Zombie Training Reboot- Day Two

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Pole dancing is hard, and it kind of hurts. My experience of pole dance teachers, and I've known three, is that they all have trouble with the concept that I might not be capable of some moves, even with lots of practice. My pet theory is that when you've been a beautiful women in this society all your life,* you develop an inflated sense of what is possible. Of the pole teachers I have, only one seems to have fully cognizent that I am a 200+ pound person and that is a lot to lift. I know with time I will develop arm strength, but I don't think it is rational to assume that I will develop anything like that anytime soon.

I'm working on the arm strength, which, as someone else pointed out, will come in handy for holding AK-47s when the Zombie Apocalypse comes.

No pole or yoga or anything tonight as I'm working late. I did an hour on the elliptical this morning, which was fine, though using the elliptical gives me a sense of mission creep as I'm not the ""Zombie Out-fitness-machine-r." But I'm told that using it for awhile will really help me get my strength built up for running. So that's good.

*And I'm attractive enough, just not the "Hey, look at her," type. Pole Dance teachers tend to be.
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    How goes the training?
    2686 days ago
    Pole dancing and synchronized swimming are two things that you don't think about needing a lot of strength for until you try them.

    Pole dancing can have a lot of other uses in the post-zombie world besides repeated lifting of guns, although that one is pretty clutch:
    1. Strength to climb and escape zombies;
    2. Ability to climb poles and escape zombies;
    3. Ability to swing around pole and kick zombie in head; and
    4. Arm strength to pick up and throw things.

    I commend your forward thinking!
    2692 days ago
    BTW, if you find you don't care for the elliptical much, you might try one of the Arc Trainer style of elliptical. They're a bit less "back n forth" and a bit more like a stair climber (but gentler on the knees). Also, a big plus, you don't have the machine ripping your arms out... I mean pulling your arms back and forth. I'm short, with short arms, so I really hated that part. The trainer's hand grips stay still.

    At any rate, it helps build your endurance for hill climbing, racing up the stairs one step ahead of the Horde, and does wonderful things for your glutes. Ya know, so that your bum looks great to all those flesh-eaters behind you!

    2692 days ago
    You didn't sit on your behind this morning. You got on the elliptical and did a whole hour. That is a win! Maybe not what you want, but way better than it could have been.
    2696 days ago
    Love your reasoning for building up arm strength. emoticon
    2696 days ago
    I clicked on this blog because of the title. I've often thought that making a Zombie Survival Training program would encourage a lot of folks like myself to beef up in a short amount of time while working all major muscle groups. Cardiovascular for endurance running; calves and quads for those all-important sprints; flexibility for jumping over flaming objects; and upper body strength for when you need to use a katana instead of a gun.

    But pole-dancing's cool too. :D
    2696 days ago
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