Yikes...2 Weeks to 1st Half Marathon!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

emoticon Hey there lovelies and handsome ones -

So, last Sunday was the big, big, BIG run. 11 Miles. The biggest one in my training. And once again I was SCAAAAAAARED... (laughing). Plus my right knee was still tender, so that was very concerning of course.

Here's what happened.

I got all prepared the day before, psyching myself up and preparing to make sure I finished ok. So I went to the running shop for a few things to try and get as best prepared as possible, especially with my concerning right knee. And so I'm sharing my finds with you.

Pro-Tec Knee Short Sleeve brace with patella support. (Right knee)

Pro-Tec Patella support band. (Left knee)

Pre-workout mix...(for energy and hydration). Sorry, no pic. It was just a crystalized energy mix that you dissolve in water before exercise.

And energy gel packs (for energy during the run). I picked these ones because they had the most bang for the buck, plus the fewest calories (90 per pack).

And for my super excellent trick to get me out of bed for that Sunday run, I packed my gym bag and ice bag ahead of time, and went to sleep in my run clothes in order to be half ready as I wake up... (lol).

-------------------- emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

So, six am arrives with the ringing of my alarm. Ugh. But up I go. Sooo not in the mood. Sooo scared. But I get ready, get in the car and make it in to the beach where our group meets.
Beautiful morning... Gorgeous sunrise... but this time I did not notice at all. I drink my pre-workout mix and was just concentrate on my knee. I had on the band on my left knee and the brace on my right knee for better support. By the time I got warmed up I realized my left knee was good and my right knee was doing all right. So I took off the brace all together and switched the band to use on my right knee instead of on the left.

And off we go. **Mile 1. A-ok. I get started well. My right knee is tender, but keeping up well. Just concentrating on my breathing and staying ahead of my time. And I made sure I took one of my energy packs during the first 20 minutes of my run.
**Mile 2, I get my rhythm going, but I feel an additional twinge in my right knee that is worrisome. Hugh... I sigh to myself. I know what it is. And I know what's going to happen.

**Mile 3, I've lost my concentration, but I keep going. I drink my water and gatorade for hydration and keep up my pace careful not to pound my right knee.
**Mile 4, I do a mental check on my breathing and lungs. Ok, not great, but ok. I do a mental check on my left knee. It's perfect! With absolutely no support! I'm so pleased. That apparently means it's healing nicely if not completely healed from my turmoil back in November. Then I do a mental check on my right knee. It's terrible...!!! (lol)... so contrasting that I just had to laugh. I knew right then and there that if I was to do the Half Marathon in a few weeks, I absolutely canNOT push my knee right now. So I turn around and start rounding back in.

**Mile 4.5, my right knee is still mobile, but it feels like lead with every movement. I take it easy careful not to pound my foot and just keep going.

**Mile 5, I bring myself back in to start point walking. I get in and immediately go for my ice pack. I prop it up and let it cool over the area and just wait for my group to trickle back in.

So I only completed 5 out of the hopeful 11 training miles for Sunday. Boo... (sigh)
After I finished and visited with a few people who came in (actually a lot didn't complete the whole training mileage like me), I felt a little lowsy so I went out to the beach to kind of just find solace.

(((Sidenote: Here's some pics of the boardwalk path, when the actual "boardwalk" ends. We call this "Cat Alley" because a whole bunch of kitties live here...so cute... until you start running and a black cat crosses in front of your path... (lol)

And here's headed out to the beach...

I love this sand. Not like Jamaica fine white powdered sand, but still nice...)))

So just being out there with the cool ocean breeze, I find my comfort. I remember, I took a deep breath, and let the disappointment go. You just can't dwell on the setbacks when you're moving forward... you know?

So anyway, the knee is still bugging me. Not terribly so anymore (as it is at least healing), but bugging me nonetheless. I will be upping my Glucosamine and Fish Oil over the next two weeks to supercharge my healing. And also I'll continue icing my knee everyday and working on mobility. I'm also wearing the brace when I get home and especially when I sleep so that I can stabilize my patella in my normal movements.

So hopefully it will be a swift healing and I'll be ready for the big day. Two weeks and counting. Crazy indeed.

It's so strange how all your goals and deadlines kind of just creep up on you, right? I mean, mine is right around the corner! Wow. And I could so use this as an excuse to back out, but I'm deciding not to. You guys have cheered me on and encouraged me from day one... so.. I DO IT FOR YOU!!! (laughing) Get it? A-Team?

(laughing)... anyway...

Pray for me... for swift healing... and....

Hugs to all! I hope you're having a wonderful week so far my SP friends... you guys make me stonger. :D

Here's a total pic of me "post run" from Sunday. I didn't have anyone to take a picture of me so I just snapped a reflection pic in the side of my car... (lol)... kind of worked. Ha...

Bless! emoticon
emoticon...for reading. Leave me a note... I love that! emoticon

"If at first you don't succeed... try, try again."

With man, this is possible. With GOD, ALL things are possible.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • LASHAY74
    Hey, girlie! Way to realize what you were going to do and take control! 2 weeks...wow. You will do fine. I am so proud of you! I still remember your 1st 5K and now you have moved on to a HM!Yes I understand the defeat you felt (I too during marathon training set out to do LR of 18 and felt devasted that i had to quit at mile 15 walking cuz feet were killing me..wore high heels-the wrong ones the entire day the day before me long run)!

    One word of advice...be carefull and beaware of the shoes that you wear the day before your big race..this could also have a big impact on your knee :)

    3469 days ago
    Thank you everyone, for cheering me on...! Means soo much... emoticon
    3469 days ago
    Praying for you!
    You can do it girl!
    3470 days ago
    You are so amazing!You have "catitude"!Beautiful photos. I am in awe of anybody that can run. I can swim a mile but the idea of running a mile brings me to tears.I can walk many miles and did the Vancouver, B.C. half marathon last year as a walker. But I do not like walking on pavement or other super hard surfaces. It hurts my knees/hips/etc. Sending good thoughts your way for game day. The fact that you have trained and entered and not given up says a lot about your internal strength. Rock on! emoticon
    3470 days ago
  • DYA177
    I wish you all the best and you will do it, cause you work so hard!!! And I believe that any hard work, does pay off. You will do it!!!!!
    3472 days ago
    You'll do well, my half is 2/27 in Fort Worth (first in 15 years). Take a look at this


    Good notes on injury prevention and therapy to keep that knee and the rest in good shape. My wife has two blown out knees from years of competitive running 9got one fixed). State mile relay champ - hated to not run. She started running barefoot for her runs (less than 4 miles) in Vibrams and has no pain. Put her back in it. If you ease your way into running your short runs with those (and I do mean ease), they will take stress off your back and knees and help you build foot strength. Pretty amazing. My two cents.
    3472 days ago
    emoticon emoticon I luv this and am so glad you didn't push through when your knee hurt.You are very insync with your body..Good luck on your marathon emoticon
    3473 days ago
    So beautiful...love the pics. And take care of that knee hon!! Better know when to rest it than mess up your knee for life :-)
    3473 days ago
    Some days are better than others. You are pushing through them with the heart of a champion. You are still going to kick butt on the 20th! Nothing.....NOTHING can stop you!
    3473 days ago
    emoticon Thanks for the update! I know you're going to accomplish this in style... emoticon
    3473 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6096849
    Sending lots of love and well wishes your way. Rest and ice that knee so that you can be at optimal performance come race day. You're gonna rock it. Go, sis!
    3473 days ago
  • HHI0901
    Prayers coming your way!

    Even though you didn't do as well as you wanted to this week, you're gonna kick butt for the official race!!! GOOD LUCK! Keep your chin up!
    3474 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7221782
    mmmm Hammer gel - I like expresso the best!!! Gives you a little kick to your morning run!!! hahahaha!
    You will do great in two weeks!!! Take care of that knee, kiddo!
    I enjoy reading your blog!!!!
    3474 days ago
    (This is the voice of experience and age... It is solely meant to be the voice of reason...)

    Oh, the BIG RACE is so close and yet so questionable. The worse thing that can happen is that you attempt this race when your knee is not fully ready and you injure it more. Sometimes, we have to postpone BIG physical events to allow our body to heal. The good news is that there will be many other half marathons in the future.

    If you're feeling good, then go for it! If your knee starts aching during the race, you can always pull out...

    The most important assest you have is your health! Something most of us don't appreciate until we get injured or sick. Take good care of those knees! They need to carry you around for a long, long time!

    Good luck!
    3474 days ago
    Aprile, you are going to do GREAT!!! BTW, the "jock doc" told me that a lot of the benefit of using a knee sleeve is that you don't come down as hard on that side when you have something on the knee. Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hammer products! They are the best!

    Thanks for sharing the nice photos. Love the kitteh! :D
    3474 days ago
    This was so cool. You will complete your race. Be patient with yourself.
    3474 days ago
    Always a pleasure to read your posts. Good luck with everything. Just listen to your body for the race, and have fun.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    3474 days ago
    You are doing so great, girl!!! I am so proud of you for taking good care of yourself and sticking with it!!!! Keep it up! Can't wait to hear about the half!!!
    3474 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4416266
    Oh my goodness! I got so excited when I saw the subject line of your blog! Two weeks to go! You are going to do so well!

    You did the right thing by stopping when you felt pain. You need to rest that knee and get healthy before the race. Don't worry about not having the long run in before your race. The most I had run before my half was 10 miles and I was fine. I ran up to mile 12, walked a mile, and then ran the remaining 1.1. As long as you take a walk break when you need it, you will finish strong!

    Can't wait to hear about your race!
    3474 days ago

    I really enjoyed reading this post.

    I know you are going to do great at your half-marathon and look forward to your race report!

    3474 days ago
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