Feb 3, 2011-Training & Fund Raising is exhausting, but rewarding!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Beginning Weight 235.6 lbs.
Waist 44.75"
The year was all about getting me back to as fit as I could be by retraining my brain the skills that were lost during my head trauma. You know the skills your Mom taught you. I shelled out lots of money to accomplish this that I had earned previously with selling Butter Toffee (that is kinda' funny). I wanted to do all that I could to get back something I was familiar with, even if my brain didn't want to play. It was going to have to come along and I'm sure it benefited from outlook if nothing else. I set out a plan, set goals, used Sparkpeople (of course). My brain likes repetition, so it liked the exact same thing every day. The exercise took a lot longer, smaller, slower steps.

I began with the Wii Fit Plus, one step at a time. Than advanced to fast walking around my couch with the dog. After 5 months of this routine, I decided I could try & trust the world again. I joined Running For Women (walk/run intervals). I rode my bike to it since I had been making improvements on retraining myself how to ride my bike. I was now up to 8-10 mph on my town bike.

I've always like biking, next thing you know I have a Road Bike that I named "Reward Tenacity Patience Grace". I call it Reward for short. I joined our local bike club in July of 2010. And began building up my base miles. Next thing you know, I was making 32 mile round trips 3-4x's a week with the club.

I am still working on noggin' stuff, but I have managed to keep off almost all of the weight I lost.
Feb 2011 Weight: 169lbs.

SO, that comes to why I'm writing this blog. In 1 month I will be 50, hard for me to believe because ever since the injury I have stayed 46 yrs. But that is another matter, lol!

So I have decided to dedicate 2011 to helping serving others in the way I can. Ride my bike lots of miles while good folks donate to the causes I am riding in-supporting each other & mankind.

I've given my older car away. I've given Neckwarmers that I have sewn away to homeless that stand under the tunnel I run/walk through. And I have signed up to cycle in various charities rides.

I didn't exactly know how I was going to help others besides cycling; it has just evolved over a matter of 25 days. First I decided to raise funds for NorCal Aids Cycle. These funds would be kept in Northern CA; the area where I live. Fantastic right! I weighed the matter in my mind very carefully. Could I really raise $2,000? Big risk if I don't make the donations. I would have to come up with the donations out of my own pocket. I signed up! Fantastic, began my different fund-raising ideas (not many).

After pledging what seemed my life to this event, I decided to look at the training schedule that leads up to the ride of 330 miles in 4 days time. Huh? What was I thinking? I didn't because I wouldn't have signed up if I would have been thinking!! LOL!

But now that I have, other opportunities have spun off. In order to train for the NorCal, I am signed up to do 3 other 100 miles rides for Diabetes in preparation. Fundraisers of course, but a little more manageable. I have 13 more weeks to train & get my head ready for cycling 330 miles in 4 days of time. The longest ride I've every ridden was last Oct in the Foxy Fall; a metric + a bit more=72 miles. I followed that by running in a slow 5k that night, great fun to support a friend,

I've hosted a party at Dos Coyotes where they donated 10% of my friends dinners to NorCal.

This time of year, it has been pretty cold outside and I needed something for my neck. I looked in all the stores & everything was black, ugly & expensive. My husband said, "why don't you just go home & sew one out of polar fleece". And with that I did! Then turned it into a fundraiser also. That is when I decided to start making them for the homeless. I try to be sneaky & hand them off like a high five, so my friends don't see. Only the homeless & I know. Although, the other day one of the runners said, "hey that looks like Susan's neckwarmers". LOL! I'm not really that sneaky after all. The neckwarmer donations have been a big success and it has been neat to think of something I CAN DO for the homeless in our area.

For The Tour De Cure ride in Napa/Yountville, I have been given the opportunity to help others (below my level only by a bit) to train for a 10,20 or even a 50 miler in their own Tour De Cure. I am getting as much as they are, being able to help in any way to others is a missed feeling. I love being needed (well to a certain point, chuckle)

Oh yeah! I've also decided to sell my Handmade Butter Toffee for Valentine and give the proceeds to the NorCal Aids Cycle. I am hoping to have the $$ raised by my 50th on March 4, 2011. That way I can start concentrating on only training. Well that is unless I find something else to champion, giggle.

I've raised $1,200 of the $2,000 pledged. Oh yeah, I've also started a campaign using my toffee tubs (empty & decorated). The campaign, BE THE CHANGE; the idea is friends, family & business' put this somewhere close by & put their spare change in the tub. It really adds up, one tub turned in had almost $25 in it. AMAZING for such a simple little deli tub!

I am beginning thoughts on organizing a Bunco night on my birthday & suggesting in leu of gifts donatiions be made to NorCal Aids Cycle or Tour De Cure. Lots of planning still to do.

I've got to get to training on my bike today or making yummy butter toffee for Valentine Gifts.

I loved the spark quote for the day: It sums up simply what I am trying to do! I want to be the CHANGE in someone's life!

If it is to be, it is up to me. - Author Unknown

If you would like to be part of "BE THE CHANGE" campaign, please click on the links; it will take you to my webpages for these events.

I'm very humbled to be a tiny part of "BE THE CHANGE" in others struggles!

Susan Ashdown
Help me raise $2G to fight HIV!
I'll ride my bike 330miles=4days of riding

Tour De Cure for Diabetes
Help me raise $$ for services. I'll ride my bike 100 miles

My e-mail is smasha13@gmail.com
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