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W5D3 (I DID IT!!!)

Friday, January 28, 2011

The dreaded 20 minute run. The impossible day without any walking intervals. The day I have dreaded and allowed to throw me out of whack for two weeks. Today was that day. I had a long talk with my sister (she introduced me to C25K) about this dreaded day and through her encouragement (which came in the form of "you're not going to die so you better try") and that of my many Spark Friends I woke up with somewhat of a confident nature today. I was still intimidated but I finally realized "so what if I don't make it, I have to at least try or I really will be a failure" so I decided I was going to run as far as I could and accept my fate.

After my normal warmup I headed out. This was one of those days when I love living in Austin. It was beautiful with crystal clear skies, slight breeze (which was nice to keep me cooled down), and already heading up to the high of 73 today. I had on my running pants and a t-shirt no jacket needed today. It was the perfect day to tackle my fears. While I took each step toward the end of my warm up walk I thought about all the times in my life when I had faced difficulty. All the fights I had and never gave up. Puke I had just quit smoking after 23 years what's a 20 minute run compared to that?

The timer dinged and off I went. Nice steady pace, focus on my form, nice steady breathing just like any other run. First I hit the spot where I would have needed to stop and walk during week 2. Then the spot when I was in week 3. I just kept going thinking of all the times I had needed to walk in the past. Finally I reached the point where I had stopped on Wednesday at the end of my first 8 minute run. I ran right past it, then past the point where I had started my second 8 minute run, past the point that I normally finished and started my cool down walk. It was at this point that I looked at my timer and saw I had 4 minutes left! Four minutes that's it!! I was so amazed that I almost started crying. But no I couldn't stop yet I had four minutes left. I ran past my street and kept going finishing up further than ever before.

As the timer dinged to tell me it was time to cool down I felt my legs were jelly beneath me. I had done it I had run 20 minutes and probably could have kept going. I had feared this day for nothing. I was ready and all I had to do was believe in myself. These last 5 weeks have been like an amazing climb and now it just seems like it's all downhill from here. I was able to run 20 minutes straight. Week 6 has more intervals. Not a problem. Day 3 is a 25 minute run. What's 25 minutes just 5 more than today. I have got this and I am a RUNNER!! emoticon
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