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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Every so often I need to write myself and remind me of my own wisdom. This is one of those times so I'm pulling a couple things I wrote a few years ago that still help me. Some of you probably remember seeing these, but I needed to re-read them today.
So many people get bogged down because they've plateaued or simply
aren't losing weight. I am losing weight at a pace so slow it's almost
imperceptible. Why am I not depressed about it? Because it's against
the rules! Here are the rules. Feel free to share them, steal them, or
whatever. Make them work for you.
So here are my rules that you can feel free to adopt:
I have no control over the numbers on the scale. I only control how
much physical activity I get and what I choose to ingest.
My progress will be measured by how active I am that day and my food
choices. I will not berate myself if my body needs to rest. I will
give my body what it needs that day.
I will praise and celebrate my accomplishments a lot and just
acknowledge my shortcomings...because I'm not superhuman and I don't
need to be perfect.
I will not be unkind to myself. If I wouldn't say it to my best
friends, nieces or nephews (or in other people's case, kids), then I
am not allowed to say it to myself. It is hypocritical to have a
different standard for yourself than others.
I will learn to love myself unconditionally.
I will learn to live passionately and with as much love for myself as
I have for others.
I will remember that what makes me a goddess is my passion, heart, and
soul, not my physical attributes.

My Rights as a Woman at Any Size
I have the right to take up all the space my body needs.
I have the right to love and be loved.
I have the right to move freely and express myself in my own ways.
I have the right to feel sexy.
I have the right to feel beautiful.
I have the right to move with dignity and grace.
I have the right to be treated with dignity.
I have the right to love myself as I am NOW; not as I wish I was or as
I was at another time in my life.
I have the right to feel successful and fulfilled in all aspects of my
I have the right to live joyfully and fully.
I have the right to be a goddess.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your bill of rights is brilliant!
    2676 days ago
  • DFIACCO713
    Perfect!!! Often people are too hard on themselves and unfortunately; that really does harm. Having this type of attitude is PERFECT!!!
    ~ Denise
    2685 days ago
  • STFY31
    Awesome blog! I love the part about it being hypocritical to hold yourself to different standards/negative self talk, than you would with others.

    I just had to write a blog for my PUSH challenge about an old picture that we felt confident in. It reminded me of how so many of us let society lead us to believe we are not beautiful or worthy of beauty and love. I noticed the same connection as I read others blogs. Thank you for posting this and Thank you for believing in yourself and KNOWING everyone is worthy knowing their own beauty!

    You rock!

    Are you still dancing? My troupe is having their student recital tomorrow in Farmington....I am so missing all of them/dance. I can't wait to get back to it!
    2686 days ago
    Love this. Thank you for posting. I am stealing the rules and hope to print this out and post at home and work. I need to learn the rules, and it will help to have them there to look at.
    2690 days ago
    I love this! Great reminders to yourself and for everyone else!

    - Karen
    2690 days ago
    Hi Laurie!

    Awesome blog! I love your reminders to yourself. I think we should all do that now and again - remind ourselves to treat ourselves with the same love and respect that we show others. And good for you for listing your rights! You ARE a goddess!

    Heidi (Goddess Heidi)
    2691 days ago
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