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My Bad Ass Just Got Whooped

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I didn't run this morning. Last night on Facebook I was all like "I don't care how much snow we get tomorrow, I'm going to run anyway." Well, the bed beat me again this morning and I stayed tucked in late enough that I should have just taken a day off instead of attempting to make it to work on time-ish. However, I did finally manage to rise, shower and get my butt out the door.

We got a BIT of snow overnight, certainly nothing to write home about, but the major dump was scheduled to show up this afternoon.

I should have gone running this morning. I should have stuck to my word and all my Facebook crowing. Because now the snow HAS come, and it's coming down hard, and I might just get out a quill and parchment and write home because it looks pretty bad out there. Doh!

I could suck it up and be a bad-ass and strap on my shoes and my YakTrax when I get home and go anyway. I could. But chances are PRETTY GOOD that's NOT going to happen. It's dark. It's REALLY snowing. Cars are sliding all over the street. I really don't want to put my cute hiney in the middle of all that mess and go face to face with a plow.

But I feel guilty so I'm writing this blog. Today will officially be the first day that I COULD have gotten out there and done something this morning and because I didn't, now have forfeited my chance to get my cardio in today. It's not going to kill me. But I actually feel bad about it. Today I let the weather, and the dreariness, and the winter get to me. And I thought I was above that.

Sigh. I might try and find a Spark video and do something at home, but it's just not the same. My bad-ass just got whooped. By a bunch of fluffy white stuff. How sad is that?

What does everyone else do when they're snowed in?
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    Hm... I am stumped - so I am ordering a rowing machine to get a full body workout. I have hand weights and all that jazz - but the lack of sun is starting to get to me so I am gonna have to be extra creative.

    Looks like you are getting all the cardio you need with shoveling.

    You rock!!
    2666 days ago
    Does your apartment building have a few flights of stairs? That is a pretty good workout. Lots of cardio and kind of the equivalent of doing hills. I have a friend that makes this his winter workout during inclement weather. Lots of that here in Manitoba!

    I also like Women's Health Total Workout in TEN with Amy Dixon. It has 4 segments, cardio, upper body, lower body and core. It's pretty intense.
    2666 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/2/2011 1:09:01 PM
    Yesterday was suppoed to be yoga day but getting home was quite the challenge! I left the office at 2:30 and didn't get home until 4:00 and it's usually a 30 minute commute! I have a cardio/st day today. Good news, thanks to you, I have a cardio plan, but not sure how to do the ST part yet as I have almost nothing at home! We will see, at least I am safe at home and watching the snow keep coming down!
    2666 days ago
    Okay, so bonus to you for feeling that "all or nothing" and then moving past it in order to get your cardio in! Plus, it sounds like you found something that will keep that excuse monster at bay when the snow buries you in! ;)
    2666 days ago
    um, you couldn't have PAID me to go out in this snow this morning to work out - or this afternoon when i got sent home early from work due to the snow (paid, btw!!). knowing what my car was doing meant i knew danger enough to stay in. good thing you did too! its nasty here in boston...the sidewalks aren't cleared so i'd have been in the road - nope! and the last time i drove to the gym and there was a storm two idiots boxed my car in and i was stuck in the parking lot for an hour! good job finding a video! i'm planning on boot camp tomorrow if its still nasty out there...and i'm seeing in the forecast that it will be - they're calling it "the one-two punch". its the worst winter since 1997 here...and 1978 before that...dear groundhog - please say spring is a'coming! (he never does though...stupid groundhog). ps, you're a rockstar!
    2667 days ago
    Holy Moses - I ended up doing this video:

    I did all five of the 10-minute segments in a row and by the end I was POURING sweat. I may try some of the other 10 Minute Solutions videos if I can't get out for runs this week. They seem to have quite a few on Netflix instant play that look interesting!

    This snow is threatening. It sounds like it's going to come through my doors and windows any second and the lights just flickered. Glad I skipped running tonight. Still busting my butt that I skipped running this morning when I could have though!
    2667 days ago
    Um, Jenn, you don't need to run in this stuff to get your cardio in. Just stand outside in this 60 MPH wind and try to stay upright!! LOL!!
    Tomorrow evening when the plows go through think about it then. I am heading to the indoor treadmill! :)
    2667 days ago
    I hear you I don't know who ordered all this snow but it was not me. I set a goal in January to make it to the gym three times a week and aside from the first week the snow has prevented it every week since. And that is including the two snowy days I went anyway and was alone in class with the teacher. We are supposed to have 20-24 inches tomorrow morning so yet another week when I will fail at making it to the gym for my Wed. routine. I'm so done with the snow till like December.
    2667 days ago
    First of all, that snow is SCARY out there. I'm glad your cute hiney is NOT out in that stuff, what did you call it, fluff? I'm sorry, but from my window the snow looks like little missiles propelled by the wind :) Be safe. First and foremost. You are NOT beat. I say go to the free Spark videos, do the 10 minute kickboxing one with Coach Nicole. You will feel better. Trust :) I love Leslie Sansone too, and on her website she has three free example videos - beginner, intermediate and advanced. In the advanced there is even running involved - yes, in your living room, but it is a good workout. Her website is and go to "try it" or something like that. I did that today, I wanted to run on the treadmill at work, but because of the snow the building closed early, and my gym was closed too, so I did 2 miles with Leslie and the Spark bootcamp video. Not as great as a run, but it will do :)
    2667 days ago
    I put the bike in the stand and use it as a stationary bike or do videos on Netflix. But today I wussed out, too. I just wasn't feeling good. And it's okay to let it slide once in a while - it just can't become a habit. You really shouldn't run tonight; it's just not safe. Try a SP video or a Netflix video instead.
    2667 days ago
    i've been walking my dog a few times...trying out workout videos on netflix... i usually do a few sessions a day because im starting to get so BORED!!

    2667 days ago
    I do Leslie Sansone Walk At Home videos!
    They are quite challenging - best to pick the intermediate ones - look on Amazon!
    Or at your local Target or Walmart.
    I did 5 miles of these today, calorie burn 350 or so...
    2667 days ago
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