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Friday, February 04, 2011

Just wanted to share how my week went.
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    Hey chica,
    Watched your blog for the first time and I loved it. Okay, with that said I have to say that I'm sitting right next to you, we are on the same boat, and almost certain that if we take a closer look we will notice that there's several other gals in there with us.

    This is not an easy process, don't be so hard on yourself the best thing that you are doing is exactly that "you are doing something about it." The very fact that you are more conscious about your actions means that you have grown and that you do in fact want it.

    As I mentioned towards Nov. and Dec. of last year I pretty much dissapeared from Spark, kept the nutrition end of it but it was not the same. I got busy with school, sick, and close to the holidays I must admit that I did get a bit homesick. But now I'm here and each day is a new day, don't bring with you what happened or didn't happen is well TODAY. Remember that, you can do this...we will slip several times along the way, but what matters is not how many or how you fall, but how you get yourself up! SI se puede chica!
    2961 days ago
    We are your friends here, and we have our bad days also, no one judges. Thnx for sharing your updates.
    I love your honesty.

    We can do this!
    2961 days ago
    Just take one day at a step at a time. Don't give up...we're here to support you!

    2963 days ago
    Girl, don't be so hard on yourself. I am finally getting back in the groove. Now, all I want to do is go to the gym. I try to have something sweet everyday. If you don't satisfy it, you will go downhill quickly. Be good to yourself and give yourself some slack.

    2964 days ago
    Thank you for the was good to hear from you. I know how challenging it can be to do a diet on your own. My hubby is a Sweets guy, so sometimes it is hard when we just eat supper and then an hour later he has his "Lucky Charms Cereal" LOL! Smells good but I know that I am full and don't need that! Just keep your head up girl, YOU CAN DO THIS! I believe in you and that is what sparkpeople is for so we can understand what we are all going through and help each other with our experiences. Self Control is a really hard thing to learn, but once you have's there! You can have treats and things you like. But just know that you should be more Good than bad. My instructor says 80% good 20% bad! But on your diet I am not sure what you are able to have. Just keep thinking of your goal and what you want to accomplish and don't let "ANYONE" get in your way. You will lose the weight...YOU can do it! I know you can! I can too!
    2964 days ago
    Excellent vid blog...where I could relate was the family eating differently. Doughnuts, chips, cookies, brownies, it's all a challenge for me...and being Mexican-American, you know the food I like best is loaded with grasa!

    But I have to remember that I have goals that I need to reach and to reach those goals, I have to overcome....well, I have to overcome ME....the power to change is in my hands and the discipline is also within me..if God has overcome it all and His Spirit resides in me, then.....hmmmmm...maybe those obstacles won't be obstacles in the future, y'know?

    Regardless, I am cheering you on lil sis....I even have the pom poms!!!!!
    2965 days ago
  • PENA576
    OMG... girl just cause your mom fell off, dont mean you have to have. Only you can lose weight, and you have to want it for you,ok so you had a bad day or two, dont stop in all, just get back on track and keep going. I started getting a smaller plate at dinner time instead the big dinner plate and I put just little bit of each thing that was made for dinner so you dont have to over eat or go with out. And when your hubbie say " cause your on a diet why do we have to be on it to" just tell him cause IM the MOM and I SAID... No emoticon Im just playing. If they want donuts fine let them have it when the get home with donuts go take a shower or put some clothes to wash and by the time your done all the donuts should be gonne. And if they say Oh I saved one for you. Say no you just want me to break my goal and you can have it for me. emoticon That's what I do... Girl only you can lose weight for you. So get motivated and get back on the track do this for you. By now... Hey come join my Team Hot MaMa's 20 and up... or check out my Blog

    P.S. its ok to have a good dessert everynow and then cause your body will just want it more if you dont allow it. JUST have control. ok really you know what cake taste like and chips and whatever it is that makes you crave. WE all DO just have a small about and move on, dont over do it. Keep your goal in mind... emoticon
    2965 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/4/2011 1:58:06 PM
    Honey, everyday is different. Some days I don't feel like doing nothing & I don't. I also don't get down on myself I just don't have that dessert or treat like I want. I just have to find the balance area in my life. Just get yourself back in the groove of things & be accountable to you & you are not letting us down. Come give yourself some credit.

    God bless & let's enjoy everyday!

    2965 days ago
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