Low Calorie Sweet Treat Recipe

Friday, February 11, 2011

......SWEET TREAT-------------------------

I finally made the Sweet Treat Low Calorie Recipe my friend had told me about. It's super simple to make and has about 90 calories the size I made it or less depending on how big your treat is:

You'll Need:

1 box of Betty Crocker white Angel Food Cake mix
1 box of Duncan Hines cake mix - any flavor, I used chocolate
6 Tablespoons Water
(Optional) Carton of Kool Whip - Low Calorie or fat free

In a large zip-loc bag mix the dry angel food cake mix & the dry Duncan Hines cake mix
With a large spoon mix it real well. Can store this in refrigerator until ready to make your sweet dessert or snack.

When Ready to make a Sweet Treat:
Take out 2/3 cup of the Mixture (dry angel food cake & DH cake mis)
Add 6 Tbls. of water and mix real well

I put the above in a 2 cup Pyrex cup and microwaved it for 2 minutes. It would be ok to put it in a small microwaveable bowl or custard cup. I let it sit a few minutes in the microwave and ate it while it was warm--so delicious and yummy for not many calories. It satisfied my "sweet tooth". Adding a Tablespoon or even less of Kool Whip on top is so tasty.

My friend said if you use a yellow cake mix or you can add very small pieces of cut up fruit such as apples or berries.

Can store this mixture in the refrigerator and use when you want a dessert or a sweet snack emoticon
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