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Oh happy day!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Hey everyone. Today started out pretty great. I actually woke up about a half hour early and had time to slowly get ready and eat a little cereal before the gym which I always like. I perform better if I eat a little before working out. And I love how Kashi Go Lean makes me feel. I love how much protein there is in it. So anyway, I was in a fantastic mood because I found out yesterday that I am going to be an aunt! My sister is pregnant with her first child and her and her husband came up to visit and told my mom in person. Everybody is thrilled so it was a really great thing to hear.

I've been actually feeling better lately about my workout schedule and everything else. I've found a way to work it INTO my life rather than revolve my life around it. Fridays have become my “off” day, where I don’t work out. My only thing I plan to possibly try is some light exercise because I found I was dozing off in my Chemistry class. I think it’s possible I need a little something, even a brisk walk with my dog to get my blood pumping. It’s a challenge that I have to think about. But having the day off definitely helped renew my motivation for the next day. I see now how important it is to give myself the time to rest. And as for my strength, it IS difficult to squeeze in everything I want to get done exercise-wise. So last night I watched the “No More Trouble Zones” dvd and wrote down all of the exercises. Today I did 95% of them at the gym, leaving out ones I felt weren’t challenging enough and I also plan on days where I don’t have time to do maybe one or two of the circuits, so I can fit them in without needing a full 40 minutes for the dvd. I’ve done the dvd enough I know how the moves go. So I’m excited to be able to work out how I can fit everything into my schedule. It keeps me motivated!

So before I go on, let me say something positive about myself. My pants are beginning to get looser, and my underwear are definitely one size too big. I haven’t lost a size in about 2-3 months so it’s an exciting feeling. I definitely like the way pants fit me, and it’s exciting to feel thin some days. Most days my upper-abs look really toned and I actually had a girlfriend mention that they looked really good. So I’ve been feeling really good about myself lately and my boyfriend even noticed . He said I look more confident and he likes to hear me compliment myself. It sounds weird but I have been putting myself down for 20 years so it’s a huge turnaround to feel good about myself.

Food wise I am still following the 80-20 rule. I eat really healthy at meals but occasionally I treat myself to a 150 calorie bag of baked chips, or a cookie from Subway. They have a new raspberry cheesecake cookie that is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Seriously try it. But yeah, I’ve been letting myself enjoy and it’s a nice feeling. But I still love preparing delicious meals knowing they are healthy and satisfying. We had mahi-mahi last night and it was delicious, with a side of butternut squash and broccoli. I loved it and definitely will be making it again.

So I’ve been trying hard to improve my self-confidence and worth. I seem to be doing okay. I won’t lie and say I am 100% there but definitely improving. Knowing I’ll be an aunt helps me to keep looking up. I can’t wait to be part of a child’s life and be Aunt Maureen. I want to be the aunt who takes that kid to the park, swimming, running, biking.. And my boyfriend went on the stationary bike today. And I didn’t ask him to and he never said why. But I can see behind his eyes especially in the past few days with how good I’ve felt that he wants to feel good too. So I didn’t make a big deal, I said “Oh good I’m glad you found the time” and offered to make him breakfast. So it was really a great few days.

Have a good day everyone.

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