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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hmm, well I will admit I've been a little Spark shy lately. I've been traveling a lot so it's hard to track food. I've still been working out, but not as much as I should because of the traveling. But I will admit to losing at least a pound while doing this, so I must be paying some attention to things.

So North Texas is under an ice siege if any of you have had your head under a rock and haven't heard. tehehe, sorry I know most of the country is under that same siege. I woke up to sleet slamming my window on Tuesday at 5 am (it started at 3 am) and our local news stations telling us that if we can avoid going to work to do so. Okay, not a problem, I'm not essential. Well our company sells aircraft parts and we remained open, but YET the airport that FEDEX, UPS, and anybody that ships, was closed. As were they. Uh, duh. .. something wrong with that picture.

Then rolling blackouts throughout the day on Wednesday. It was crazy, hubby and I were driving 20 mph to work on ice and suddenly all the street lights go out. Hmm, that's kind of weird but known to happen, because they periodically cycle off to save energy. But then I started looking down the streets, NOT A house light on. Hey babe, there's a blackout happening. Then I get to work and hear about the the "scheduled" that no one heard about blackouts. I mean we were listening to the news ALL morning while we were getting ready and we didn't hear a word about it. and then (you know I'm in the Dallas area right?), the word hits the news, Jerry World (I mean Cowboy stadium) is EXEMPT from the outages. Excuse me? Businesses are closing because of this because the 15 minute outage is turning into an hour or more, but Jerry World is exempt because of the Superbowl? Because of security concerns? Uh, shut the doors if it happens and wands run on batteries. But yeah, add some more insult to injury, Parkland hospital (major trauma center) gets knocked out. A senior citizen home across the street from Jerry World, gets knocked out twice. Is there something seriously wrong with this picture? Grandma's respirator shuts down for the sake of the all might dollar, but in the name of SECURITY? Tell me terrorism hasn't taken a whole new form? Okay, that's my rant on that. It just irks me to no end.

Yesterday, hubby and I brave the elements after work. We are going to the gym darnit. We missed one day, not going to miss another and besides it's LEG day. Everybody looks forward to LEG day. So we do squats, no problem. We start doing dead lifts. Well, I'm a big girl, we use a decent amount of weight barbell plus 50. I'm used to it. Last set.. my left arm is feeling kind of funny. I had some trouble grabbing the barbell, but got through 8 of my 12 reps. Hmm, not so good. Dropped the bar and told hubby, I'll do another set and make up for it. So I do.. another 8. Then I'm yanking off my gloves, okay my finger holes in my gloves are too tight, right? Left forearm totally swells up, my watch is about to explode off and I'm having numbness down the whole arm (I told him only the forearm, he was already looking scared). Well, this is not good. emoticon Flex the fingers a few times, raise the arm above the head. Check my pulse periodically. No chest tightness, no difficulty breathing, just the forearm and arm numbness. Weird. Finally it subsides, and we finish our workout. Totally scary. I have no history of cardiovascular disease, my cholesterol rocks. Hopefully it was just a random, my gloves were fitting too tight thing. and to add insult to injury, the tendonitis in the right arm flared back up. ARGH, I can't win for losing (and I'm not losing dangit). Today is cardio day, so I'll stay away from the gloves and the weights.... emoticon

So that's about all I have. Random thoughts, little scare. I'm still here, but not really here. I'm getting busier at work so it's hard to check in and by the time we get home from working, working out and with me working on a computer all day, I barely get logged into Spark.

Things are still very tight financially, but I keep thinking I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Just need to make it through this month. Don't ask me why.. it's just the way the budget looks for some reason.

But... keep at it. All of you. Lifestyle change is good. Being healthy is good.
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