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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Well I have already fallen off the exercise wagon. I woke up with horrible chest congestion and a cough yesterday, which has of course developed into a sore throat today. Still super sore from Monday's workout too. So, needless to say, I talked myself OUT of going for my run yesterday morning. Last night we didn't get home until 9:30 and I still had dinner to make so we didn't do day 2 of P90X. I am trying to talk myself into doing it this afternoon, and then doing tonight's workout when we get home tonight. That may be too much, and I still am feeling quite shitty.

Now on to the living situation drama - We have been living with family since last July. A year ago I lost my job, was unable to find a new one that would work with my class schedule, so DH was nice enough to be the sole provider for a while. Financially, our bills got in the way of us staying on our own and we had to suck up our pride and moved in with my Aunt and Uncle. (Still paying rent though, so that sucks).

Well shit has really been going down in the house lately. My uncle is a recovering alcoholic, and has started drinking again. My Aunt left him earlier this month, and he tried turning things around and going to meetings again, and she eventually came back. Last night he got drunk again, so shit is falling apart again. She isn't sure whether or not she is going to leave or kick him out (that one gets my vote) or stay. Long story short, this is just like the drama and shit I grew up with and I am not going to stick around to deal with it. DH and I are moving the hell out, hopefully this week.

Our financial situation hasn't improved a lot, but it has gotten a little better. Credit cards are paid off and with our tax return this year we will be able to get the car paid off, so that is a lot more money that we will have each month. So hopefully we will be able to scrimp and save and be able to afford this place that we are moving into. I am excited to move, to have our own place again.

There is a downside though...
1. There is no dishwasher. I am not sure how to live without a dishwasher. I have nightmares about it.

2. It is still pretty far out of the way from where our work and friends are. It is out in the country a bit, and I am not looking forward to the school commute, and the work commute if I EVER FIND A DAMN JOB.

3. It is the bottom floor of a house. and the landlord lives above us. Potential for awkwardness. However, a friend of ours rents a shop on her property and has nothing but good things to say about her as a landlord, so hopefully it will work out.

4. Not sure if I will be able to get good internet out there. As a person who is taking 17 credits online right now for college, I need me some good internet!


6. You know that friend of ours who rents the shop on the property? Yeah, we kind of have a bit of history. As in, I may have had a bit of an affair with him. DH does not know this. I know, I know... I am a horrible person. Ugh.

So these are my concerns... but it isn't looking like we have much of an option right now.

On the bright side, each day we are one day closer to the weekend. My best friend is having a 1st birthday party for her son on Saturday, and Sunday is the superbowl. It should be a weekend of good times and glasses of wine. And I could really use that glass of wine...
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    Oh goodness darling, that's a LOT!!!!!

    Read this blog about the wagon:
    2634 days ago
    I meant to click on a friend's blog in the little scrolling list, but must have hit yours instead. Wow, girl! You definitely have a bit of drama there. I'd have to say, though, it sounds like this new living situation definitely has more perks than your current one. Not having a dishwasher sucks, I'll give you that, as I've been there, done that. BUT, look at the bright side...dishwashing by hand actually burns calories! That longer commute might not be so bad, either. I actually enjoy my commute every day, especially on the way home. It gives me time to unwind a little before I get there. As for the rest of your dilemna, well, that's something you and only you can chose how to deal with.

    Don't beat yourself up if you can't get your extra P90X workout in, though. Giving yourself time to get well is the important thing. That video is still going to be there in a few days.
    2635 days ago
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