I am so blessed!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just about the time I think that the Lord has forgotten about me, he sends me some of the neatest blessings and I remember he is still with me, holding me up through the sad, discouraging times.
As I wrote before, I have been having this throat issue from reflux which has taken many of my joys in life away- singing (which is the hardest one to deal with), long conversations, laughing, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, citrus, tomatoe and garlic. This in itself has made me somewhat grouchy. Also does the pain in my throat since Sept. Since being on the Prilosec, I have started to retain fluid- big time! Like my ankles look like sausages! Which is so conducive to losing weight as you can imagine! that has been so aggravating because I want it so bad. I have gained back 15 pounds since I had bought my new wardrobe and thats just enough for nothing to fit anymore. I also have to be sure to not lie down within 3 hours of eating so this led to me falling asleep in our recliner for 2 nights in a row which in turn contributed to sudden extreme back pain 2 days later, which landed me in ER and have been off work since. The day after that happened I was so discouraged. I found myself crying for alot of it which made my throat swell up more(sigh). I have also been feeling very down about our sons living so far away and losing our social life since they have been away since most of our friends have their children near by and have grandchildren and their activities revolve around their families now. I had gotten myself into quite a despair and then I started thinking of our oncology patients and what do they do to keep their spirits up. I began to remember all the times they send us cards(the nurses) and bring us goodies ( thus the weight problem( :) and always ask about our families etc. I began to realize that the key was to quit thinking of myself and reach out and brighten someone elses day. so I sat down with my icepack applied to my back and wrote our little girl in India a letter for Valentine's day. We have adopted her through Compassion Organization, which is a wonderful experience for us. If anyone has any questions about that feel free to ask and I can tell you more about how it has blessed our family. Anyway, then I called a couple of people who needed encouragement. I continued my day like that. that's when the Lord starting sending me some really neat blessings.
The next day first of all my back had improved about 30%. then i logged onto SPARK and I had recieved a back massage Goodie from my friend Jenn which made me smile to know someone was out there thinking of me. Then a coworker called with encouraging words and said that everyone was praying for me at work. My girls at work are such a major blessing in my life. We are all like sisters and since I have no sisters or daughters, it is the female companionship I need so much. After this, my son in college chatted with me a bit on the computer and said he was sorry I was down with my back but he would have some exciting news to tell me later. I told him I so needed good news right now. After we chatted, my middle son who has been job hunting since graduation in June, emailed me a letter he had received saying he is in the final round for a much better paying job (he has been making minimum wage and with college loans it has been a real trial. this would also be a very interesting job for him. Then my DH arrived home from work all excited saying he had received a promotion at work after making a presentation on a project he had been working on a long time. I was so happy for him. He has been there 35 years and been ignored for most of it so it really lifted him up. After supper, our college son called to tell us he had been given an internship that he had been hoping and hoping for. We had him on speaker phone and we were both grinning from ear to ear as we listened to our "baby's" excitement. At that moment I knew I had to get all selfish thoughts out of my mind about our boys and realized I just need to be so thankful for their health and happiness. My last blessing I will talk about is that my doctor gave me medication for the swelling and I have lost 5 pounds which makes me realize what was causing me not to lose. this is very encouraging to me and makes me want to keep giving spark my all and keep losing.
So my point is- God is so Good!
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    God has blessed you and sometimes we all need that reminder. I know I do. That 5 pounds gone must have been the icing on the cake. That little bonus for recognizing your blessings and for your hard work.

    I hope you have a much better week. Wish I could give you a real hug. Am feeling like I know you. Will keep you in my prayer.
    3743 days ago
    Isn't funny how the best cure for discouragement is to encourage someone else? I'm so happy for all the blessings coming into your life right now and the turn for the better everything is taking! emoticon
    3744 days ago

    Amen to that, Sister !!!!
    I love how willing your heart is to adapt a better attitude. Wonderful !!!

    blessings, Sue
    3745 days ago
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