New Diet - New G.I.?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I lasted from January 30th, to February 10 on my new diet. On Feb. 10th I had a friend visiting from Miami and he wanted some good food from the area, so we ate Mexican at Joe T. Garcia's. The food is amazing there and temptation won as I thoroughly enjoyed their homemade tortilla chips, flour and corn tortillas. I knew we were going to eat there so throughout the day I "cheated" and had little things here and there that I knew I shouldn't.

Well then, since I killed my diet with that I figured I would give myself a break for Friday and start over today. Yesterday on my "break" I ate icecream, a sandwich with a variety of cured meat in it from Central Market, a rootbeer, and way too much dark chocolate. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am dying today. I woke up early to go running with my running group as I do every Saturday and am I running? No I am writing this blog entry as I run back and forth to the bathroom. My stomach is cramping so bad. I had a little bit of an issue yesterday but not so bad or painful. My question is: Are my stomach issues related to throwing my system for a loop with the "bad" food or did I really eat something that had gone bad. I really doubt the former because everything I at was from really reputable places and the people I was with ate the same things. Except for the rootbeer. I was on my own on that one.

I am starting over again today. Should I reward myself? Of course! I am driving over to Hurst to the closest Hancock Fabrics store and I am going to indulge myself with patterns and fabric. Who loves to sew?! I do! However I do not have the time to sew, with my current adventures in Graduates School, therefore I consider myself more of a collector of supplies.

Wish me luck on round two! Enjoy your beautiful day!
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  • no profile photo LIZWITHFRIZZ
    Poor girl! That sucks when you want to and your body says no. I know Mike has problems with his diet and "treating" himself sometimes goes badly. Love you and hope you feel better.
    3717 days ago
    Your body knows what it wants and needs, and your having eaten better for as long as you did let your body know that you understand that. I have the same kinds of problems if I eat too much "bad for me" things--my body knows it wants good whole grains, fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and the occasional Dove Dark. (I had some on Saturday, along with two wine coolers. No ill effects to speak of from that small indulgence.)

    The longer we eat the best choices for our needs, the happier our system becomes with those choices--and the faster it will react to poorer choices, in my experience. Listen to your body. It knows, even when your brain and your emotions don't.

    Bake a batch of healthy whole-grain muffins in heart-shaped tins! :-)

    3718 days ago
  • NUTMEG1125
    It is definitely something you ate, in the form of poison for your body. If you have been pretty much grain free and dairy free and then eat a lot of it it will cause you some pretty harsh reactions. That stuff, especially corn are just not good to be eating!
    3720 days ago
    about 4 months ago, I picked up some chinese in a pinch. I had the same kind of issues the next day, also had a headache that night. Funny, we used to eat at this place alot, never got sick. Seems my body reacts to the carbs/cooking there now. It was quite interesting to see the dramatic change in my body's function. I did blog about it too. Hope you feel better soon.
    3720 days ago
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