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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

So I decided to indulge a little bit today for blogging research. (ha ha nice excuse right) I was at the grocery store looking at the yogurt section. I swear every time I go to the store it seems like there's new brands, new flavors, new advertising scams! I've mentioned that a big part of my weightloss and healthy lifestyle was learning to a read label througly. I always like to scan all the choices because, I always like trying new things. A few caught my eye that I haven't tried before. Their labels were screaming healthy, but I ofcourse checked the label, incredient list, and what the product was basically promising. I was APPALED by how misleading and suddenly felt bad for all the people that are probably purchasing this yogurt to be healthier and be oblivious to what this yogurt was hiding. I'm not going to give away the name brand I don't want to insult the company but I will provide you with some information.

I had a craving for a treat because, I have a sweet tooth that I haven't gotten rid of yet. I finally choose one that had granola attached to the top. It stood out to me immediately because it just give you "that's a fun one" type of feeling. Right on the front immediately stating low fat, natural granola new great taste, live and active cultures etc. Sounds like a great yogurt right. I quickly was glancing over it and I was in a bit of a rush. I'm always so good at picking the right healthy stuff that I wanted to venture out and try something that sounds healthy but really isn't.

I like to spend my calories wisely and by that I mean I don't usually eat a yogurt that's 200 calories. It's only just a few bites so I wasn't thrilled about the calorie count. The sugar in this I found to be outrageous 36 grams ! Does anyone realize how much sugar that is in one small yogurt? Plus whatever other sugar they may have had in the day! No wonder people are struggling so much with weightloss. These advertisers are tricky!! Educate yourself to be a smarter shopper. It's tough figuring out what the healthy stuff is but once you know it will help you achieve your goals faster. 37 carbs and only 1 gram of fiber this yogurt shouldn't be eaten everyday in my opion. Then I saw it had high fructose corn syrup as a main ingredient! Don't get me wrong this yogurt was tasty which makes it even harder for a consumer to want to continue buying it pursing their healthy lifestyle what 26 sugars a time? Just be aware of exactly what your purchasing! Don't just let a glance at the front win you over. this is what it's promising.

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WHAT A SCAM! I hope this blog helps you the next time your at the grocery store!

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    I think it's awesome you're using this forum to teach people about healthy choices! I agree yogurt is so deceiving. I'm curious if you've ever tried Greek yogurt. It's much higher in protein than regular yogurt and, while it tastes a little sour by itself, when combined with fruit or honey, it's delicious! I'm totally obsessed with the Fage brand nonfat yogurt with honey. Check it out next time you're looking for something sweet. Delicious!
    3779 days ago
    My hubby does our grocery shopping and there is no way he will read labels. I have learned that when I want something like yogurt, that I read the labels and buy a couple and then I show him exactly what I want and the Brand name and everything. In that way he doesn't bring home something that he found and likes the sound of the name. He is getting better. he no longer brings home a dozen glazed doughnuts or candy bars or triple chocolate cakes. He gets them for me as he eats very little sweets. If he does bring home doughnuts, I leave two out for him and put the rest in the freezer for when the grandkids come. I do that with a lot of things that he "treats" me with. Now he is starting to bring home more fresh fruit and some veggies.
    I do read the labels when and if I go do any shopping.
    3779 days ago
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