Ignoring the experts and feeding my inner fat girl.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I don't blog. I spell and type way to badly for that.
However as I was commenting on another blog I realized that one of the reasons some of us may fail at this has more to do with the wrong path, not the wrong journey. So bare with my and try to ignore my typos, some of my sparkfriends have renamed me typoprincess!

The real secret to all this is to find what works for you. Not the now skinny expert who lost 150 of their own pounds, not the always trim doctor on that TV show, and definitely not the mass of "expert" info. that we are bombarded with on a constant basis. Don't get me wrong, we should listen to the basics. The same ones our mothers told us and seemed to understand at a genetic level.
Eat your veggies and fruit
Soup is a good cure for what ails you both physically and emotionally
Go outside and play
Don't sit in front of that screen, be active
Enjoy your food don't just gobble it down.
And wear your hat! Well that was one that has nothing to do with food, but she was right about that too.

When I am doing my best is when I eat for my body and personality.
What can I say, I like food! So to be successful I have found meals that are large in size and satisfying but good for me and lower in calories. I also found that a lot of small meals just leave me frustrated. I prefer a low calorie first half of the day and lots to eat in the evening. This goes against the "expert advice" but I figure if I am eating healthy and loosing weight then that is better the doing it the other way and failing. The experts say don't eat at after 8pm, but I like to eat after 8pm! The experts say I must have cardio in my work out, but when I think about that kind of work out I come up with excuses not to work out at all. If I just plan on doing my strength training I will often add other things, and be happy to get going on my workout. Is this ideal? no. Is it better then no exercise? YES!

Some of you are saying, but those aren't my issues. And THAT is the point! NOBODY else's issues are your issues. We all need to find what it is that satisfies us, not them. We need to take the experts advice and make it work for our life. Not just to be healthy, though that is important. But also to be happy and satisfied.

I think if we could all analyze what satisfies us individually as eaters then find a way to fit that with a healthy plan, we could be much more successful.

We are often made to feel that we are bad because we like food. That we are not as strong or responsible, or worthy. Well this is garbage! The problem is we are trying to live by someone else's rules. I believe it is time to start writing our own rules!

What do I wish for my children? Not just to be healthy and live a long life, but to live a happy, full, and satisfying life, and this is what I wish for all of you as well.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Fantastic perspective Jen!
    2569 days ago
    I am way late on this, but I looooove this blog! You are bang on....and I feel much less guilty about not liking ST so much! emoticon Well said!
    2574 days ago
  • BOJO70
    This is good, good stuff!
    2598 days ago
  • KINCH417
    Hi, Jen,

    I finally caught up with your blog. It's not only thoughtful, but I don't think I saw any typos once you got into what you wanted to say. emoticon

    You're absolutely right about going with what works for you. I think that is exactly what spark teaches.

    Keep losing YOUR way!
    2601 days ago
    What a GREAT blog ! You are so right. The "experts" all come up with a "formula" and then expect everyone to fit into it. We all need to find what works for us and go for it.

    I'm glad you're doing your own thing and sticking with it - Way to Go !

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2607 days ago
    A one size fits all approach rarely works and you're right that each person has their own issues when it comes to eating and exercising. I know it's suggested to work out first thing in the morning, but there's no way I'm doing that. I like my evening workouts too much plus I don't like being ravenous all day which happens when I workout in the morning.

    2609 days ago
  • WILMA36
    Great blog - you non-blogger ; )
    2610 days ago
    Great tips and motivation. Thanks for sharing!
    2613 days ago
    Nice blog, Jen. I agree with you on everything! Your other friends are right, you should blog more often. :) I wouldn't worry too much about the night time gerd thing if I were you. It's not like you're eating a big steak with a loaded baked potato, or Taco Hell right before you lay down. You're doing great! Keep on keepin on! Love you!

    2622 days ago
    Jen, awesome blog and I totally agree that you have to make this healthy lifestyle change one that you can keep for the long term! You know what works for you and what doesn't plus you need to feel happy doing it and not miserable! I totally get it and some exercise is better than none. I also prefer ST to cardio but try to fit some in anyway. I prefer summer so that I can walk or run but inside cardio bores me. Everyone is different and will lose doing different things! I have my vices and stuff I just will not give up but in some instances I use caution in others like emoticon I am not so good. But as long as I am losing something when I need to I am good with that! Just keep working it out and fine tune it as you go along and you will do great! emoticon
    2622 days ago
    Hi Jen! Very well written blog!

    Sorry I'm late, but as promised, I'm here. If what you describe is working for you, then continue on... There is no "one size fits all" plan for healthy living that has to be followed to the letter by each and every one of us, or we're doomed to failure. If you want to head in some different directions away from the conventional thinking about a healthy way of living, then by all means, go right ahead.

    The proof of whether you're going in the right direction will always be whether or not you are healthy, and happy with who you are and the shape you're in.

    Your way, for the most part would be a disaster for me. But that's just me, and obviously you are not me, so maybe this way really does work for you.

    You know I really like you, Jen... so I hope the directness of what I'm saying doesn't cause you to be offended. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying that if I tried to do it your way, I'd still weigh over 200 lbs and be in poor physical condition. I need to follow the plan that Spark teaches. I don't always follow it to the letter, but Spark's plan works for me, and it works the best when I follow it consistently.

    I love food, and I love to eat too. But if I'm not very disciplined about what I eat, and when I eat it, the raging glutton in me soon takes over, and I'm back to broiling and eating 1.25 lb steaks at 1 am, and eating entire family size bags of potato chips in one sitting. Again, that's just me, and in no way am I saying that you are like me as far as what I just described. I'm sure you don't have a raging glutton in you like mine, and I'm glad for you that you don't.

    I love cardio and dislike strength training, even though I try to do it every week. For me, the strength training makes the muscles I use for cardio stronger, and improves my endurance for cardio. And the cardio improves the strength training, getting more blood and O2 to the muscles I'm working out, helping them to recover faster and get stronger. So I need both.

    But we are two very different people... So if you want to put more emphasis on ST, and that works for you, then you're doing the right thing.

    So go for it, Jen. Because no matter what path you follow, I am wishing for you the very best of success and I hope you end up right where you really want to be.

    Your Buddy,

    2623 days ago
    i loved this!! i totally agree on going your own way--thats the way that WILL work!!
    2625 days ago
    I agree!!

    Sometimes we get so bogged down with doing it "right" that we end up not doing it at all because we feel we have failed already by not doing it the "right" way.

    2625 days ago
    U made it easier for me to breathe with what u have written!!! Thanks a million!!!
    2627 days ago
    You SHOULD write more!
    2627 days ago
    I Agree too. You have to find what'll work for YOU for the long haul.
    2627 days ago
    I am so with ya on this one. I have lost around 38 lbs since Dec 10th. I don't follow exactly every thing I am "supposed to". I am insulin resistant, but I still have sugar. I do however make sure to link the sugar with a hearty protein, and limit the sugar intake. I also eat late. I understand ourmamams concerns with GERD, but I also understand that if I don't eat some a little later I won't sleep through the night. I will end up getting up at 2 for a snack. I do agree, I have tailored all my regular meals to how I like to eat, but it seems to be working for me. If you lose weight doing something you hate it will never last. That is why each person have to tailor their diet to what they like and just watch caloric intake. You are definitely right on track. I do like this blog, it pretty well sums up my opinions on weight loss.

    Keep it up, it was an enjoyable read:)
    2630 days ago
    Nice blog! Can I agree and disagree?

    I agree that you need to find what is right for you, for your lifestyle, and at a pace that works for you and your family. Without this balance, nothing will work.

    The concern I have has to do with your admission that you like to eat after 8 pm. That's fine, as long as you don't lay down or go to bed for the night at 10 or 11. Assuming that you don't lay down to sleep until after 1 AM, I'm all for it, so if that's the case, don't bother to read on.

    If you generally lay down and go to sleep before 1 AM, then you want to look this one up and learn why the "experts" say what they do. You've probably heard of indigestion and gerd, but you may not realize what can actually happen over time. I watched it kill my dad....and it's not pretty. If you eat late, the acids in your stomach need a few hours to digest the food properly, or you will risk permanent damage to your esophagus, that cannot be reversed.

    He loved to eat late at night, and was in bed by 11 at night. Over the years, the indigestion became gerd, and then the damage just got worse and worse as he got older. The esophagus was so damaged, that drinking ANY liquid would go right into his lungs, and by then it was one case of pneumonia after another, until he could no longer breathe. We thickened all liquids (yes, never a drink of water again, only a jello-like consistency for all liquids) in the final years of his life, but it did not save his life, just gave him a little more time.

    I do wish you the best in your journey here, and know that you will make these decisions based on what works for you to be successful. I put in my two cents to help you last long enough to be dancing at your grandchildren's weddings someday.

    Looking forward to more blogs!
    2630 days ago
    Fantastic post, Jen. You should blog more often. :-)
    2630 days ago
    I agree wholeheartedly! There is no one like me, so why am I trying to eat/exercise/think like that skinny person telling me how easy it is? We need to each realize what our own personal habits, like and dislikes are, them modify them into something healthy and MAINTAINABLE. If it isn't realistic, you won't stick with it, especially if you're busy.
    2630 days ago
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