2.2 kgs down in 8 days...

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

though I know it won't go on like that, but the first three days of protein only knocked it off I guess! Here's the thing, I am finding it pretty easy! The 'absoluteness' of the rules somehow seem to be making it more manageable.

The closest I've come to breaking was JUST now - Wednesday nights at work always present a problem because they have my favourite rotisserie chicken, giant fragrant PILES of it in the kitchen UNSUPERVISED so more often than not I'd find myself somehow just IN there, scarfing down chicken wings and stuffing as quick as I could .

It's broken me of my best intentions more times than I could count - I am doing fantastically and then - WEDNESDAY COMES AGAIN! 13 hour shift, which goes slooow cos it's quiet..the callof the chicken is so hard to resist. So tonight, I had a breast, which I pulled the skin off and shredded into my homemade salad (yoghurt dressing instead of mayo, natch) and ate happily, though I did add some stuffing (carbs, naughty).

Then about 15 minutes ago (8pm) I went back in there - I always go and wrap up a bunch of leftover chicken and take it home to use for mine and Gray's lunches for coupla days - and I couldn't resist. I ate a wing and a little bit of stuffing. But that's ALL. Whereas previously I would have dogged out baby, first at dinner time and then again later. Seeing as that's the first real crack in my 'diet', I don't feel so bad..OH wait, last Friday night I had a bit of extra meat at dinner and then had FOUR WHITE CHOC BUTTONS. OOOOOOOOH. hahahahah. Not bad at all.

I think what really helps is that a/ I can eat what I want on Sunday and b/ that there's always more food less than three hours away.

Does most everyone reading this have my irrational fear of being hungry? The 'I must eat everything in sight because I won't be eating again for HOURS' feeling? Is it just me? Am I the only one who's often eaten a snack before going to someone's house for dinner in case they don't feed me enough or soon enough? So I eat my small dinner of 100 gms of protein and some salad or veg and I KNOW in less than three hours I'll be eating again. I mean, trust me sometimes I am counting the minutes until the three hours is up, but it's never so long I feel like I can't make it and I know I'm getting something that will fill me up - 100 gms of protein really hits the spot.

I dunno though guys, I always do good for the first few weeks and then slide but this time I have to stick with it, I am SO DETERMINED. That said this time I am so much more focussed than I have ever been - my thing has always been 'softly softly, just try to make healthier choices' etc, never exercising really hard or depriving myself of anything I wanted really, whereas this time I have been exercising til I sweat like crazy every single morning (excpet Monday, Mondays are bad enough without bluddy exercising I reckon), really sticking to my regime....All's well so far and I feel strong and full of energy so YAY to that -hey last night I was actually looking forward to gettin gup and exercising the next morning - now THAT is a first.

Speaking of exercise, I have really had a breakthough - I used to read or watch TV while doing it, almost trying to exercise without noticing, you know? But a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine who's health and fitness trained said that I would be be better off not distracting myself because I wouldn't get the most out of the exercise...I TOTALLY pooh-poohed her because I felt that I'd never be able to stick to it if I didn't read while X-training.

However the next morning I thought I'd give it a go, so I tried going hard for one song and then going slow for the first 45 seconds of the next song, then going hard again, and so on until before I knew my 30 minutes was up! It worked a CHARM, I've been doing it every day and I am working so much harder and enjoying my exercise heaps more as a result. Like I said I ACTUALLY am starting to look forward to it! Oh my GOD I never thought I'd say that EVER.

Anyhoo, gotta go peeps, lovin ATCHA!
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    Yay for 2.2 kgs!!! How awesome, and glad you're finding the eating plan manageable maybe this plan was just the push you needed, and just in time you're going to look smoking hot in your wedding dress!!
    3781 days ago
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    Even with the slip of having a wing and some stuffing, you're still being accountable for what you're putting in your body the majority of the time. So I think you're still on track and target. We all have slips but forgiveness is the key. The diet coupled with the exercise is working to your favor, as shown on the scale. Good work, Amy. You're going to be a smashing bride!
    3784 days ago
    Nice job, hon!

    you're blogs always make me laugh...
    "Mondays are bad enough without bluddy exercising I reckon"

    you're doing great! keep it up and you'll hit your wedding goal in no time! just a couple of months away!!!!
    3784 days ago
    Nice work Amy! emoticon

    I completely get what you mean about the "softly softly" approach sometimes just not cutting it - I find it too easy to just continually cut myself to much slack. And the fear of being hungry? I work in the mines, on a site that is fully catered, 3 full meals a day, and I STILL feel the need to pack a suitcase half-full of food! Yeah, I totally get it.

    Anyway, glad you found something, however drastic, that is working for you. Just get it off, and then worry about keeping it off later? - sounds like something I might have to try! Best of luck.

    3784 days ago
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