5-Day, 5-Food, Fast Forward

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I have had a crazy busy month at work and haven't been here at Spark much, Plus I have a true confession..they always say that is good for the soul !!!!

I have been doing really good on the weight loss end of things! I finished the "5-day 5-food Fast Forward" (five day cleanse plan in the book "Cinch" By Cynthia Sass), ...and guess what I finally fast forwarded my weight right back to my pre-Christmas weight, and therefore do not have to change my tickler...True Confession time!!! I had gained 7 pounds between Christmas, going out of town for 5 days, My birthday ...yeah...let's see what other excuse I can put in there?!?!?

Anyhoooo...Fast forward actually was my after loosing 7 pounds I am now back about 6 weeks in this weight loss journey...I really did not think eating just 5 foods for 5 days was that bad...until last night...Then the Chocolate craving's kicked in... I went to bed, without my chocolate...after all I had been without it for 5 days already! Today it is back to Flat Belly Diet plan (which I can have dark chocolate on)!! I had to get a handle on my snacking and craving bad foods so I could get back on this plan and stick with it!
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