130 Pounds Lost

Monday, February 07, 2011

I hit a milestone today: I weighed 148 for a total of 130 pounds lost. Hooray!

That's 17 pounds less than I ever aimed to weigh when I started this journey, less than I weighed on my wedding day and in college, and I'm more fit than I've been... well, EVER. It's also just 9 pounds away from having lost half my body weight, which is pretty unreal to wrap my brain around.

It's fun to have this to celebrate while I'm benched from running these few weeks. I've been really enjoying myself just focusing on strength, yoga, and swimming, and my swimming has been really strong (go figure--when I'm not already exhausted from running, I have a stronger swim, who knew? lol). Today I even listened to my body and didn't push up out of bed when I was laying there feeling a little under the weather. Instead I went back to bed and woke up feeling healthy and happy. I know for some people, rolling over and going back to bed is NOT the goal, but for me now, I'm interested in achieving a balance between the pushing myself that seems to come naturally now and the tuning in to my needs that's not been coming so naturally. It feels like real victory to tune in, listen to the message, and NOT beat myself up for it!

So there's about all the weight loss I hope to see! While I've already been transitioning over to maintenance mode for a few weeks now, I'm going to increase my food a little bit more to help my body reach that balance point. Thanks for the cooperation, body! :-)

Have a great start to the week, all! Love and Namaste.
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