You want to see some abs in formation.
Oh, and you don’t want your underarm flab waving good bye when you done. Now do you. It's waving harder than your hand.

You done all the waving you gone do, but I guess it’s making up for loss time and loss good byes.
Now isn’t it.
I told my friend…
Days like this.. I want to say.. Poof fat.. BE GONE!
I’m just spinning and talking “Lisa’s” ears off..
Why this and why that?
Why I got to put up with this (_______)…. U know.. Fill in the blank..

Lisa goes..
Sometimes we win some, and sometimes we lose some, but we lose the weight. One second, one moment, one hour, one day at a time. That’s how we roll. That’s how you got to roll when it comes to losing weight.

You got to fight for it. You must want it.
Weight is Weight and it comes with a price tag.
You gain weight… You buy clothes.
You lose weight… You buy smaller- newer- hipper clothes…
You’re fashion in the making now aren’t cha.

But when you are fat.. When you are a big girl.. When you are pushing hard to lose the weight.. You always paying the price to shake it off.. You paying the price to put it on and you will be paying the same price while you push it off. The price of being lazy got you here. The price of over feeding your face got you here. Now you have to get down to business and take it off.

I’m just spinning and blowing hot air now.
I’m pissed and upset with myself.
Lisa goes…. WHY! Why are you so upset?
I said. How long will I have to pay this price?
The price of gaining this weight over and over gain.

Lisa goes.. You stop paying the price when you understand.
You stop paying the price when you let go of all the mess.
You stop paying the price the moment you start to see yourself.
That damn “Lisa” didn’t leave a word out.
You stop paying the price when you start to own up to your past action and start birthing new actions into your life. That’s when the drama of weight loss stop being such a hassle. Now the weight will move. You just got to keep on moving to lose it.

So, here’s some facts we were laying on each other as we were spinning.

Your friends are going to hate.. SO What!
Your man is going to trip.. & What!
Folks going to talk, and make up lies on how you did it. OKAY!
We spinning faster and talking some real talk.
Some big stuff.. Before we knew it, we had been spinning for a 120 minutes, and that was not part of our workout plans. The whole class had been dismissed.. We still up in there talking ________! U know.. Fill in the blank, and before we knew it.. We had ladies walking back into the spinning room. Getting on bikes, and venting along with us.

You get tried you know..
You get so feed up with it..
You keep on saying.. I can do this..
But we all need to know this.. We are going to pay the price.
Fat, Skinny, healthy, or unhealthy.. We are going to pay the price.. REGARDLESS

So- when you wake up in the morning…. Remember this one thing.
I’m going to pay for it regardless..
You pay to gain and you pay to lose..
What team are you playing for?
The winning side or the losing side.
HAHA! You don’t know how to answer this one do you…
Let me help you.. Then I’ll close..
It does matter what team you are on.
You want to be on both teams.
The winning and the losing team.
You want to win your life back.
You want to lose some weight and those issues that comes in with that weight. You want to win back your life, and lose all those issues that forced you into the weight gaining business in the first place.
You want to be on both teams.. But the one team you want to “RUN” from is the gaining “TEAM”.

Because every time you gain weight…. You end up paying the price.
Stop paying for your mistakes, heart aches, and breaks. LIVE and be THANKFUL for your life. Stop putting your life in P… PARK… Shift it down to D and DRIVE…

And what I mean by shiting down into D is this..
Be the one driving in your life.
Don't let someone else drive you in the groud or push you under.
DRIVE! Be a driving force within your life..
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2655 days ago

    you rock :)

    2656 days ago
  • SPARKLE1908
    Another great blog and right on time!!!!!
    2656 days ago
    Very good blog!!!1 emoticon emoticon
    2656 days ago
    Wow girl this is so true. I love you Lynn cuz you are not afraid to share what you are going thru. You always have so much to share with us and yes it really does help us(well i can speak for myself). But u are so real and that's what i love about you girl. Great blog girl.
    2656 days ago
    emoticon blog lynn . in fact it was incredible. I swear if you came out with a book emoticon . id read it bcuz your writeing skills and ways you are ablt to tell your experiences are incredible! Way to go lynn have a great nite ;-D
    2656 days ago
    Wow....right on time..... I have been going through it girl....friends/family members who are not supportive....scale loving me one day and hating me the next...just trying to maintain a schedule and figure out my eating but I LOVE this blog....its encouraging and letting me know that the battle is mine to win or lose....thanks for being such a great motivation...
    2656 days ago
    Yes that's da truth!
    2656 days ago
    Yup, it's all about what's inside our OWN heads before we begin these battles!!

    I know exactly what you mean - i looked at myself one day and thought - how the hell did i get to this side?! How do we not NOTICE?!....Damn crazy!!

    Have a great Tuesday Lynn xx
    2657 days ago
  • EILEEN828
    Wow, you hit the nail right on the head and Amen to that!
    2657 days ago
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