Monday, February 07, 2011

With my 22nd birthday just 2 weeks away (aaah! How crazy?!) I am starting to wonder what I should get myself for my birthday. It's a nice way to show myself how much I appreciate me for just being me! emoticon

So far, I have thought of multiple options just am not sure which route to take. I've considered:

1. The "fitness/nutrition/health" option: a new nano to replace my shuffle (because I am dying with something that has a screen/a timer on it), fitness apparel or fitness-related books/cookbooks

2. The "entertainment" option: DVDs (movies/tv shows)

3. The "career/hobby" option: Books relating to Creative writing/other interests, Final Cut Express or other film/screenwriting software, Screenplays of my favorite movies.

4. Finally, the "indulgent, me me me" option: A new handbag. Or new heels, or a super cute Disney bracelet.

With so many options, I don't know what direction to go in! What do y'all think? Or if you have some even cooler suggestions, I'd love to hear them!
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