My VERY FIRST 5k!! 2/6/11 - PICS

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I am soo proud. So, so proud.

I still have goosebumps.

So, I took everyone's advice here and laid out everything I needed the night before. Even did a helpful cortices balancing technique (LUV YOU TON!) the night before and morning of. I kept my birthday celebrations to a very minimum and only had a couple drinks with my sister in law on Friday night and re-hydrated and carbed up a bit on Saturday. Didn't eat ANYTHING our of my usual food spectrum. I spent the evening doing calve massages, various deep stretches and hoped and prayed that an ominous shin splint, side stitch, or knee pain, would not rear it's ugly head come Sunday morning. To my relief, none of the above happened! Almost miraculously, I must say!!

The night before, although I tried my best to keep composure while packing up everything including making my half a pb sandwich for breakfast, iPod, and clothes (Kaiser made a cool long sleeved grey printed shirt for us in our area, so I opted to wear it), course outline, registration confirmation and mapquest directions, my tummy told me I was feeling quite the contrary. I consoled myself in the thought that "Hey, at least it's happening now rather than day of!" emoticon I'll spare you the details but let's just say I didn't throw!

Set the alarm for 4:30am and *tried* my best to sleep. Think I woke up like 3 times just plain excited and nervous as hell.

RACE am - woke up...did everything I was supposed to do...tummy was feelin A-OK, kids all were up and functioning so thankflully I didn't have to worry about them too much. Hubby did end up taking me so I didn't have to deal with navigating and mentally prepping myself at the same time. Ride was perfect. Sure enough, heard the weather was going to be like a summer's day even in SF, where we were headed. The tips I got from a coworker who did this race several times were perfect, and we found plentiful beachside parking which to my relief - was only about a half a mile from the shuttles. Wish I took a pic of them - but the shuttles were full sized school busses and there was a line of about 50 of them. It was amazing...

In the bus...checking out the people getting in. Tried so hard NOT to size my very amateur and slightly overweight self up against these avid professional-zero percent body fat-awesome gear wearing types that were pilling in. Then you'd see a random person or two who looked as though the word "excercise" was not in their vocabulary. Interesting. Smells of banana and bengay filled the crowded bus. Thankfully, my tummy didn't turn from the combination!

Nervous, nervous. Said a few quiet prayers to myself that I'd just be able to finish injury free. That I'd NOT push myself from the start, but pace, pace, remember technique and BREATHE and the I'd be able to run the entire 3.2 mi and NOT be dead last...I sat with my little one right next to me and I realized that as I was deep in my mental safe zone, I was stroking her hand frantically in mine as to comfort myself. She, thank goodness, was oblivious!

All was perfectly planned out and the event appeared to be extremely well organized. Made my way to the tent and got my bib, pins, timing chip which hubby was able to figure out for me, found a bathroom for one last trip, and stretched out plenty. When we got there, the sun was barely coming up. It was beautiful. The energy in the air was positively electrifying - I'd never felt anything like it. More and more people were arriving. From children who were going to run with their folks, to a few elderly (so inspiring), to again, the totally name brand sport label from head-to-toe cladden beautifully bodied runners. They'd done this a time or twenty before, no doubt. Calm, calm. Stretched out...breathed in and took in the fresh air around me. I noted many runners warming up jogging around so I thought I'd do the same. Just a trot, more than anything else, but I felt the joints loosening up a bit - and my nerves as well. I didn't care WHO was watching...I even downward dogged right in the starting line!!! Was so focused on those shins..I did whatever it took. As I looked around me in all directions, I'd see an occasional theme-colored Kaiser shirt or two sprinkled through the crowd. Depending of which facility they were from, they had different colored shirts to represent their location. Kaiser was indeed, in the house - and practicing what we preached. After all, Kaiser was the main sponsor for the event! I felt proud to belong to an organization who sets the bar so high and really shows the importance of "Thriving" not only to our members, but for us employees as well.

They had a professional running trainer come out to the announcing stand and once the 5k'ers (3,000 of us) were lined up to the right of the main start and the HM'ers (10,000 or so of them), they blasted the coolest Black Eyed Pea and dance music jams for us to do a mass stretch to. It was fun. Could you imagine seeing over 13,000 of us jumping in place and doing random stretches all simultaneously?? Again, wish I had a pic of this, but my fam was already headed to the finish in hopes of greeting me at the end. it goes...almost time. Had the iPod lined up with "The Pretender" by Foo Fighters on standby for the gun. We were off!!! I kept telling myself this wasn't one of my wogs...but I had to pace myself and do my best and just enjoy every moment. There were the coolest shirts I saw in front of me....ones that read on the back "Pace Yourself" "Just Finish" "Runners are Sexy"....I loved the last one. And I did just that. I found my groove, kept my rhythm and just went. Then...the dang hills came. Two to be exact. I attempted running the first one, and got really winded, so as I saw so many others do, I brisk walked up as best I could while keeping mind on my HR and breathing...then, I let the downhill help! Saved my energy for the flats and declines. I felt strong, proud and the most amazing ever. We past by lakes, the most gorgeous trees and waterfalls, and all the while I enjoyed it. There was a father running with his two children even. One looked about 7 and the other a bit younger, and there he was, between them both, holding each one by the hand to his sides. Amazing. And so sweet. I saw this gal that I thought had the most incredible legs and we had a very similar pace...then before you knew it, she stopped on the side. She must have cramped up because she immediately started stretching. I prayed again for strength. I kept on going.


Mile 2 marker - felt like eons until I saw the flags waving and my heart almost sank when I saw this since I felt I had already been running for ages. Damnit, I thought - this darn shirt is way too hot...Then not too long after I thought that, the volunteers with water magically appeared as if a mirage in the desert - I grabbed a cup and managed to get out a "Thank you" to the gal who handed me it - only took one gulp and tossed the rest. Instant relief. I kept going...I loved seeing the random people holding signs up that read "You're almost there" and "Keep going" - they smiled at us all and waved - it felt like they were personally there for ME. I beamed whenever someone smiled and waved at me...I even gave a few thumbs ups here and there.


It felt like forever until I finally saw way off in the distance the finish...right about that moment I felt the dreaded "Jell-O legs" creeping up. I reminded myself that my family was there, that this was almost over, that no matter how I was feeling, I wasn't going to die and then I heard my son's voice in my head "Save the best for last, Mama" - and I sprinted. Barely, but I did. I dug deep, remembered as Billy Blanks preaches that indeed, "I am more than a conqueror" and that I could do this. I saw my family there smiling and Alanna jumping up and down. I waved to them and smiled. I glanced up at the timer to the left of the finish and saw 37 the time I finished I believe I saw 37.42 flash past me.

I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

I hugged my family and suddenly felt an urge to vommit and felt that I HAD to sit down. Thankfully, there was no ralphing plans for me. I sat down, became very teary eyed and thought about how amazing it was that I was here. Right then - and how far I'd came since I started my journey into fitness in October 2009, got injured and had to ease off, recovered and successfully hiked Half Dome in 7/10 and trained up for this, my very first ever in life run. I followed through, I was true to myself. I remembered all the advice my trainer and everyone here gave me and I excecuted.


OK - so 37.42 wasn't any world record. Perhaps slow as molasses to many, but to me, I thought I'd end up something like 45 minutes and for this, I was so happy! My friend who walked it ended up and hour and some odd minutes crossing the finish and I was so happy to be there to greet her. What a day!!!!

Here are a few pics...

There was EVEN a marriage proposal at the finish - this couple ran together and as they finished, there was a banner with the gal's name asking if she'd marry him!! SO romantic!! Had to capture a few pics of that!

Also, on the beachside shots in the can see the HMers hard at work - to anyone that's ever done one, or a full Marathon...I had respect for you before, but NOW...I truly bow down to you! Amazing and incredible don't even begin to do you justice!

Hope I didn't miss any pics. There's a shot there of me during the "I'm gonna barf" feeling - I contemplated NOT posting it..but hey, I'm among friends, right? I'm so happy I could scream. I can't wait until my next one. There's a St. Paddy's Day 5k fun run next month that I might do. Also, so happy to say, Joey wants to do a run with his mama soon too!! Brittany I think may want to as well if she sees her brother doing it. So, it's spreading. Like wildfire. I feel like a celebrity here at work - so many people congratulating me (I'm one of the only employees out of about 30 Kaiser people in several branches who opted to run from my area.)

Even had half a second to stop by the beach - it was the most gorgeous day! Got all I wished for: no crazy wind at all, and a very nice, beautifully warm day! the lactic acids gently remind me of the slight discomfort, nothing and I mean, NOTHING - makes me feel more proud than I did on Sunday!

Happy Birthday to me!

We are ALL - much, much more than conquerers!

PS - Thanks Kimmie Pooh for the night before good luck text! Love ya girl!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    congrats emoticon
    3661 days ago
    First off CONGRATS!!!! I'm sorry that I have just gotten around to reading this. I know I am a horrible spark friend. :-( You are always so supportive of me and I wasnt even around to cheer you on durring your big moment. School and all have gotten the best of me I suppose. Anyway, I am cheering for you now, jumping up and down. Whoo hoo!!!

    So happy you finally got around to running a 5k. I know you have been wanting to do it for a while. Wow, you did awesome! You came in 3min ahead of me girl. I was 40:47
    I would have been right there with you if I had not of got that side stitch.

    Your 5k was a much grander affair than mine was though.... You had 3000 people and the one I ran had under 300. lol.

    I loved reading your blog though, You describing how you felt, the pride and amazement in yourself, made all the same feelings I had in myself come rushing back. It really is an amazing feeling when you can push past the preconceived notions you have about yourself and push to become better.

    One more amazing thing to add to your list. I cant wait to see what you do next.

    ~ Jess

    PS. your pic of you looking like your gonna up chuck is much more attractive then the hot mess I was after my 5k. My lord, I have never sweated that much in my entire life.

    3661 days ago

    I miss you tons Ma! I am so glad I decided to log on today and to my wonderful surprise this post from you and your wonderful accomplishment. YOU DID IT YOU DID IT!!!! WOOHOO!! Go Jeanie, its your birthday, we gon party like its your birthday!!! I always knew you could girl.

    I have yet to do mine but my church has a family fun run on March 2nd that is a 5k that I think I am going to do.

    I am so happy to see that you are doing great. Hope all is well with the fam and the hubbs, things are good here. Thankfully I did not gain to much weight, about 6 lbs.
    We have soooo much to catch up on. Just know that I am always thinking of you and wishing you well and keeping you and your family in my thoughts always.

    Love and Miss you Ma!!

    3666 days ago
  • DAV128
    Excellent. By the way, did I say excellent!!!!! Great Job. Man, that's better than 5 MPH for you first 5K. You were excited, focused, and determined. All the elements you needed for success. Another feather in your health and fitness CAP. By the way, did I say excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very proud of you. Keep On Truckin!


    PS - Your spirit and determination continue to INSPIRE. Loved the Photo's. You're getting quite the trophy photo album. When are you climbing Everest? (LOL - But you'll probably do it.)
    3669 days ago
    Hi Jeanie! So happy for you. I know the feeling of "energy" you mention. I never ran, but my youngest did at 6-8yrs old. So much fun. Her aunt introduced her to running. Glad you didn't have any problems with your run. You wrote an awesome blog. Thanks for sharing. YOU are an awesome lady. Good luck training for your next one!! After the St Patty's you'll probably get beers! ;) Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie! emoticon mary
    3670 days ago
    Hey !

    I see we both have something in common (RUNS)

    I Just Ran my First 6k on Jan. 22 with like 24 degree weather.

    I had so much fun. Now I'm Currently Training for Half Marathon In April.

    I'm up to mile 6 non stop

    So come on Girl emoticon
    3675 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/9/2011 11:41:26 PM
    That is so awesome. Congrats! So no shin problems then, that is great news. I knew you could do it girl!

    Runners are sexy, especially you!

    3675 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    WAY TO GO!!! Awesome race report. I had to keep drying my eyes the whole way through! I am SO proud of you! What wonderful pics, and an even more wonderful sense of accomplishment. And you got to have your family there to cheer you on!!! So glad they came through! I knew they (he) would! You are all official now, shirt and all! You are a runner. You finished your first race, in under the time you thought, injury free, and you didn't throw up. Success all around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And I know this might be your first race, but certainly not your last)! :)
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3675 days ago
    I'm sooooo proud of you, Triple J!!!!! Getting me all teary-eyed just reading about it. I can't wait to hear how your next 5k goes!!!

    Happy birthday to you, also! What a way to celebrate!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Love ya,
    3675 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6553009
    emoticon Jeanie!!! Way to go girl! I am so proud of you for completing your first 5k! The pictures are amazing! What a great place to run your first 5k! It looks beautiful! It is such an amazing feeling when you cross that finish line! Way to go girl! You are awesome! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3675 days ago
    Awesome race day report! Congratulations on your first 5K!! emoticon
    3675 days ago
    What an incredible race report! You brought tears to my eyes! It is such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, isn't it? Your blog brought back wonderful memories of my first!
    CONGRATULATIONS on completing your first 5K! WOW, it seems like it was a HUGE race! My first one was a big race for our area, but tiny in comparison to this one! But the electrifying atmosphere of "race morning" is something that can't be replaced!!!
    I have a feeling there will be many more in your future! They are definitely addictive!

    3676 days ago
    This is such an awesome race report!!! Congrats, congrats, congrats on your first 5K!! May there be many more great ones to come. No world record, no, but a PR and a great accomplishment for you, finding your inner strength that you didn't know you had, and having a blast! Oh and I LOVE Foo Fighters' "Pretender"! That's one of my favorite power running tracks too.
    3676 days ago
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm so proud of you! i really liked your blog!
    My son says 'bravo'!!! I'm glad you want to run another 5k - you're hooked, aren't you? Soon enough, you'll want to run a 10k! You make me feel like running again soon...
    I also think you look absolutely terrific on those pictures! You ARE amazing!
    Have a great day! emoticon
    3676 days ago
    What a great result! Sounds like beautiful settings for a run.

    That shirt they made you is pretty cool. I always tend to overdress for my runs and regret it. But I hate being cold!

    I wanted to run the Kaiser Half in Orange County last month but my knee had other plans. Very neat that they put on all of these events.

    So glad to hear your first went so well... Watch out, they are addicting!
    3676 days ago
    Congrats YOU DID IT! And with your family there to cheer you on, that is THE BEST.
    3676 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9020567
    All I can say is WOW what an AWESOME job you did!! I am doing my first 5k at the end of April and I am so nervous- every other day I think, maybe I shouldn't be doing this- but reading your blog made me feel so proud for you and what you did- maybe I can feel that for myself too? I love all the pics and all the details from the day! Sounds like a wonderful experience! emoticon
    3676 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4892468
    3676 days ago
    Well done on your 1st 5K!!
    3676 days ago
    Congratulations! The first of many, I'm sure and the start of a great running career. :)
    3676 days ago
  • ASHLEYW_206
    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! Oh my goodness! Yay! You did fantastic! emoticon emoticon

    I never doubted your abilities for a second, Miss Jeanie, but man, you killed it! All the congratulations in the world.....

    And hey, Happy Birthday too! :) emoticon

    emoticon You're motivating me from there!!!!

    3676 days ago
    You are welcome Jeanie Pooh!!!

    I am so proud of YOU!!!! emoticon I KNEW you were gonna finish. I loved how you described everything it was like reading a chapter in a book. You were so detailed and descriptive, your writing is excellent!!!!

    Now you got me wanting to run a 5K and I DO NOT RUN!!!!!! Running is not my thing, I tried running on the treadmill and it felt like my ankle was going to fall off (I need to get that checked out, I can't run on it for nothing without it hurting really really bad).

    I am so glad the fam bam was there to cheer you on. I knew the Hubby was going to pull thru and be there for his pumpkin (smile). I loved all your pix!! It felt like I was there!!

    You ROCK!!! ( do the pretty girl rock rock rock ... ) smile!!!!

    emoticon emoticon and glad you have a great birthday weekend!!!


    Kimmie Pooh
    3676 days ago
    OMGOSH!! You need to kick my a$$ !!!! I was so wrapped up in my own HM Sunday that I forgot about your FIRST 5k!! Please forgive me....please, please?!?!?!

    You did FREAKIN' AWESOME for your first time out!! Loved all the pictures including the *I feel like I'm going to barf* pic...too cute!

    I am so PROUD of you!!

    You're hooked! You've been bitten by the race bug!

    So, when we gonna do a half together??
    Do you realize I also started my journey October 2009?!?!?!
    We started the same time!

    Did I tell you how proud I am of you?!?!?!
    3676 days ago
  • CARLA-216
    Oh, my dear Jeanie, congratulations to you on your first official 5K! You did great and I am soooo very proud of you! I knew you'd do great!

    What a great race report; I felt like I was right there with you! Loved all the pics, and especially love that one of you crossing the finish line.

    PS: I need your cell number because I'd have surely sent you a good luck thinking of you text, as well as a happy b'day one!
    3676 days ago
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