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Friday, February 04, 2011

It's been a good couple of days without running! I've been focused in on my swimming and strength training and yoga--and I'm having a great time doing it. I think my brain needed the break as much as my knee did! I was reminded today though how much my feelings about something can be influenced by the way I choose to frame and phrase it. I told some people close to me who asked how training was going that I was tabling the running because of this injury. Then I decided to shift and frame it a different way. A friend asked me how my running was going and I responded, "Actually, I'm just focusing on swimming, strength, and yoga for right now." It was a simple shift in words, but it made all the difference. No longer was the focus on what I COULDN'T do right now, but instead what I AM focusing on right now. This stripped away all the anxious and frustrated energy that was behind thinking I COULDN'T run (especially since really, I could... Instead I'm choosing to rest an injury).

And yesterday I had a fabulous swim--a long, strong, solid swim. I left the water feeling positive and fatigued without any pain or soreness. For Christmas, Dan bought me an underwater video camera (sounds so high tech, but it's a simple little inexpensive camera). I've had my swim coach-turned-friend video me with it, and as soon as I figure out how, I'm going to upload a video of me swimming in this style (total immersion) since I think it's a really lovely, gentle, efficient way to swim.

Exciting day ahead: I'm attending my yoga instructor's "love/hate yoga" class, something she was inspired to do after a comment I made in class one week (while she put us in revolved triangle, ugh). She surveys us all for our loves and our hates and builds a class around them (fun stuff). Then my mom is going to join me at the gym to check things out. Exciting!

AND tonight I celebrate a special night with Dan: 15 years ago today we started dating! Next year, it will officially mark half of my life that we've been together.

Anyway, grateful for the reminder that it's all in how I choose to think of it, and grateful for the positive shift in thinking and mindset. :-)

Have a great weekend, sparkpals.
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