Taking my own advice: Getting back on track with small goals.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Whenever people tell me they are having a hard time getting back on track, I ALWAYS, without fail, suggest that they get back to basics, set some goals for themselves, and ease back into it. Everyone makes mistakes, myself included, and we all pick ourselves out of the trenches and back to the trail as soon as possible.

I've had a few crazy weeks that started with getting my wisdom teeth out. Have to be careful what I ate for a few weeks wasn't the most fun. Liquid foods certainly don't appease me. When I was finally able to really eat, I ate everything I shouldn't, in amounts I shouldn't, too. Exercise? Once a week (twice the week before). So far, I've had volleyball yesterday, but nothing else this week.

Time for redemption and cleaning out the soul. Time for Start Smart goals from Anne!

1. Track food Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Stay in calorie range 1300-1700 every day for the rest of the week.
Here's how:
--Track after lunch and after dinner on phone (if no computer available)
--Eat at least 4 servings of freggies/day.
--Stay out of the candy! :)

2. Drink 64+oz of water every day the rest of the week. (Through Saturday)
Here's how:
--One Nalgene bottle before lunch.
--One Nalgene bottle after lunch before going home at 4-5.

3. Cardio at least two more times and ST one more time this week (through Saturday).
Here's how:
--Thursday P90X cardio.
--Saturday Gym (treadmill run/bike)
--Saturday P90X ST
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