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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The main reason I got into The Spark was to lose weight in hopes that I would be able to walk around more without my legs going to sleep. While I was Christmas shopping last year, I had to stop at every bench I could find and rest. My legs kept going to sleep and I was out of breath.

Since January, I've been working out and have been drinking my water and eating healthy. And guess what, IT PAID OFF!!

Most of the time, when I know I will be doing alot of walking, I will use my walker that has the seat on it. That way, when my legs do go to sleep, I can sit down for a few minutes. Although, I have my stubborn days where I try to convince myself "Eh, you don't need that today, you can just walk slow and you will be fine!" LOL. Then I really wish I'd brought it and used it.

So! Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went shopping. We started off going to Smiley's Flea Market. It's HUGE and usually it seems like I spend more time sitting than I do walking and looking. But guess what.....I did not need to sit down and rest not one time!! I was soooo proud of myself. When we started getting towards the end of the flea market, my boyfriend kept asking me if I needed to stop and rest. When I told him no, he didn't believe me lol. He kept asking if I was sure, and of course I convinced him I was fine by telling him "Duh! Don't you know that when my legs go to sleep and you still try to walk on them anyways....it doesn't work? Therefore, even if I was lying, my body would tell on me!" He said "Woah! You are doing better than me then, cuz I'm tired!" and he sat down on the walker and I pushed him around. hahaha. We were there probably 2 hours. Maybe 3 hours. I got so carried away in how good I was doing, I lost track of time. And plus there were soooo many people there, it was hard to walk fast!!

Once we left Smiley's Flea Market, we went to Walmart. Usually, when I go to Walmart, I seem to end up in the shoe section sitting down to rest. But NOT yesterday! I got my buggy, and went up one isle and down the other looking for the things I needed to get. My boyfriend was still asking me "How are you not tired yet?" LOL. It was so cute.

We were in Walmart about an hour. Then we left there, and went to Golden Corral for supper.....and for more walking (because it's a buffet restaurant).

When we got back home, my knees were not bothering me, my ankles did not hurt, my back did not hurt, and I did not feel sore anywhere. I felt great!!!! I haven't stopped smiling about it or telling everyone I come in contact with about it!

My grandma (my biggest "fan"/supporter) was sooo proud of me too. And that just made all the difference in the world right there!!

I've been happy about things before, but never so happy that I'm speechless when I try to explain how happy I am and how proud of myself I am. But I'm so happy that I could cry!

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