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Get hooked on feeling fit, not the number on the scale!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Continuing my review of the book 'The Female Body Breakthrough' by Rachel Cosgrove. Chapter One names her secrets to becoming a fit female.

Secret #5: Get hooked on feeling fit, not the number on the scale!

Per Rachel:
A fit female does not focus on the scale but instead focuses on how she looks in her clothes and how she feels.
Being fit is motivating, and the feeling is addicting. Forget the scale and experience this feeling instead. You have to get hooked on this feeling to be successful.
No sugary food or salty treat tastes as good as lean and sexy feels. It is like a high and it is addicting. Find the motivation within and feed off it every single day.

To 'scale' or not to 'scale' is a constant topic on SP. But, ladies (and gents), we all know that the number on the scale on weigh-in day can very well make or break your day, and even make or break your program. If you think of this rationally, it's absolutely crazy, and yes, irrational.

Who here hasn't had a day where you felt absolutely confident and fabulous just to step on the scale and have the number crush you?

Yes, we hear and read, don't let the scale get to you, but how on earth do you do this, if the scale is your sole focus? I think Rachel offers a way out of this thinking by suggesting you redirect your focus.

We can reach our goal weight and still have an undesirable percentage of body fat, because we neglected to build muscle along the way. Plus, keeping the weight off in this situation requires a lot more effort.

As I am working my new program, I'll be stepping away from the scale. The way it is set up, if I eat right and strength train, I won't need the scale to tell me how much damage my latest binge has done.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JULAA68
    With all the packing we've been doing, the scale has been out of sight/out of mind for the last month or two. and my clothing still fits, some even better than before...

    I agree with the other posters, the scale is just one of many tools to use in a healthy environment.
    2698 days ago
  • KKP4673
    I so very much agree with you, Kricket!! let's just move forward and get healthy without letting the scale control us! --I actually turn backwards when I weigh in at the doctor... The nurse supports my lack of wanting to see my weight with clothes on and in the middle of the day!

    Keep on!!
    2699 days ago
  • ANGIES1963
    i just had one of those days you mentioned where i felt like there was no way i didn't lose at least a few pounds. I stepped on that scale only to find it had not moved an ounce.
    Now, yes, its better then gaining, but I was devestated. For a few minutes anyway. Then I remembered how great I felt. How all my clothes are getting pretty loose. I guess I should just stay off the scale and use the way i feel as the measurement of success.

    2699 days ago
    I'm one of those on again off again kinda weighers. One week I may weigh each day, and the next I may weigh once weekly. I like the once weekly myself to be honest. It is habit that starts it for me day to day.
    2699 days ago
    I weigh in only once a week now instead of once a day. I don't need the scale to show me anything. My clothes will do that.
    Have a great Feb.
    2699 days ago
    I've been weighing a lot less, too, and I hope it is the right thing for me. I was going NUTS when I weighed too often, so I think it is. emoticon
    2699 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    Yup, it's just one tool, that scale. It can't tell us how well we are doing overall. That is the important thing. Are we doing the right things to make our bodies healthy and strong?

    2699 days ago
  • CMB2048
    I agree that there are other ways to measure success but for me I have to weigh in at least once per week. If I don't, I am just not as conscious of what I am putting in my mouth during the week.
    2699 days ago
  • DIMI1124
    GREAT!!! I WILL be starting my strength training!!!! I have weaned myself to 2x/week. LOL This week I will strive for 1. So much truth in your blog.
    2699 days ago
    What a great blog! I used to be a scale addict, so I finally just gave my scale away. Now I only get weighed and measured once a month at Curves. I am thinking of doing it twice a month, but definitely no more than that.
    2699 days ago
    I still use the scale, but it is only one of my ways to keep myself on track. I can generally explain the ups and the downs that I see so I don't let it control my mood. Loving the reviews!
    2699 days ago
  • BUNNIE1999
    Great idea. I put my scale up almost a month ago. Best thing ever!!! I had lost 5 inches last check but since then broke both elbows but been eating light. But I was amazed how good I felt without the constant scale staring at me. I will get it out once a month only and honestly if I only lose a small amount. Who cares because inches mean more to me

    Happy sparking
    2699 days ago
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