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What 135 to 180 Pounds Really Looks Like

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

(on a 5'6" person!)

150ish lb, April 2004 (I am on the left, Miami):

180ish lb, 4/22/05 (inside Duomo's tower in Florence, Italy):

170ish lb, 2/23/06 (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico):

157 lb, 2/18/07 (Cancun - I had started using SP so I can look up my weight):

135 lb, 5/26/07 (Somerville, MA):

140 lb, 8/16/07 (Boston, MA, with Mom):

147 lb, 10/8/07 (Tufts 10K - My first 10K, Boston):

150ish lb (rapid weight gain while on vacation in Jamaica), 2/21/08:

151 lb, 8/21/08 (Martha's Vineyard):

139 lb, 10/31/08 (dive bar in suburban MA):

135 lb, 12/14/08 (around then anyway, at my in-laws' in MA):

145 lb, 2/17/09 (Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic):

145 lb, 8/7/09 (non-professional engagement photo shoot, MA):

148 lb, 8/30/09 (Chicago):

160ish lb, Late December 2009 (Pantheon, Paris):

142 lb, February 13, 2010 (Rehearsal dinner the night before my wedding, MA):

159 lb, August 2010 (my parents' house in MA):

165 lb, 10/31/10 (Salem, MA):

167 lb, 1/8/11 (Mom's birthday dinner in Brookline, MA):
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Dunno how I missed this great blog before now! I agree with everyone else- you look gorgeous in EVERY photo. I can see more muscle definition in your arms and legs in more current pics and that looks really fit and healthy!
    But baby, you just glow!!!!!
    Your mum is beautiful too! emoticon
    2616 days ago
    You definitely look great at any weight. I can definitely tell that you are more athletic and fit at 160 in the later years than your 160 in the earlier.
    2621 days ago
    Honey, you look amazing at any weight. Seriously...just thought I'd tell you that.
    2629 days ago
    It really is all about making YOURSELF happy! I think you look amazing at around 150lbs... but my opinion shouldn't mean much!!!

    Do what makes YOU feel the best! You have a really GREAT attitude going on right now!!!
    2629 days ago
    just caught up on your posts!
    i love your pic on february 13, 2010! the outfit is really cute too =)
    glad you got to try out the sesame oil thing! i've never roasted my veggies with it - usually just eat the veggies and sesame oil straight up raw, but i bet that is delicious too!
    hope the eat-whatever-you-want-and-track thing is going well!
    2629 days ago
    I think you look amazingly gorgeous in all of your pics. I think you have to go with what you feel comfortable with and if it is isn't too hard to maintain. I think you look really great in the 160's Thanks for the comment on my blog too. Aussie aussie aussie OI oi oi
    2631 days ago
    I just noticed (because it jumped from the bottom to the top..) you look better at a healthy/toned 165 than you did at 150. Never think that what you're doing (and what you've done) doesn't make a difference :)
    2632 days ago
    I think you look great in all of them but I think you look especially pleasing at 165! You've got femine curves and your smile is healthy... I just think you look great :)
    2632 days ago
    Wow, how cool is it to be able to put your pictures together like that. Frankly I think you look great in all of them! I have taken before pictures and I plan on celebrating the after by hiring a local photographer to take some glam shots. But I only have a couple pictures of me in between. Perhaps I should take monthly pictures so that I can see the difference. Thanks for the great idea!
    2632 days ago
    These pictures are pretty amazing & I imagine many things go through your mind looking at them, remembering how you felt at certain weights in your life, which essentially is what this probably comes down to. When you felt your best & most at ease with yourself & so on.

    It's very true that some of these pictures that seem to have a weight difference, look actually like there's no difference all (example... Paris vs Chicago vs Rehearsal dinner). I think you look great in the 140lb pic in Boston with your mom - but was thinking about why... & it's only because you're with your mom & I like what your wearing best. Ha...
    2632 days ago
    I agree with the other posters - I really don't see all that much difference in your pics - and I don't think you look BIG in any of them - even at the higher weights - you still look completely healthy. In the 130s you definitely look SKINNY - which some people naturally look like - but I definitely don't think that extreme is necessary if YOUR body has trouble maintaining it. I know you wanted to maintain an average of 145 or so...but really - keep doing what you're doing - and if your body is happier at a higher weight - I wouldn't worry about it. (I know I know - easier said then done!)
    2633 days ago
    I love all these pics, too! I also agree with some of the other comments- finding that spot where you are happiest ( with your eating and exercise habits while being able to enjoy your life) is the spot I'd pick! Life's too short to suffer to fit into a shirt or to feel like a stuffed sausage due to overeating - for me. I hate both worlds! I also really, really believe that this experiment will pay off, if you don't start to get back to any extremes.
    2633 days ago
    I so agree w/ April! You look fabulous in all the pictures! :) This journey is all about where YOU are happy and content most. Where do you most feel comfortable in your own skin? :) Im jealous of your travel pictures too! I looove traveling! I wish I had the money to go more frequently, but having just graduated college and knowing the school loans will be coming in in 5 months
    2633 days ago
    I think that you look great in all the pics...what I noticed the most is how much you have traveled over the past few years...looks like it's been a blast!
    2633 days ago
    Great pics, and what really shows is how great of a life it looks like you have!

    2633 days ago
    You are gorgous at any weight, I would just go with where you are most comfortable.
    2633 days ago
    you look great girl! when you look at the pics and took away the numbers where do you feel the prettiest?
    2633 days ago
    I agree with YAYPRIL - you are beautiful in all these pictures. Yes, you can see your body get more and less curvy throughout, but honestly you look great. :) I have to admit - EXTRA smokin in the engagement party photo, but that also has to do with the fact that I LOVE your outfit. :D hehehe.
    2633 days ago
    Susan, great pics! You look really good in all of them. I can't really tell the difference in your weights in most of them, except for the lowest and highest. I know you weren't really asking for advice, but you shouldn't worry too much about the scale... I think that continuing with this recent eating experiment and lots of exercise will get you to a weight that is realistic to maintain and where you feel good, which is really the point, right?!

    Love the cookie monster in Cancun, too! LOL!
    2633 days ago
    You know, you are lucky--you look great in all of these pics! I know what it feels like to have extra weight that you don't want, but I think it's important to acknowledge that you DO look fab, even at the top end of your range!
    2633 days ago
    love all these pics--it is totally amazing to see what a difference a few pounds here and there can make!
    2633 days ago
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