I am such a quitter!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hola peeps..

I've been slacking the last couple days. I have been focusing VERY hard on eating the right things and keeping with the smaller portions ect.. HOWEVER quitting smoking has given me the MUNCHIES from hell... over all I'm doing pretty damn well considering!

I have not had even a puff from a cig in 5 complete days!! WOOHOO!!!! YAY ME!

I'm such a kick ass quitter rofl! hooray me emoticon

On the snack front.. oh crap, have I been naughty!

3 servings of Smartfood white cheddar popcorn.. UGH!

3 servings of Baked Lays... oh lord!

A Package of pop tarts.. geeze! (Not an entire box folks.. a package meaning 2)

I had a wonderful breakfast.. 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, 2 cups of spinach, a piece of Ezekiel bread w/ sugar free strawberry preserves!

Lunch was grrreeat.. tuna salad wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves with diced roma tomato's (Don't forget black pepper and chili powder, it makes the tuna POP!) and a cup of green tea!

The snack attack kicked my effin ass today! Considering this day is my 5th day and it is the first day of hellish snack fever, I'm purdy dang satisfied! At least I stuck with somewhat decent things to snack on, it could have been a whole lot worse.. like CHEESE CAKE *drooling* Used to be my favorite!

No cigs - goal MET!! Here's hoping none of those 19 lbs come creapin back on!

Oh yeah.. I've started Jillian's 30 day shred! This bitch is CRAZY, but oh EFF am I going to LOVE the results!

I finally took "before" photos.. It was everything that I could do to hold back the tears.... I don't FEEL like that fat girl!! I don't walk into the room and feel like the largest thing in there.. I don't look at things and wonder if I will fit through,, or if that chair will hold me.. or if somebody is noticing my fatness! After these photos, I think I might.....

Are before photos supposed to make you feel like that?! I'm not sure what purpose they will serve for me at this point, but I can definitely say they will stay in digital form.. and will NOT be posted for public eyes.. I think that little piece is for me and God ppl.. sorry sparkers rofl

But anyway.. maybe one day I will pull them up and GASP at the fat girl that is no more, compare to current pics I will have taken and drool over the PYT that has been revealed, after the fat girl tagging along has been SHREDDED from my body! Maybe then I will be able to share them.. who knows!

Alrighty peeps.. it is my beddy bye time, just wanted to give an update to those 2-3 ppl who give a damn and have been following my progress here and there..
The positive comments and energy that I've been receiving from you guys are truly a blessing and have kept me going.. and helped me make the decision to quit smoking! The support and luv is there, and I'm soaking it up! So please keep it coming folks, I'm running on empty and am in some serious need for a refill lol!

Lotsa love and snuggles to you all! Hope everybodys week is filled with positive energy and fantastic results in whatever area your focuses are!!

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    I think you are wonderful in making your life healthier. To quit smoking is very hard I tried a lot of times over the 23 yrs I smoked. I finally did it 4 years ago. Just keep taking one day at a time, it will get easier. I had to use Scooby Doo lollipops it was around Halloween when I quit lol. I had to have something to hold it made it easier for me. I would not recommend using a sugar route though. I took up knitting and crocheting, cross stitch anything to occupy my hands. I wish you luck and give my support in your challenge.

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    Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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    3628 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/14/2011 6:40:56 PM
    Hola to you too chica!!! Good to see you're still around! YAAAYYYYY for you on the smoking! I don't yet have the desire to stop that nasty little habit, but I figure it will be coming around soon enough. I think you did a good job with your snaking! It can get difficult and some days are "better" than others. Keep up with the work out and making your meals healthy and yummy!!!! YAAAAY YOU!!!!!!!

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    3628 days ago
    There is definitely more than 2-3 people that are following your progress. They probably just don't post.


    The longer you go no cigs the easier your munchies will get to handle. You might look into supplying veggies instead of the chips. Though good choice having baked lays instead of regular. Most of your stuff was healthish.

    3628 days ago
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    Keep it up!

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    3628 days ago
  • REYVE01
    Qitting smoking is much better than the extra snacking. Once you get pass smoking, the snacking will go away. It will be one year for me in Aprill 2011... good for you. emoticon
    3629 days ago
  • LISED58
    I LOVE QUITTERS!!! Well, not ALL quitters - but YOU you lovely butt-kickin' quitter. YES, YES, YES, YES .... I remember how darn hard it was - both times! The second was the LAST time.

    YOU DID IT!!!!!! Chew a celery or a suck a carrot - or find some diabetic sugar-free candy or something like that. ENJOY the freedom of the puff....

    You're so good.
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    3629 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2542024
    Congrats on how long you've stayed smoke free. I hope you can keep it up. Not coming from a smoker, but someone who loves to snack, challenging myself to eat healthy, crunchy snacks first - carrots, cucumbers, celery, peppers, etc - often fills my need to snack and then I don't want the junk, though sometimes I do. But maybe it's worth a try.

    I hope you can keep it up! My dad has tried to quit a few times and I've watched him struggle with it. I hope that this will be your last time quitting. :)
    3629 days ago
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