January Wrap Up

Monday, January 31, 2011

I feel like I did pretty good in January, especially since I was unable to do cardio for most of the month. I have developed a nice strength routine that does not stress my ankle. Since I am working to raise my metabolism I can't expect to lose tons of weight, especially without getting any exercise. But I have been so much happier and feel so much more satisfied since I have stopped starving myself. So for the month of January: food/nutrition - good, exercise - decent (considering), motivation - good.

My list of goals for the final week in January:
1. Flylady - DONE
2. 5 Days Strength - DONE
3. Lose 1 Pound - no
4. 300 Fitness Minutes - DONE with over 530
5. Meditate 5 Days - no, only 3
6. Average 1464 calories - no, about 1530
7. Write 1 Hour - no
8. Bonus - new recipes - DONE using Alton Brown's cookbook and made some amazing Chicken Piccata as well as a recipe called "Ramen Radiator".

For the entire month I met my goals each week for:
- Flylady
- Strength
- Bonus Recipes

I did my weigh in this morning which wasn't as low as I might like but I am going to wait until tomorrow and see how that weigh in is and use the lower one.

I have new goals for February but that's another blog...
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