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Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello SparkPeople! SparkGuy here, and I'm excited to share with you an incredibly inspirational Success Story of one of our very own members. Here at SparkPeople, we consider each and every one of you to be a part of the family, and boy are we proud of this family member. After sharing more about her story, I'll show simple ways that the SparkPeople family can come together to make a big difference and be part of this amazing story!

Tiffany Monique is a recording artist and a back-up singer for Beyoncé. She also lost almost 80 pounds using SparkPeople--and she's not done yet.

Awhile back, she reached out to me and shared one of the most heartfelt reviews of my book, "The Spark," that I've ever read:

It's amazing because so many of the stories in "The Spark" made me feel as if someone were peeking into my window. I grew up as a skinny teenager and began gaining weight in college... I guess you can say I gained the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Post Graduate "15." LOL!

This was also the time I began to take my music career seriously but always ran into roadblocks because of my weight. I was even told by a well-known music executive that I had the chops, but my "looks didn't compete with the divas" on his roster. I was CRUSHED. As my song Nemesis outlines, I learned to transform that negative energy into fuel for my success. That mentality showed immediate effects with my esteem, but it didn't do as much for my success in entering the major music entertainment industry.

I am honored that Beyoncé looked beyond my size to see my gift. The opportunity to sing background for and tour with Beyoncé gave me the education and training required, in my opinion, for any artist to truly be successful.

But it was not without consequence. I, and the other full figured background singers, read countless reviews that praised our vocals but criticized our weight. We were called "fat tubbies, big mommas, bodyguard singers" and more. It was a constant reminder of how cruel people can be, but also how unhappy I was with my weight and that I needed to get obesity out of the way to make my dream a reality.

This is where "The Spark" comes in. I joined the site and purchased the book all while on tour. And within the first couple of pages, I felt as if I needed to check the ceilings and windows for surveillance cameras. I was the one who saw the amount of weight loss needed as so extraordinary (100 lbs) that it seemed impossible. I was the one who set goals so grand and large but didn't account for the small steps that needed to be made first. And MOST importantly, I am the mother who, though thrilled with the opportunity of being on tour with Beyoncé, felt guilty that I was leaving my son behind in order to make a living. Yes, this is the life I desire, but not solely from the "background." I desire a successful music career on MY terms that affords me the opportunity to have my son with me instead of having to solely watch me on television or through a Skype camera for months on end.

Your book was definitely instrumental in helping me honestly assess what my goals and motivations were."


Well, a story like Tiffany's (read the dailySpark blog post to learn more!) needs to be shared with the world. CBS News interviewed her and aired her story on affiliate stations nationwide this week. Big thanks to Tiffany for mentioning SparkPeople in the interview with CBS News!

Watch now:

We want to thank Tiffany for all her support and help her share her amazing talents with the world--and you can help!

Watch her music video (a really powerful and motivating song called "Nemesis"):

I strongly believe that if SparkPeople members come together to help a member of the family, we could help make Tiffany into a major star since she obviously has the talent to make it big. In the tough music industry, sometimes it just takes that little extra push for a breakthrough. Here are 3 things we can all do to help her:

1. Spread the Spark – tell everyone you know about this great story by sharing the link to the dailySpark post.
2. Watch her music video above. By watching her video posted here on SparkPeople, the overall view count of her music video on YouTube will also increase. This is something simple that will help her get more overall attention.
3. If you like her music, consider buying her EP on iTunes. I have bought it and really like her songs. The current price is only $4.98.

Let's all Spread the Spark and help Tiffany achieve her dream of sharing her music with the world! After all, SparkPeople is about more than just losing weight. It's about making your life an adventure and using the success you achieve in weight loss to propel you to do great things in other aspects of your life, too.

Chris "SparkGuy" Downie
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