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Sunday, February 06, 2011

In my last entry, I crowed about having lost 9 lbs and 3.75 inches as of the 3rd week in January. I'm still so proud of that! This morning, I measured and had lost 2 more inches, but I haven't seen any weight loss at all since January 31st, when I hit 180 (that was 10 lbs lost in January). In fact, my weight has inched up a little - 182.5 this morning - and while I know part of this is due to muscle and water weight, I'd still like to see more encouraging results.

Or, let's put it this way - I'd like to make some changes in February and see if they lead to greater success. If they do - wonderful! If they don't - Hey, I tried, and maybe the loss of momentum is due to being a middle-aged woman who's VERY prone to gaining weight and retains water like a sponge half of every month. (Aargh. I hate hormones sometimes!)

Here are the changes I'm starting this week:
* Last week, I tried to switch to a total Paleo eating plan and substituted beans with nuts. No go. I like nuts too much, especially since we were snowed in WITH the nuts about half of last week. So I'm back to eating 4HB, all protein & vegetables with some beans at 2 meals/day (that's how I do it, anyway), and no fruit or dairy except on cheat day.
* More fish, a little less beef - not because I'm worried about beef but because beef could be contributing to my water retention issues.
* Trying to eat between 20-30g protein per meal. That's difficult!
* I'd already cut back on bottled salad dressing - I'm going to cut that out completely for the rest of February and have only olive oil and balsamic vinegar on my salads and see if that helps the water thing. I tried olive oil and lemon juice but didn't like the taste. I might try a little olive oil with salsa on my salads, also - sometimes I grow weary of balsamic vinegar.
* I'm increasing my daily fish oil and magnesium/zinc supplements.
* I followed a link on Tim Ferriss's website to this morning and ordered a set of supplements he recommends, as well as more (purified) fish oil. I'll start taking these supplements based on Ferriss's recommendations as soon as they arrive.
* This week, I added "swings" and a couple of other strength-training exercises to my circuit days. I also added interval training to my cardio. That is, I'm focusing on intensity more than length of my workouts, and I'm going to follow Robb Wolf's ("Paleo Solution") recommendation to do yoga/stretch every 3 days or so. My schedule doesn't enable me to stick to Wolf's workout schedule exactly, but I can manage a schedule that's very close.
* I'm thinking of trying "intermittent fasting" on the evening/morning of cheat days. Tim Ferriss does this for 19 hours, although I'm not sure I can handle that around my workout schedule. I'll try at least 15-16 hours this coming weekend (no food from 6PM Friday until after my workout on Saturday morning, then follow with cheat lunch/dinner); we'll see how that goes.
* I began wearing a pedometer yesterday (Saturday). I entered a goal of 10,000 steps yesterday and reached that by about 4PM yesterday; clearly, I don't need to worry about # of steps on the weekend! But I do want to monitor how much I'm moving during the week.

Things I'll continue -
* Vegetables and protein at each meal; very little fruit, if any
* Every morning - 30 ounces of ice water with lemon juice
* Cinnamon in my coffee.
* Kids and I are trying to eat more local produce and farm-raised meats. While I didn't make it to the proper stores to buy meat this week (too hazardous to drive much), we will resume doing our shopping at the Market Bistro or Homegrown Market next weekend or as soon as possible once the roads are improved. I baked an organic, free-range chicken last weekend - wow, it tasted amazing!!!

It's a plan - it all sounds very complicated and like hard work when I write it all out like this, and it is hard work in some ways. But I'm single, I'm organized, and my kids are VERY supportive. All of these facts tend to help make all this possible. If I could just have a self-cleaning kitchen, life would be perfect!!

Thanks for reading, and good health to you.
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  • LAURA1152
    Thirty ounces in AM gets me 30 ounces closer to my goal for the day - that's the only reason. It's better to get a head start and reach my quota at dinnertime than get to dinner and still have 30 ounces left to drink. I sleep better in the evening when I have more in the morning.

    Following the 4 Hour Body plan, I add ice and lemon juice to my water in the morning.

    Finally, we become a little dehydrated overnight, so a good amount of water in the AM is physically good as well, whether it's one glass or three.
    2680 days ago
    Good luck with your plan? Can you tell me why the 30 ounces of water in the morning?
    2680 days ago
    Good luck with your plan? Can you tell me why the 30 ounces of water in the morning?
    2680 days ago
    Thanks for sharing all this information. It really helps to see what others are doing with 4HB and related. I ordered supplements last week too, from VitaCost. I'm going to try doing PAGG. I'll be interested to hear how it works for you. I take a decent number of supplements already. I'm always a little concerned that it's too much, or that there might be a conflict of some sort, but this seems like a reasonable addition.

    Keep up the good work!
    2686 days ago
  • MELINA05
    Very good!!! Just taking the time to write everything down it will keep you on track.

    It's an amazing plan, keep with it and you will have an amazing month!!!


    2693 days ago
    Wow! You can do it! Congrats on your January success!
    2693 days ago
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