A very nice Sunday (with some pics!)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

So I haven't blogged in a while.... so beware, this may be long!

I've run two 5Ks and a 5 Mile race since my last blog. Both of the 5Ks were PRs for me... 31:40 and and 31:20. That 31:20 kicked my ass, and I had been hoping for sub 30.... I guess the stars were not aligned that day. I recently took a quiz on Runner's World about which distance is best for me, and it said I am better off running middle distances (10Ks and halfs). I definitely agree with this... I don't really hit my stride until I am a few miles in. The effort of a 5K really tires me and I am obviously not a fast runner, so those races are not where I will shine. I will definitely keep running them for a few reasons: 1) there's so many of them 2) I run them with my mom 3) they're cheaper (plus I will eventually get better/faster). But I think I'm going to take the plunge and register for a half marathon in October.

I ran 6 miles today without walking (except for a twice - my parent's neighbor was driving by and pulled over to ask me who I was... um, I've lived here my entire LIFE until I moved out in May. And besides, it's a free country, if I didn't live around here, would you tell me I can't go running here?! It irked me. And then again, these two huge black labs came running after me. I'm not afraid of dogs, but I didn't want them to think I was afraid by running away from them. This was rather annoying because their owner was NOWHERE to be seen.)

This week I am house and dog-sitting for my parents. It's gonna be rough because they live about 45 minutes without traffic from work... and there is ALWAYS traffic. Plus, I don't pay to park at work because I walk, so I will really be driving that long to my apartment and then walking the .25 mile to work... this is really gonna extend my commute... bleh. Luckily, since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, my brother is taking over so I can stay home and celebrate with my boyfriend. My brother is actually also taking over on Thursday, because it's my boyfriend's birthday. Preparations for these two days while being away has been a bit stressful! Which leads to our first pic...

Lookie what I made! These are going to be waiting for Taylor (my boyfriend) when he gets home from work tomorrow. I'm going to run them upstairs to our apartment when I get there in the morning (thus making my commute to work even LONGER... told you it was stressful). Not to mention I have to lug my necessities (makeup, running shoes, etc.) each time I switch homes. I really hope I don't leave something somewhere when I need it.

Thursday I am just going to make Taylor dinner. I get home from work kind of later than most people (6:30 usually), so I am going to prepare some things ahead of time, like the mashed potatoes he asked for. Guess that's something else I'll have to bring with me from my parent's house!

Friday is actually our 4 year dating anniversary (I KNOW, this week is always insane for us), but we're just doing dinner. He's going to pick me up from work, and we are going to drive up to my parents to let the dogs out and feed them. Then we're going to grab dinner somewhere up there. No presents or anything - he actually already got his birthday gift (a Kindle) because he saw the Amazon box!

Now onto some food talk. I have been a little out of control with eating lately. Last week, I ate pretty healthy but I was always STARVING it felt like. So even though I didn't eat "bad" foods, I overate good ones. I really want to get a handle on that again. Today has been okay... McDonald's Egg McMuffin and coffee for breakfast (not the best, but not the worst... I had just dropped my parents off at the airport (WE LEFT AT 6 AM!!!) and then had errands to run and I was starving.) Then for lunch I had a spicy shrimp summer roll from Wegman's (it's like an egg roll that is not breaded/fried) and a smoothie (see pic!) I have been envious of all the smoothies I see people posting on here but I don't have a blender. Well, my parents do! It was AWESOME.

In it was spinach, frozen blueberries/strawberries/raspb
erries, half of a banana, a scoop of greek yogurt, and a splash of soy milk. YUM!

Thennnnn later I was feeling snacky. Luckily there's nothing unhealthy here (chips, etc.) to snack on. I had picked up some sweet potatoes that morning because I wanted to try and make my own sweet potato fries. I don't like sweet potatoes normally, but I tried the fries once and YUM!

They turned out really well... I paired them with a leftover Angus burger on a sandwich thin (not pictured) and was soooo full.

So I am avoid studying (I am taking a licensing exam that is somewhat work-related) by blabbing on and on. I am actually getting laser eye surgery next Wednesday (YAY!/EEK!) so I will not be working out for FIVE days after that - I am not allowed to sweat. I'm kind of bummed and not looking forward to being totally bored for those five days. But I am excited to wake up and open my eyes and be able to SEE THINGS! I haven't known what that's like since middle school. Wish me luck!

So that is my day (er, month?). I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day (remember, only a couple chocolates, not the whole box! Now let's see if I follow my own advice...)

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