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2011 The year to go EXTREME

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Well I took a little rest during the first weeks of January, just to see what workouts i wanted to do this year and finally my hubby push me to the extreme, so here i was the last week of this month and taken a leap of faith on what my body could here I program will be

Chalean Extreme (DONE) emoticon emoticon
Zumba (just to like recharge)
Turbo Fire

this year i will take my body where it's never been before.
Wish me Luck and I'll keep u updated


Started this week and let me tell you it's super hard...with some of the workouts this week i thought i was going to pass out but i pushed myself and made it...I ordered some resistance bands just to increase my resistance...they are supposed to come this i'll see.

Week 2 of this phase is done...i don't see any weight loss yet but i just have to be patience and keep pushing...i will take a look at my diet....maybe i'm overeating the good thing is that i see my body with a bit more definition and not shaking too much emoticon and i feel that i have a bit more energy to keep up with Chalean....


Well today i started this phase of the program...looks way intense but it's good i can do it.
I finished my first week of Push phase...i feel really good about it and i know that i can push my self a bit harder next week and go Chalene says...I love her.

Week 3 done for this phase....not too much weight loss but body it's still changing i met my biceps for the first time and i can see some obliques saying hello to me (they are shy still but want to come out...LOL)

Week 4 done!!!!!! what a month but i feel good that i achieve so much in so little body fat is down from 20mm to 12mm measured with the caliper and i felt so body looks way more toned up and i feel like i can accomplished so much more with my body. Tomorrow last phase the LEAN phase and when finished i can published my final measurements...LOL


Week 4 done of the Lean Phase....I complete the program and now i feel more energized and getting the shape I deserve.....this was a very hard phase a lot of core work and arm and shoulders but it was totally worth here are my final measurements

Weight: 162 lbs (not that much of weight lost but i know that i have less fat
and more muscle)
Chest: 35 inches
Waist: 28.5 inches
hips: 38.75 inches
body fat : 10mm
so in total i lost 6 inches overall and i lots 12mm of body fat....getting the work done.
emoticon emoticon emoticon


Now this month I'll take it a bit easier with ZUMBA.
On my second week of this program and i love it...who would have thought that i could move and that by dancing i would be sweating like a maniac...good workout so far.
So I finished this month's workout....was really fun and got me sore a couple of times...

Weight: 165 lbs
Chest: 35 inches
Waist: 28.5 inches
hips: 38.5 inches
body fat : 10mm

Gained some weight at the end of the program...still i have some work to do on the emotional eating department....but i don't get discourage...i will conquer this battle.

INSANITY (start 05/16/11)

I took the fit test and well i have to say that there is a lot of room for improvement....this is a very hardcore program but i know i will make it to the end of the 60 days
Fit test day 1 results
Switch Kicks - 54
Power Jacks - 47
Power Knees - 87
Power Jumps - 32
Globe jumps - 9
Suicide Jumps - 10
Push up Jacks - 14
Low plank obliques - 39

So it's been 2 weeks since i started the seems that my weight doesn't want go down, but i guess i have to pay more attention to what i'm eating...that i can say this program it's making me really are my results for my second fit test...there is improvement in that area...i'm getting strong and faster
Switch Kicks - 54-58
Power Jacks - 47-52
Power Knees - 87-93
Power Jumps - 32-42
Globe jumps - 9-9
Suicide Jumps - 10-15
Push up Jacks - 14-22
Low plank obliques - 39-41

Month 1 it's done and I could really see more definition on my body; my belly it's getting way more smaller and now i can really use thight clothes and look GOOD!!!! how awesome it's that...this month was really hard but it was so worth the time to actually do it...even at the times that i really didn't want to push play i forced my self to do that's an improvement

OK so I'm mid way on month 2, my weight still doesn't want to go down but I'm not gaining any so that's good, but i see changes on my stomach is getting flatter and now I'm size 6!!!!isn't that INSANE!!! so when i started my whole weight loss journey i was size 20 and now 6 it's are my results for the 3rd fit test
Switch Kicks - 54-58-68
Power Jacks - 47-52-54
Power Knees - 87-93-94
Power Jumps - 32-42-46
Globe jumps - 9-9-11
Suicide Jumps - 10-15-16
Push up Jacks - 14-22-0.
Low plank obliques - 39-41-30

Insanity is done, and I love what i had accomplished, got my T-shirt and I'm rocking feels so great to accomplish something i thought i could not do.
Up next will be TURBOFIRE....get my body hot for an upcoming weeding

TURBOFIRE (Start 8/1/2011)

Well started turbo Jam, it's a very fast paced program and I love it, it makes me sweat to no end and i feel that my metabolism is like in high speed. A month into the program and not weight loss I think I have to watch more closely what I eat.
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    AWESOME workouts!! emoticon emoticon
    2943 days ago
  • MRSBERG135
    Way to go! Sounsd great!!
    2968 days ago
    Sounds awesome...I am a huge Tae Bo fan and Billy Blanks Cardio Inferno is pretty awesome too, and do I ever wish I had Zumba and P90X. I am going to start with The Firm tomorrow, and of course Torture Chambers weekly mini challenge.
    2971 days ago
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