A crappy shopping day

Friday, February 04, 2011

UGH!! Today should have been a good shopping day and it totally wasn't.

It has taken me FOREVER to lose 20lbs. This past month is the first month in 6 months that I started to track what I was eating. Prior to this, I was working out with my trainer 3x a week and then getting 1-2 days extra in there for cardio. I wasn't really trying very hard.

After I stopped my training sessions (in November), I started going to the gym 4-5 days a week. I was doing cardio each day for 30 mins and ST 3x a week. I am now at the gym 5-6 days a week for 30 min cardio and at least 4 days a week of ST.

In January, I had stayed at 235lbs for nearly 3 months. I am finally down to 228 with the help of modified diet. I don't care how slowly the weight comes off, as long as it keeps coming off regularly (a half pound to 2 pounds a week is good for me!)

I have gone down a size in Old Navy workout clothes. I used to barely fit into XXL shirts and now XL is fitting well. The same for their bottoms (in workout gear anyway). I'm in their XL and even those are seemingly a little loose. I still can't seem to fit into their jeans.

Today however, I went shopping for a new pair of jeans at Kohls. 20lbs should mean about 1 size lost right? WRONG!! I should be happy with the 20lbs I lost and yet once again, it's NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!

I realize I'm not alone in my jeans woes but I refuse to wear sweatpants and cotton eleastic waistband pants. Regular jeans should just fit me!! In the "regular" size 16's I can fit the legs and butt of pants but can't button them. In plus sized 16's (16w's) I can fit the legs and butt too (a little loose) but can't button them. In "regular" 18's I can't hardly button the pants and they are so loose everywhere. In the plus sized 18's, I can't seem to find pants that fit my gut and my legs and butt. They are always wayyyyyy too loose by the time they fit my gut.

I'm so discouraged. I hate the feeling that what I've done isn't good enough and I worked so hard! I have another 55lbs to go but seeing this first 20lbs go by without being able to get into smaller jeans makes me want to say f--- it. I never had a problem fitting into jeans when I was "fat". Now that I'm getting into "fit" I can't win!

Damn you stupid fashion designers! And Damn me for letting a stupid shopping trip ruin the positive mindframe I've had for weeks now!

Why isn't what I'm doing good enough?!
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  • KITKA82
    20 lbs ain't nothin to sneeze at girl! Trust and believe that you are doing a great job. I understand the frustration with shopping. I usually have trouble with jeans too. They are tight on my thighs but there's a gap at the waist. A lot more stores are offering jeans and pants that are customized to your body shape: Target, Old Navy (sweetheart, diva, and flirt jeans are all cut differently), Lane Bryant, and Fashion Bug are a few. Check out the "Right fit" label at LB and FB. You may have to try on lots of jeans before you find some that are suitable (or utilize a tailor)-- but then you'll need some more as you continue to shrink! It's a good problem aint it? ;)
    3347 days ago
    20 pounds is great. I would suggest looking at different stores because all jeans are made different. I know I used to wear old navy jeans but they do not fit right anymore. I then tried JCPenny jeans and couldn't find any that fit my body either, I went to Kohl's and they had ones that fit right. Finding the style that fits your body type is tough, but I wish you the best of luck with it.
    3347 days ago
  • MANDYG2898
    Thank you all for your feedback. I know what I've done is no small feat and I am proud most days of my accomplishments. Yesterday just didn't turn out how I wanted. I have been in an 18 for 6 months now and they started out tight and are now too big however I can't seem to find jeans to move into!

    I really don't care what size pants I wear in all reality but I just want ones that FIT! LOL

    :: sigh :: more hard work for me I guess!
    3349 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8882363
    I agree 20 pounds is something to celebrate and remember that you are doing this for many more reasons than fitting into smaller jeans. Especially when it comes to jeans, or even pants in general, I can relate to your frustration. Because of my height I have to shop at Big and Tall stores but my problem is that I don't seem to be big enough around the middle for many of the things they sell. It usually takes me an hour of combing the store to find just two or three pairs that I can try on. And I know that this will not get better as I continue to lose weight, only worse. But be persistent as well; it may just take a few shopping excursions.

    3349 days ago
    emoticon Are you kidding me? 20 lbs is a lot of good hard work on your part!! Don't throw the towel in now. I agree with ILIKECACTI, track, track, track. When I track, I lose weight, when I don't ugh, I don't lose weight. Track for the entire month of February, bump out your intensity cardio wise to 45 minutes, have you heard of C25k, that program might help?! Stay in it, your next big success is right around the next corner!
    3349 days ago
    I have learned through trial and error over my 10 months on SP that I absolutely must track everything I eat... even on bad days. Or else it's just so easy for me to fool myself into thinking that what i'm eating is really "not that bad". So that's one rule I must always follow if I want to lose weight.

    Jean shopping is the worst! I have the same problems, if it fits my butt/hips/thighs, it's going to be tight in the waist. ugh. I have dealt with this problem for so long, and part of me doubth that this problem will ever go away- I had it even when I was skinny in high school and college. I'm just not proportioned in the way that jeans are made.

    The best jeans I have ever found, I found only months ago at Lane Bryant- their jean sizes run small (I didn't expect that for a plus size store) so don't be shocked if you have to go up a size to get th fit you want, but they have different fits depending on your body type. and they have a fit for women like us. And you can get them for a pretty decent price when they are on sale too.
    3349 days ago
    It will be ok. You can make it past this. One thing you have to remember is that every company makes jeans their own way. One can say a 14 and be the same size as a 18 in another brand. Try not to get discouraged. What I hate even more is that a company will change their sizes without any reason. So you might wear a 14 this tear and a 12 next year and not change a bit. we are here for you and feeling your pain. emoticon
    3349 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1389378
    Here's another perspective, I've never fit right and my body has never been right according to fashion designers. Even when I was way too skinny, I had too many curves and my calves/thighs were too large. Or my friends that are 5', try finding clothes that fit. As my one friend said, I hate shopping in juniors, I am not 12yrs old So you didn't get into another size down, you lost 20lbs. I have waited years - yes I mean years - to lose even 10lbs. My body fights against me. I would be jumping in the streets if I lost 20lbs. I couldn't care if it made any difference to the size. You can wear jeans at any size. I wear jeans at 24 - who cares? I don't. If someone asks, its not their business. It is frustrating to not find clothes, I agree. The thing is to rise above it all and look at the positive - you lost 20lbs. How is it that it isn't good enough? It is great. It's the mindset that is saying it isn't. Time to tune that negativity out and tune the positive in. You lost 20lbs, CELEBRATE!! emoticon
    3349 days ago

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