Winter Blues and 10K training

Saturday, February 05, 2011

I usually succomb to the winter blues and just be blah watching movies and snacking on whatever I can get my hands on. Yesterday I got my workout in. I started to use the Jillian Michaels Wii game that my son gave me and the set up was kinda lame. We started to do the warm up which was a jog and Wes pulled out his phone to take a picture. I bolted right then and there and we ended up fighting. I felt bad that I walked out on my workout with my son so I started back up but just not on the Wii game, I pulled out our trusty Get In Shape Girl workout. He seems to accept that working out with mom is a great way for us to bond and so do I. He asks me all the time to do the Wii game but working out in front of everyone in the living rooms just doesn't work for me. I don't like an audience!! I mean, I know Wes taking a picture was just capturing a moment of my son and I doing something together but I am sensitive already about how I look so with my hair looking like crap and I'm in my workout clothes which isn't very appealing I definitely don't want my picture taken! But I didn't let it ruin the motivation to get a workout in. Had it not been that (how my son and I bond) then I would've just not gotten a workout in and my mood would've gotten the better of me. I love showing him how to do the exercises correctly (form and what muscles he's working) and he gets entertainment by getting to use the weights and stability ball. He LOVES the plyometric moves, jumping around ya know. He pretends we're sitting at the table having tea when we do wall sits lol it's hilarious but that little time sitting there trying to not fall is a mental challenge and talking with him really helps! Sometimes it's a race on who can do it faster too haha
So, my son is helping beat these winter blues. :)

On Wed I went for another run and did really well. My time was the same but I took less breaks and ran 2.5 miles without a break at all. That's progress for me. I usually can only run for 1 mile and then need to take a little break. 50 mins and 4.25 miles in...I'm not going for speed, I just need to be able to DO 6.2 miles for my 10K. I'm building up my endurance. When I stopped for my cool down my legs wanted to keep running. Now I understand what people mean when they HAVE to keep running because it's like you hurt as soon as you stop. I should've just slowed down a little more gradually but I thought I needed to just stop running. My hips did not hurt and my feet weren't as worn out as when I started my training last Sunday. To me, that's progress that my body is able to handle this better as I keep doing it. I know you runners think this is common sense but I'm new to running so learning how my body handles things is new to me. I always say you're stronger than you think you are and obviously it goes with your physical capabilities as well as your emotional/mental capabilities as well.

My shoulder blades and the middle of my back have been sore since yesterday. I'm not sure why. I took a muscle relaxer when I went to bed but it didn't really do anything, still feeling it today. Now that I've motivated myself by explaining how my son and I bond with workouts I am gonna go change into my workout clothes and hit the gym. I have 3 weeks until my 10K and so far I've only gotten 4 miles in. I need to push more so wish me luck in logging another complete mile.
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  • BRIAN36
    Your shoulder blade and back pain is mostly likely from running. Surprisingly the arm motions of running and keeping your shoulders up and maintaining correct form really engage the back muscles. I've found it very helpful to do back and upper body exercises on non-running days. Having a strong upper body will help you finish strong on your long runs because you won't be hunching your shoulders.
    3785 days ago
    I am so impressed with your running!!!!
    3785 days ago
    That's so cool that you and your son bond over exercise. :)
    I only work out in the living room when my BF isn't home too. I don't need anyone watching me.
    Here's to many more successful miles and building up your endurance for your 10K! You can do it!!!
    3785 days ago
  • JENNY448
    Congrats on your running progress! You are doing so good. I can't workout at home when my husband is watching either..I have but I usually feel silly so I know how you feel. I hope the shoulder blades feel better soon!
    3785 days ago
    That is so awesome that you and your son bond doing workouts!! What a great example you are setting for him and it seems like he has a lot of fun with it!! emoticon
    3785 days ago
    My shoulder blades hurt a lot. A chiro is the only one that help me with it.

    It's awesome that you found a way to workout and have fun with your son!

    I hate an audience while working out too! That's why I don't go to the gym or take classes that often.

    Let's rock this week!
    3785 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8689328
    Thats awesome that your son likes to bond during fitness. How is your back feeling now? Read my blog that I posted about having a rough night. I can relate! :(
    3787 days ago
    That's one thing i love about running. Its really easy to get better at it! I find that with each run I improve. Thats why it is so important to just get off my arse and JUST DO IT! Congrats on your progress! You'll be there in no time!
    3787 days ago
    emoticon Good luck with the training!
    3787 days ago
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