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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hi All

Just checking in with you all today. My progress has been steady the past few days, Ive been losing weight fairly quickly this time around probably because I already have all the knowledge and skills that I had to learn last time. Im still maintaing my pescetarian lifestyle and love it! Ive got the eating and water down pat now Im just working on gettting myself back into working out again. I have gone strong and done pilates/yoga three times this week already and have some long walks to the park planned for this weekend :) Today for lunch Im having a black bean graden burger on a thin bagle with ketchup and mustard emoticon yummy and some apple slices......

I know it doesnt look that yummy but it is!

Tomorrow I face a bit of a tough day as far as temptation, I work for a Chinese-American bank and since today is Lunar New Year (or Chinese New Year) tomorrow we are having a huge celebration with lots of yummy food :( I opted out of the potlock buy in since they are ordering chicken and other types of meats that I dont eat however I decided to make a nice little meal for myself this evening to enjoy while everyone is eating theres but I know I will be tempted with spring rolls, chow mein and lots of moon cake! But never fear spark is here to help me get past it!

I feel excited this time around, I feel more impowered mostly because I know that I can succede since I did before. As you prob know, I started spark on Sep. 21st and from than till about mid December I lost 23 LBS however I took a brief hiatus from spark because of some personal issue that I chose to let get me down and defeat me. The good news is that I managed to maintain my weight and actually come back with a lose of four pounds! emoticon and am now active again (for three days LOL, hey gotta start somewhere!) and am actually doing very well, Ive managaed to lose another pound in two days and feeling very upbeat and positive. Originally I wanted to be 130 however I moved my first goal up to 140 since i actually dont know what my healthy adult body looks like I am basing my goal weight off of how my body starts to look. WOO HOO here we go again!!! .....

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