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Vegan challenge... ???

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Yesterday I happened to catch Oprah's show after watching the last half hour of Dr. Oz.... The subject was a vegan challenge for a week - it sounded interesting so I watched the whole show.
The way they described it it means no animal products at all - wow, not sure I could do that!! I like meat but could go without (at least for a week!) Ok.. so far so good...
Then they showed the food to eat instead - I was shocked to see they loaded the shopping cart with mostly processed "food" not a fresh veggie in sight... It was all boxed and frozen "junk". They lost me at that point.
Why eat junk?? What really got me is how soy was in most things (soy is a no-no for me) and the grabbed things like imitation cheese and soy or almond milk... Hmm... if you going to have cheese, why not the real thing??

So rather than convincing me it was a good, healthy thing to do, apart from even considering the animal cruelty argument, it actually totally put me off.

I agree with being conscious of where your food comes from, I agree with limiting animal protein (Meatless Monday? and just smaller portions) but I heartily disagree with processed food. IMO it is still junk!!

I will eat the way I have been eating for the last nearly 6 years: fresh foods (one ingredient), watch portions and limit snacks.


Main meal (in our case lunch)

I like colorful food and my shopping cart contains things like this and some meat and chickcn:

Having lived in the boonies and now in Mexico, access to fast food places is very limited and here in Mexico boxed "foods" are very expensive.
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    I saw the show, and most the food looked gross!!! I agree there was a real lack of FRESH!!! Cheeseless pizza would have been better than what they came up with!! emoticon emoticon
    2664 days ago
    I may be the friend that ReasdNKnit is speaking of.

    I was very disappointed with the shopping trip to Whole Foods too. I keep a box of Boca Burgers and a box of "Chicken" Veggie Patties in my freezer for convenience, but I only use those products once or twice a week.

    I eat fresh fruits and veggies, beans and legumes, whole grains like quinoa and black rice, sweet potatoes and nuts. I use almond milk and rice cheese to limit my soy intake.

    I was saddened by the slaughter house footage, I cried and cringed and nearly lost my lunch during the skinning and chain saw butchering.

    I was impressed with the Harpo staffers for trying something so beyond their comfort zone. They deserve a lot of credit. Many of them lost weight and felt better physically and spiritually. Everyone is different and should do what is right for them.

    I thought it was a thought provoking episode and was glad to see the Vegan lifestyle in the spot light. Personally it works for me - I feel better in body, mind and soul since I went Vegan.

    2665 days ago
    Now I know why out of nowhere my girlfriend said she might try vegan. I am like you, in that I like good fresh whole foods, nothing processed. The process food where we live is very expensive so it's better to use good fresh ingredients. My shopping bag at the local market probally looks very much like yours.
    So here's to eatting healthy and fresh ingredients.
    Love your photos. Very inspiring.
    2665 days ago
  • CELLO23
    I so agree! What's the point of in substituting fresh fish for pre-digested soy gunk? Interesting to try it for a few days though. Your food plates always look lovely. emoticon
    2665 days ago
    I totally agree with you , I eat dairy products and fish and a mostly plant based diet, I am not going to eat processed "faux meat"- what's the point? Like the faux sausages.....The only thing I DO like is TOFU and Veggie burgers ( and only one brand at that)....but the fake cheese and stuff just does not make sense to me.
    I love Edamame and vegetables.....I think that fresh foods as natural as possible is the best way to PRE PACKAGED , PREPREPARED, PROCESSED foods unless absolutely necessary or unavoidable. that way there are no chemicals and preservatives and additives.
    Your meals look colorful and healthy ! yum!

    I do drink Soy milk, but that is because it agrees with me better than milk first thing in the mornings for breakfast cereal, otherwise I drink regular milk in tea etc.I usually only have one cup MAX a day and not even every day.
    2665 days ago
    I totally agree with you that fresh foods are better. I do buy meat but I but my meat at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's or Sprouts. I do a lot of meatless meals but with fresh foods like fresh veggies and fruits. Thank You for this
    2665 days ago

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    I agree with you fresh is best even if it is meat, it is still unprocessed.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2665 days ago
    I have a friend who just became a vegan within the last few months. I wonder what she thought of that show!
    2665 days ago
    I like this blog. So true. I am catching on, Lis and trying to progress forward, though I am not there yet. You are convincing me and helping me change here a little, there a little.
    2665 days ago
    Fresh is best! Oprah's shopping cart must have really been expensive... I aso don't consider her the icon of healthy eating (sorry O fans). Tofu, bleh! I'm also not permitted to do the soya thing and I don't feel as if I'm missing out on anything. Here's a challenge for Oprah - learn to cook with fresh ingredients, from scratch.
    2665 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/2/2011 12:32:28 PM
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