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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Sorry, I couldn't think of a title for the blog. So that's what you got:) Buckle up, and come along for a ride with me and my randomness.

So for the last couple of weeks i've either been:

A) attending one of my many dentist appointments. They are evil people. Totally sado-masochistic. Sure, they fixed my problems, and now my grill is purdy again....but I'm pretty sure they enjoy the pain I was in. Just sayin'. (Before you tell me how horrible that is because you're a dentist, or your sister/friend/brother/lover/do
g/etc is a dentist, let me just say that my fear of them is really derived from the fact that I'm clausterphobic. Its just funnier to call them evil;)


B) planning my wedding. Good golly ms. molly, there is so much to do! Everytime I'm feeling all self-righteous because I think i'm on top of it, someone comes along and says "so, what are going to do for _______", or "have you decided about _____" or "why are you doing it like that?"
Details, gag me.
Really, i don't care. I'm going to show up in a badass wedding dress, my man will be there waiting to marry me, the rest of the equation can just fall into place as far as I care. It'll work itself out. Be there or don't. Eat what I provide or don't. Drink my alcohol or don't. Take a party favor with you if you want it, or if you think its stupid....then don't. Yes, mom, my tattoos will be showing. Yes, mom, there will be purple in my hair. Lots of purple. Yes, that garter has skulls and crossbones on it, thank you very much. Yes, those are combat boots I'm wearing. Like it, love it, or suck it. Or stay home. Makes no difference to me:)

(I feel better now lol. I didn't realize how badly i needed to say all that)

C) being snowed in. (if you've lost track of what i've been talking about here, we're listing all the reasons I've been busy. Just a little reminder there, cuz i had to scroll up and figure out what letter I was on, or wtf i was even talking about....I have the mind of a goldfish lately, i swear).
I have lived here in the central Arkansas area since I was around 3 years old. I have NEVER seen us get this much snow. Ever. And tonight we are getting around 10 more inches (heh...thats what she said...).
Snow is awesome, don't get me wrong. Its pretty and its fun to play in and all that, and if my office gets closed I still get paid for the day....So i'm not really complaining. Its just I don't always have great internet connection (or a little thing called "electricity") when the fluffy wonderfulness is falling from the skies.

D) ...right? *scrolls up* yeah, next is the letter D. I had the TOM from H-E-double-hockey-sticks last week. I swear to you...i would have paid someone to take my uterus out with a dirty butter knife....I scared and/or emotionally scarred at least (that I know of): 2 children, a neighborhood dog, possibly my fiancé, one random stranger at walmart, and some dude that looked like Jesus hanging out in my work parking lot. It was bad. I'm surprised I'm not in jail. But anyway, its gone now. I could live the rest of my life without a week like that again.

So, what I need to do to get my head back on straight (ish) again:

Track. Your. Food. Talia. For the love of all that is good in this world, track the dang food. Its a deal breaker, and I know this. I just get into ruts where I don't.

Back away from the organic chocolate. "Organic" does not give you a free pass. It still has as many calories. Duh, child. Work with me here.....

Quit monky-ing around with the kettlebell at night and put in Jillian Michael's kettlebell work out and REALLY work those bad boys. OR quit spending money on workout DVDs. Use them, or sell them. But when you sell them, you'll feel like a failure. So spare yourself that downer, and just do it.

Water. Water. Water. and *ahem* WATER! I don't know what happened, but I almost slipped back into Mountain Dew land there for a bit. Its a slippery slope for me...best to avoid it right now.

Am I done talking now? Just about, I think. I did want to share that I found out the Kroger in my neighborhood has this HUGE section dedicated to organics. It felt like Christmas when I found that (I never really shop there, so I hadn't noticed before). They have kroger brand organic stuff! aka--AFFORDABLE organic stuff! and produce! and all sorts of random goodies! (like...chocolate...that i need to back off of a little).

Also, no weight loss these last few weeks, but no weight GAIN either:) I can work with that. Time to stop the lazy floating and start swimming like I got mad sharks on my butt:)

Love you guys! I'm off to go creep around your pages and my teams to see whats been happening and catch up.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD6557915
    emoticon That sounds like a KICK-ARSE wedding get up....Loooove me some purpley, skully-crossboney fashion! Can't wait for the pics :)
    3470 days ago
  • ABB698
    Your blog made me smile! I love your IDGAF attitude about the wedding! Perfect! It is all about you anyhow, so why sweat the small stuff? emoticon I'm sure it will rock, just like you in your badass dress, bitchin' garter and purple hair!

    Get tracking and kettlebelling Girlie! emoticon Good to hear from you again!
    3470 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3543611
    OMG I'm dying to see your wedding pictures!!!!!!!
    3470 days ago
    Heh heh--love the title, sometimes that's the worst part of writing a blog, ya know? And in order a) dentists are truly evil, my deepest sympathies at having to endure multiple visits; b) your wedding is YOURS and should be the way you want it, everyone else's opinion is irrelevant--the purpose of the day is to get married, as long as that happens, the rest doesn't matter; c) if your area isn't used to handling lots of snow, it can make life difficult; and d) sorry TOM was sooo bad. As for getting your head on straight, you know what you need to do . . . you are gonna have an awesome wedding that is totally you and your guy, and that's the way it should be!
    3471 days ago
    did I mention all the pain meds i've been on? lol fun times. I know the wedding will be awesome. There are just so many people that don't "get" it, and I'm getting tired of justifing my decisions. My poor mom was so confused when I told her about the unity "volcano" we were doing instead of candles or sand or whatever:)
    3471 days ago
    I want an invitation to a wedding. I hate weddings but your's may be actually fun! LOL Great blog!
    3471 days ago
  • ASHLEYW_206
    Your blogs totally crack me up! Glad to hear you're back at it. I'd love your feedback on the kettlebell workout...I've been thinking about investing in that!

    3471 days ago
  • no profile photo PIXIECN
    Woooo white stuff! I wish I got paid when my office closed. But no... they suck...

    Glad to hear you're moving forward, great goals!
    3471 days ago
  • WYND10
    Glad to see you alive and kickin'! :) And it's your wedding, do it your way, and tell every one else to STFU or GTFO. Ya know? Just be happy and don't stress over it :)

    As for the other stuff, you know whatcha gotta do so you don't need me here to say do it. ;) You've got this!
    3471 days ago
    I love your wedding rant. That is how I feel about my own wedding and in general about weddings. Funny how I do this for a living hehe. I wish more people would just get over it. It is one day. Deal. You are going to look awesome.
    3471 days ago
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