I am NOT an emotional eater

Friday, February 11, 2011

I just read another blog about someone being an emotional eater. That phrase seems to pop up a lot lately. I took an online test and confirmed what I already know: I am not an emotional eater. There is so much out there that I almost assumed that anyone who is overweight must be an emotional eater.

Here's the thing. I'm fat because I eat the wrong things and the wrong amounts (although I am trying to fix that). And I don't do enough exercise (also trying to fix that).

I only eat when I'm hungry. Rarely do I eat just to eat and I'm pretty sure I don't eat whenever I'm upset (unless I was upset and hungry). Occassionally, I might eat if I'm bored, as I noticed the other day. I was sitting at my desk and had some food next to me (part of my lunch that I hadn't finished). I wasn't really hungry, but it was sitting right there, so I ate it. But if I am at home, I wouldn't eat out of boredom. There are so many things to do at home. But I could see myself maybe eating out of boredom if food was around and I had nothing else to do, like being on an airplane on a long flight and having a box of Cheez-Its.

I usually eat only when hungry. My problem is that I wait til I'm so hungry that I have to eat RIGHT NOW! I have no patience to cook a meal and wait for it to be done. I need something NOW! So I'm working on that, by having healthy snacks ready to go and by trying to eat more often so I don't get to that point.

I do overeat occassionally (well not since I started this program, but before) when I am eating something so totally tasty. I will eat it and get full and realize that I'm full and just keep eating, because it is so good! Certain foods do this to me, such as pasta with pesto, chocolate cake, and fondue. The last 2 are things I would only eat at a restaurant, but I used to make pasta with pesto every Sunday night as my ritual and then over eat.

So here's my proclamation: Not everyone is an emotional eater! I am not one. I am fat because I eat the wrong things (hamburgers vs carrots) and because I eat too much of them and because I don't exercise. But all that's changing now. Yeay!
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    i could've written this blog for sure!

    good for you in figuring out ur not an emotional eater...i used to feel the same way until i did some research and figured out i'm not an emotionall eater either...but sometimes i find myself eating unconsciously when the food is within reach and i'm on the computer, reading or watching tv...but most of the time i catch myself.

    cake is one weakness i don't think i have control over so i haven't brought it in the house or baked for over 2yrs. hubby has since learned to bake..hahaha...but i don't touch any of it since he adds eggs to the recipes and i don't eat eggs...since i became a vegetarian.

    here's to more carrots, bulk cooking (it helps with having healthy meals ready to heat and eat) and purposeful movements :)) emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3559 days ago
  • VEDDIE78
    I agree. I'm not an emotional eater, but I can be a boredom eater sometimes. I just enjoy food and the taste of it. I would prefer that hamburger over a carrot. Or really give me anything with peanut butter and chocolate combo and I am in heaven!! I'm like you and if I'm eating something that I truly like will continue eating it even if I KNOW that I am full.
    3570 days ago
    I totally agree! Not everyone with a weight problem is an emotional eater or has been through a childhood trauma of some kind. My husband just loves to eat and ate too much of the wrong stuff and was always trying to convince people that he didn't have some deep dark reason that he ate!
    3570 days ago
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