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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My biggest challenge this past week has been having episodes of eating emotionally. This is something that I really had stopped doing for a long, long time and it’s been very gradually sneaking back up on me. (….like “fog on little cat feet”) This past week I’ve eaten a ton of hard candy, one bag of the caramels I love as well as one entire bag of popcorn. I think the reason why this happened is because I need to slow down and not push myself as hard.

Other challenges this week have been not exercising as much as I used to. Ever since the light changed, I’ve had a more difficult time getting enough exercise in. I’ve noticed that one of my barriers to getting my exercise in is that sometimes I stay at work so late, I choose to get ready for bed sooner rather than squeezing in some exercise and then going to bed later than what is ideal for me.

This past week I experimented eating dinner at work before coming home to see if that would save me time once I got home. It did. I don’t think I have it quite down yet, though. The thermos for the soup I brought didn’t keep it warm. On the other day I tried eating dinner at work before driving home, I ate dinner at breakfast, lunch at lunch and breakfast at dinner. It felt kinda weird, but everything was very tasty. I’m getting tired of always eating while I’m doing something else, though-----a habit that would be very difficult for me to break.

Other signs of progress are: I’m gradually getting more sleep. I’m making it a priority, even before exercise. Rather than starting out with trying to get a full eight hours, I’m striving for seven hours which is much more realistic for now.

I’ve also been transitioning to becoming vegan. Sometimes I feel very tired and am not sure if it’s due to lack of protein? It’s something I’ll need to pay attention to and figure out.

My goal for the coming week is to clean and fix up my messy room. I have this room all to myself and have not yet totally fixed it up---even after living in this house for three years now! So, I’m coming out of the closet, coming clean, facing up to this messy room I’ve been neglecting. I did paint it, but that’s about it.

Here are some photos along with my plans. Below each photo you can see what I’ll be doing for each number in the photo. Next weekend I hope to have completed all of these tasks and will post photos of my brand new, beautiful room!


1.Clear Off and Dust Shelves
2.Put away everything on this ledge. (Including placing books onto shelves!)
3.Put books on floor onto shelves. Put everything else away or throw away.
4.Clear off this table. (This is the table I use as a desk.)
5.Clear off the couch. (Has a box with an old t-shirt, papers strewn about, a ladder for rats to climb, etc.)
6.Hang pictures on this wall. (I have some in mind and just need to order prints and frame them.)

1.Put away water bottles.
2.Clear off ledge.
3.Hang photos on this wall.
4.Find a better place to keep dirty rat laundry.
5.Clear off ledge
6.Clear off file cabinet top
7.Put away/throw away anything on floor.
8.Remove barriers from bottom of couch. Find another way to keep rats from crawling under.
9.Clear off bathroom counter top
10.Hang a picture here.
11.Take clock into repair shop and see if it can be made to function as a real clock.
12.Clear off window ledge
13.Remove bags from door handles
14.Put cat carrier into garage. (Since I’m not currently using it, might as well store it.)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It always seem so efficient to eat while doing something else. I always used to feel that eating was necessary but a bad use of my time. I've come to realize one of the best all around things I can do for myself is to be mindful while I'm eating. I now try to really focus my full attention on what I'm eating, all aspects of the experience. I find that I feel much more satisfied both physically (not as hungry) and spiritually when I'm done. However, even now, multi tasking sometimes gets in the way. Thanks for sharing.
    3515 days ago
    I love the pictures with the numbers!

    Are you tracking calories? I'm eating vegetarian and I definitely have been getting creative and trying new things to meet the protein or else its just not feasible, protein is such an important nutrient for our bodies!
    3517 days ago
    I love the Carl Sandburg quote, Jasmine!
    It does sound like you're feeding your stress with the candies. That happens to all of us, one time or another. Maybe they need to go into the trash or given away to someone else? Sometimes when I have something tempting around the house, I'll put it in the freezer! If I really want (need) that goodie, I have to wait until it thaws out! emoticon
    When you're working full time and long hours, it's HARD to get exercise in. Yet the exercise helps balance your emotions and energy, but it's hard to fit in. Sigh. The Spark Guy commits to doing 10 minutes a day...maybe that's a goal you could succeed with? Then add minutes as time permits? Just a thought.
    I'm concerned about your eating your dinner at WORK. I don't envision the workplace as a soothing place to enjoy and savor a meal. Are crockpot recipes a possibility for you? Would you have a way to prepare your dinner meals one day of the week and freeze them until they're needed? Again, just ruminations about how you can have a good dinner experience without the stressful atmosphere of work.
    emoticon on your sleep strategy!
    Great idea to include pictures and a battle plan for making your room YOU-friendly! Take a step at a time and maybe reward yourself for each successful task!

    Bottom line: you're doing GREAT! You're think through challenges, being flexible and thinking outside the box for solutions that will work for YOU, and being transparent about what is not going so well. MOJO is right! You are Wonder Woman! emoticon
    3520 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/30/2011 7:07:09 PM
  • no profile photo CD6192608
    I agree with everyone else - you are moving in the right direction and just focus on the small steps. They will add up and before you know it, you will have made even more progress.

    As for the feeling tired, it could be from not eating enough protein or getting enough iron or B12...especially if you are trying to transition to being vegan. I know that is something I try to keep an eye on as well.

    Love the photos and the goals!
    emoticon emoticon
    3520 days ago
    You are going in the right direction, just keep making small changes at a time.
    You can and will get back on track..
    How do you eat an elephant?
    One bite at a time.
    that's what hubby tells me.
    Hubby eats Raw not salted sunflower seeds throughout the day to get his protein and fiber in, however, they are high in fat he also eats 2 tablespoons flax oil in 4 tablespoons for Nancys nonfat plain yogurt/flavored with cocoa (blended very very well, and he puts his yogurt on top of 2 tablespoons ground flaxseeds.
    Just thought I would throw that out at ya maybe something you could add into your day.

    3520 days ago
    So many things that we need to do everyday. When you write it all downs it is kind of overwhelming but doing it in small chunks seems to help. You are doing awesome!!
    3520 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5195119
    sounds like you've got a lot going on right now! Try making one change at a time....if I do more than one or 2 changes all at once I get so overwhelmed! I know you can do it!! Make sure you focus on your well-being above all! ~hugs~
    3520 days ago
    I too am happy to hear you are making sleep a priority. I am really trying as well. I do not want to take sleep aids so really having to tweak my days to be ready for sleep at end of the day. I know you will feel awesome once you have accomplished all of the above. do not stress yourself out though!!!
    3520 days ago
    it's hard to juggle so many things at once! work, eat, work out, sleep, pets, relationships, and shorter days ta-boot, who has time? i like that you are making sleep your priority, once you work that in and get your eating moderated the way you want then you can add more exercise, every now and then we have to evaluate and start fresh, this can be a time of regeneration for you...plus u will burn some cals getting your room all set up! how exciting! a little nook to call your own :D sending much love & positivity to you wonder woman, keep on truckin, you are amaaaaazing! xoxo!
    3521 days ago
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