Emotional Eating and a Few Praises on my journey! PICS too!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just some FYI for you:

”Food Addiction” is a term used to describe a physical and emotional addiction to certain food substances, usually process sugar, flour, caffeine, sometimes fats, and wheat.

“Emotional Eating” is used to label the condition of using food to manage feelings.

While all food addicts are emotional eaters, not all emotional eaters are food addicts. In other words, it is possible to emotionally eat without being physically addicted to food.

It is also important to note that not all food addicts and emotional eaters are overweight. There are many forms of both. A person can be addicted to food yet abstain from eating. It’s not how much or little a person eats, it’s what the food does to the person that matters. Some emotional eaters and food addicts feel powerful by not eating. When they do eat they feel out of control.

Just a little personal stuff about my journey.

In July 2010 I started my new eating plan from the book Why Can’t I Stop Eating book by Debbie Danowski Ph. D

I cruised along free from cravings and lost lots of inches and lots of pounds. I felt amazing and I just soared above the pull of food.

I had a normal stress load… that we all deal with but around October/Nov it started to worsen. We have had major financial strains and I can definitely tell you they have been the worse my husband and I have ever experienced in our 22 yrs of marriage.

Of course when you are stressed financially then it spills into all areas of your life I think.

As many of you know we had also not been having much contact with our oldest son and his family. Some days he would text me back and other days he would ignore me. His son was growing up and I was missing it. He is 18 mos. old now.
I finally gave it completely over to God instead of whining to my sisters or my mom. My husband had shut me down about the subject long ago and told me to move on. How does a mom ‘move on’? MEN! LOL They are definitely wired differently!

My husband seriously didn’t even act like he cared. (mind you this is his firstborn from a previous marriage and my stepson) I had raised him from the age of 2 ½ and he calls me mom. He lived with us all the time and never visited his birth mom. She walked out when he was 14 mos. and never looked back. My son wrote her letters at 12 yrs of age and off and on thru age 16 but she hardly responded. He has chased her since he was 18 and around July 10 she moved to our area. She was lucky enough to just walk back into his life in an easy way. I am glad he has forgiven her for HIS sake. He left me and my husband and our family all by the wayside though.

We had our first Christmas get together without him this last yr. It was sad!

Anyhow…I had computer problems recently and if you guys are like me you know how aggravating that can be but you see THIS IS WHERE GOD shows himself!

I texted my son asking him for help and he RESPONDED and tried to help me. (He is smart with computers).

From there I just kept inviting him to dinner every single day… and finally he accepted.
THEY came out and opened their Christmas presents 2 wks ago and then they came back last week too! THEY stayed 4 hours last week! THANK YOU GOD!!!
Picture just taken the other day when they came out!

THAT ABOVE IS MY FIRST PRAISE I wanted to share with you guys!

HERE is the 2nd praise:

WE had some land we put up for sale in December trying to lighten the financial stress load. God found us a buyer already and we closed last Friday. We live in the country and are not neighborhood kind of people. We like our private country life.

This new neighbor will be ACROSS the field quite a distance but still our closest neighbor. It is a young man whom we already know and like! THANK YOU GOD for the quick sale and the wonderful choice of buyers.

Our 19 yr old (very very mature) wanted to buy 20 acres from us too so we owner financed to him. He is in college fulltime (on a full scholarship), works part time and has money saved up in the bank. He loves this farm and wanted to own part of it. So now we have a regular payment coming in each month too. (Don’t worry.. it is not stressing him and he actually already paid 2500 down and 3000 ahead in payments). He is so good with money he has made since he was 14. He will be a good ‘catch’ for the girls LOL (but he is very picky about girls).

SO PRAISE GOD 2 major prayers answered and stress is getting lighter!

I TOLD you all of this because I wanted to share what God is doing in our lives.

I also told you to say that because I started struggling with my eating when I got off track around Thanksgiving… I found that being fully out of control by mid December thru January… showed me another facet of my eating issues!



FOR the first time in years I was able to identify what I was feeling. I am a WORK IN PROGRESS! LOL Before July I spent so much time and energy eating or logging food, or trying to fit in all the calories I could muster on my prior eating plans that I wasn’t aware of my emotions.

My opening information under ‘JUST some FYI for you” was taken from “THE EMOTIONAL EATER’S BOOK of INSPIRATION” 90 Truths You Need To Know To Overcome Your Food Addiction
By Debbie Danowski Ph.D

She encourages readers to get a journal and write down feelings as they ready her book for the next 3 mos.

Hugs to each of you!

I am here for you!

Wgt. Last Monday Jan. 17th (when I got back on eating plan) 180.5
Wgt. This morning Jan 26th was 176.2 (still waiting on that “monthly gift” to arrive LOL)
Here is my from last yr to this yr. a difference of about 30 lbs in these pictures.
This was taken last week when I was up to 180 here instead of my low of 169.
I see it in my face for sure the 11 lb. weight gain.
BUT I will get it back off SOON~!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This is an awesome post---I think journaling our feelings can be quite therapeutic---I need to get motivated on that one! SO thrilled you are seeing answers to prayers. We serve an amazing God--even through the trials and times of what seems to be "silence"--He is always got our best interests at heart :0). Have a great day!
    3149 days ago
  • SPARKIE1964
    You've had your share of stress & disappointment my friend. Happy to see that all is working out for you. You are an incredibly kind & giving person. Now, take some time to take care of you! Looks like we're both on the same path. Happy to share the journey with you! I truly appreciate all your encouragement along the way!
    3156 days ago
    I know you can take the weight you have gained off again. Especially since you see and understand the dynamics of why you gained it.

    I think you are doing great in how you are handling it with your son. In situations like that it doesn't pay to confront, but just keep reaching out. And, as you see he starts reaching back. There are a lot of issues he has/or had to work through in his mind about his mother, and to do that he distanced. But, he will never forget how you and your husband treated him. And, someday he will come to full realization of how his birth mother did him, and though he may maintain contact he will realize 'balance' and will fully appreciate you. This is just a growth process that children go through in these circumstances. In the end you will be fully blessed for your past and present treatment of him. I know you are being patient in this, cause your behavior shows your patience, even though it is difficult.

    3156 days ago
    You have a very handsome son, and are so fortunate to have a college son that is on the right track and not a worry. I have two sons, but neither one of them has a dime in the bank. My youngest makes as much money a week, as I do a month, driving 18 wheeler. But he turns it all over to his wife, who likes to spend spend spend. My 31 year old (first born) makes a little more money than me, has a good secure job, lives with parents of his best friend, for almost no rent, and has $5K in credit card debt, no savings, and likes to spend spend spend. Do I see a pattern here? God is so good, I just wish my boys believed in Him. God has pulled me out of more jams in my almost 64 (next month) years, and I only came to know Him as Christ when I was 40! Now if he will just fix my car so I don't have to walk to work and back in the icy cold. LOL You have a marvelous week ahead and enjoy your benefits! Hugs, B
    3156 days ago
    Wow!! God is good!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is really inspiring.
    My hubby and I are also feeling the economy. His business is not going well at all. We were broke when we first got married and now it seems that it is coming to that again. He is feeling helpless.
    I turned it over to God and am just waiting..sometimes not so quietly.. on Him. I know it will happen in His time... waiting sucks though!!
    Glad your prayers were answered and that things are coming around, in all areas of your life.
    I have no doubt you will take off those added lbs quickly.

    3157 days ago
    Sherlyn, Hello!! God has spoken to us through you. I jumped to my blog today to see if anyone had commented. Then jumped to read your blog. I was so impressed with your life. I wanted to tell you so logged on and the eagle soaring really gave me a lift! How wonderful for you to be able to write about all you have been through. I know from experience that waiting for prayer to be answered when it is about someone as prescious as a child can be so heart wrenching. I love your tenacity with your husband as everyone deals with it in their own way. You will bless everyone in your family as you are the glue to hold everyone together. They are all so lucky to have your optimism and quiet non demanding love which can only come from your obvious faith. Building a life with a family after being hurt will take time but it is so worth it as you are finally seeing. I send love and blessings to your beautiful family. How wonderful this life is when there are people like you to keep it real. God continue to bless you abundantly and God's everlasting peace to you and to your loved ones. From, mcgee emoticon
    3161 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    It is well worth reading Roger Gould, M.D.'s "Shrink Yourself" on how to deal with emotional eating. He has a web site and we have a Spark Team here for support. I go the book at the library.
    3163 days ago
    What a terrific story - I fell off during the same period due to pain/back issues mainly - and am back to knocking it down the weight again.
    3168 days ago
    I have no doubt that you can and will do it, Sherlyn. So happy about your blessings. Your family is adorable and I'm sure your heart is so full of joy! Praise God and YOU. By sparking, you were actually getting your head right and it was calming you to be able to handle what was happening. I have used this took, also, to deal with stress in my own life. Now you are able to fight back because you have the necessary tools.
    I fell off my own wagon around the same time. It happens! The difference is now you are ready to do battle and battle you will! You GOT it and things will fall in place again. Life is a roller coaster and you are enjoying the ride come what may. Good for you!
    Let's rawwwwwk the rest of this month and think Spring and Summer!! XO
    Missed you!
    3173 days ago
  • no profile photo ELIZRN
    Loved your blog & especially what has happened in your life. You are like "Mother Earth" & have received from your Higher Power because you kept moving forward. When the going gets tough, those who work the Earth get going. Good work! emoticon
    3177 days ago
    Yay! I love the photos! Thank you for a great blog! I love how positive you are!
    3179 days ago
  • no profile photo PAMINHALF
    Wow - way to give up control and see how God made things fall into place. Thank you for sharing.
    3179 days ago
    God does answer prayers! It may not be on your time, but it is on His time and He knows whats best. I'm so happy for you and your family! Keep up the good work!
    3180 days ago
    God is so wonderful!
    3180 days ago
    Praise the Lord for answered prayers!
    3180 days ago
    Sherlyn- You continue to amaze me! What an incredible faithful encouraging person you are! Many praises for those ANSWERED PRAYERS! You shared! WOW! God is good!!! :)

    Thanks for sharing those thoughts about emotional eating vs. food addiction-- I may have to check out that book!! Although I've been very happy for the most part with my eating plan, I am considering challenging myself to cut back on my sugar/sweets consumption and work on self-discipline and control, to break that addiction. Even though I don't go OVERBOARD anymore like I used to, sweets are still a "comfort" for me, and I am very much addicted, I am sure!!

    Keep on being amazing, friend-- Thanks for all you share here!!
    3180 days ago
    You look amazing!
    3181 days ago
    Thanks for sharing Sheryln. You definitely have had a tough time. So glad that things are working out for you.
    God Bless!
    3182 days ago
  • LDY_ALI_79
    Wow thanks for sharing your story! I know it's hard on a parent when your child doesn't frequently check in. My mom is the same as you.

    My sister and I are about to read this book called "Made to Crave". Have you heard of this book? My sister heard it on a chrisitan radio station.
    3183 days ago
    You are incredible! Sherlyn we haven't been able to catch up with each other in a while, but I have to tell you this bloggg did some serious catching up. Thank you for sharing. The Lord is watching over you and taking care of you allll well. Very well. How wonderful this is! Missing you HEAPS!

    My Love Always,
    ~Diane~ emoticon
    3185 days ago
    wow! Wonderful God!
    3186 days ago
    I can identify with some of the stressors that you've shared. BTW, I suspect your husband did care, but men handle things differently from women, and a man's reaction is probably to move ahead. I've learned that in trying to understand my Dad's grieving over Mom's death. Anyway, you are a great self-analyst and are far past me in analyzing your eating habits. I'm working on it but have a long way to go. But even recognizing there is a problem is a start. Thanks for all the great information you've been sharing and for baring your soul. So thankful for the way the Lord is working for you. God bless.
    3187 days ago
    I'm so happy for you! Everything falls into place when you put all your trust and faith in God. We run into problems only when WE try to solve our own problems with our limited knowledge of the big picture. God is great!!

    Sounds like you've got the perfect state of mind and am already reaping the benefits. You look great, and that dip in the road will soon be a distant memory as you keep on going straight to your goal. I'm here cheering you on. emoticon
    3187 days ago
    Wonderful blog and I'm so happy for how God is working in your life!

    BTW, when my 15-year-old daughter grows up I'd like to introduce her to your son!!! LOL Too bad the days of arranged marriages are over!
    3187 days ago
    I'm happy for you about seeing your son. He just had/has to work this stuff out in his mind.

    I fully understand about the 'feelings' really surfacing after you stop totally focusing on everything to do with food, and just eat 'clean'.


    3187 days ago
    Awesome - Praise God! Thanks for sharing. I have also been following your information about Food Addiction and looking into following the Food Plan. Can I ask what cold cereals you have found that follow the plan?
    3187 days ago
    So happy that your son decided to pay you a visit. Sometimes it just takes time and patience, something most of us don't have a lot of, but God insists upon for blessings to appear. emoticon
    3187 days ago
  • EBONY852004
    Thank you so much God is always on time.. I totally had an emotional day yesterday and binged a little. But, your praise report reminds me that GOd is working all the time. He never gives up on us and prayers are answered and His Glory is magnified...

    Thank you so much I really need to read this.... I will look into that book....

    emoticon Praise God and God bless you...
    3187 days ago
    Happy for you..... :)
    3187 days ago
    I always try to remind myself how that God's timetable is not ours; praise God for His goodness!
    3187 days ago
    You are definitely getting answered prayer and being blessed! emoticon
    3187 days ago
    Holy smokes! That was a great blog.

    You are simply amazing.

    3187 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Sherlyn what GOD does is so WONDERFUL!! I'm **smiling** reading about your son.
    GOD does NOT tare apart families..HE HEALS them..BRINGS them TOGETHER!!
    WOW..Your picture is just so inspiring,your hard work amazes me.
    I wish you the best..GOD Bless~Christina

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    3187 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/27/2011 10:56:29 AM
  • no profile photo GWENAEL
    I'm so so happy for you! You are doing a great job! You kill be kissing those unwanted pounds good-bye in no time! Lovely pictures!
    3187 days ago
    I want to thank you for taking the time to share your life and all the information about food addiction/emotional eating. I've been struggling with these issues for many years, and your blogs give me hope!
    I'm so happy for you that things are turning for the better in your life!! I hope you know how strong you are and that your recent life struggles have only served to make you stronger...because you CHOSE to use them that way!!!!!!
    Also, you look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3187 days ago
    I'm so glad things are looking up for you! You grandbabies are beautiful:) and so are you!
    3187 days ago
    This is the first blog I read this morning and it was wonderful! I needed to read something of this sort; thank you for posting.
    3187 days ago
    God is so good! I am catching up on your blogs and I love reading the praises! He is so faithful.
    3187 days ago
    The Lord is loving and caring and will take care of his children. Sometimes you just have to let him give direction and be a follower.
    Glad things are looking up for your family. Sandy
    3187 days ago
    What a heavenly gift your computer woes gave you to be able to reconnect you to your son. I also bet that it was a gift for him to be able to help you in this way with his special expertise. Very much a win-win situation.

    I'm sure that you will be able to bring your weight down again soon.

    Hugs and cheers to you for your journey forward. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3187 days ago
    So happy to hear you've been, with much effort, THERE for your son. He's been through so much in his life, and yet you've been there for him. I'm sure he's very, very grateful, whether he tells you or not. Thanks for the beautiful pictures!
    3187 days ago
  • SPARKIE1964
    You have much to be grateful for...Embrace this moment...this feeling that you CAN & ARE doing it! Way to go sista...
    3187 days ago
    I'm so happy for you that your financial stresses are easing some. I certainly know what it's like -- after my divorce I had to file personal bankruptcy and had, literally, NOTHING. Starting over from scratch in your 40's isn't fun. :) So I know the stress that finances can put on you and how they wreak havoc with your mindset. I'm sure we all struggle with that one from time to time.

    And wonderful news about your son, too! Your grandson is absolutely beautiful! I think you still look terrific in your most recent picture...night and day from last year. :-)
    3187 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/26/2011 11:30:45 PM
    I'm glad to hear God is blessing you in many ways! Good work on dealing with food addiction and with resurfacing emotions! You are very brave and inspiring! You look beautiful in your picture!!
    3187 days ago
    I love how you share your life with us. I need to blog but have just been so bogged down with "stuff". I will try and get to that in the next week. It in itself is so therapeutic. Thank you so much for your unselfishness. I am so glad for you and your son.

    Anna emoticon
    3187 days ago
  • DONNA0256
    That's wonderful news! God is so good when we let go and let Him work His miracles!

    Great job getting back on plan and your blogs are very imformative.
    emoticon emoticon
    3188 days ago
  • CAROLYN1213
    You got this girl. You know the road to where you're going!
    3188 days ago
    It's ALLLLL good baybee!
    3188 days ago
    emoticon you are an incredibly strong woman!! emoticon
    3188 days ago
  • DANGEL117
    3188 days ago
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