how do they pack that many calories into food????

Sunday, January 30, 2011

well--today has been a nice quiet day. after the turmoil of the last couple it's a welcome relief. 3 days of being terribly upset about soda meant i ate very little and what i did eat was pretty sloppy (frozen yogurt for lunch--yeah). so today i figured i had better max out my calories to keep my metabolism guessing. thanks to hacienda for coming to the rescue :-/. had the "larger calorie" breakfast option at panera and we decided on hacienda for lunch after we did our grocery shopping. we are trying to cut down on how much we eat out, but soda needs a lot of rest and quiet, and trying to eat in front of her doesn't work, so we went out.
i did my best to be careful--8 chips, water to drink, a dinner salad with very little dressing and a bean tostada. the salad was gargantuan, so i threw the croutons and 2/3 of the cheese and black olives off. enjoyed the greens and veggies and a little of the cheese. the tostada came also swimming in cheese, peeled half of it off and ate and enjoyed it.
when i went to track it i was flabbergasted. do they have some kind of calorie injector in the kitchen that just squirts calories into food? i knew the ranch dressing was high but 600 calories????? REALLY????? i am very VERY glad i was so careful about the amount. the tostada came in at something over 500--i couldn't believe it. how do you take a corn shell, 1/2 cup or so of refried beans, lettuce and tomato and cheese and end up with 500 plus calories. i grant you the cheese must be brought in on a flatbed trailer and dumped onto the helpless little entree but MAN. maybe refried beans is secret code for bean flavored crisco or something. i had to just sort of pare down the portion sizes to get a calorie count that (hopefully) reflected the salad with no croutons (i think they are deep fried bread for crying out loud--rob LOVES THEM) and almost no cheese and very little cheese remaining on the tostada. i think i figured it all about right, and thanks to the tracker i know exactly what kind of light, nourishing dinner to fix.
i cringe when i think about the fact that we used to sit there and eat 2 baskets of chips (900 or so calories per basket) without batting an eye. you could feed an entire village on the calories in some of the entrees.
over the last few years we have cut way back on our visits to this place--and will continue to limit our intake. its great for an occasional splurge, but thats about all.
in doggie news--soda is doing better--rest and quiet and a phone call to the vet tomorrow to discuss her drugs. hopefully we are climbing out of this hole.
kettle bells--did THIRTY reps of the two handed swing with 10 pound bells, and the rest with the 5 pound. will probably bump up to using the 10 pound bells for the one handed swings. the catch swing where you let the bell go in midair and catch it with the other hand is getting better. nothing went flying on friday. i did realize that i need to be conscious of HOW i catch it--i have to catch so the bell does not flip upside down in my hand or l kind of loose control of the movement. it is a SUPER core workout. still working on back hyperextension and the shoulder movement on the snatch swing--but its getting better.
sun came out late today--and the owls are singing in the woods at night. they nest this time of year, so i know when i hear them that spring is beginning to find its way out of the winter. can't wait!
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