A not so great Dr appt is leading to new hopes

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I always knew I had thyroid problems. Ever since I was a teen. Every blood test showed I was "borderline" hypothyroid. I had every symptom in the symptom book of hypo - hair loss, low labido, weight gain, dry skin and hair, moody, and a host of other things. Too many to list. Well, being " borderline" no Dr ever wanted to do anything about it. The past year or 2 things have gotten so much worse - I couldn't wake up when it was time, needed naps all day long and honestly I felt like death. So, finally after much research I decided to find another Dr. Someone would would LISTEN to my list of symptoms, give my all the blood tests I needed ( FT3 an FT4, along with the TSH and also vit D and a CBC and lipid panel. As I thought I was no longer "borderline". I had full blown hypothyroid. Not only that but diabetes and low vit D and low progesterone - all due to thyroid. I was mad. If they had treated me way back when things wouldn't have gotten as bad as they are. All I can do now is take my thyroid replacement pill, and work my rear off daily to lose weight and fix all this.

2 weeks on synthroid and my symptoms have improved but I know it will take a few adjustments of the synthroid to get the correct dosage and my levels corrected. Along with it I am taking 5000 iu's of vit D and a good multi.

I am walking 3 miles , 5 days a week.

To anyone who thinks they have hypo symptoms, listen to your body and find a Dr willing to hear you out and test you.
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  • ANNC16
    It pays to persevere!!

    I've had several tests for hypothyroid, diabetes and liver function. All have always come back fine, apart from one of the LFT tests recently showed my bilirubin level was a bit high, and the stored iron level was low (although Hb was fine). I was told to take ferrous sulphate to regulate the iron levels (feel somuch better for that), and the LFT was repeated 6 months later when the levels were back to normal. My cousin works in immunology and asked one of her colleagues about it,he asked if I'd been stressed lately (ummm, divorced, moved 120 miles away from my family, started 2 new jobs. Stressed??? You bet!), that was the cause of the elevated bilirubin levels, and why they went back down fairly easily. I must say that the doctor that I have up here now is great, takes what you say a lot more seriously. He's the one who diagnosed the iron problem, also gave me a blood glucose monitor to take my own readings for a week, and hormone tests.

    Makes a HUGE difference when you get someone you trust.
    2668 days ago
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