I broke down and stepped up on the scale

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I haven't weighed myself in years. I KNEW I gained too much weight when my clothes stopped fitting me, and I had to buy new ones. I didn't get rid of my entire wardrobe; everything is packed and in storage right now.

I vowed I would not get on the scale because the number just didn't matter. My goal was to get back into my clothes in storage. Well, today I was getting ready to ship a package and in order to estimate the cost, I needed to know how much it weighed. I only have a digital scale that counts weight, body fat, etc. so in order to actually weigh the item, I had to get on the scale without, then with, the item and find the difference. It was HEARTBREAKING. emoticon I have run nearly 70 miles this month, have tried eating better (I did great the first couple weeks, but KIND OF fell off the wagon lately - but not bad), and I've been drinking more water than before. Oh, and I'm also lifting weights too. SO, with all that I thought I would have been down about 8 pounds from where I am right now. I'm so sad.

I'm 138.

I'm short and very tiny-framed. I should weigh about 112-120.

I think that it was a good thing that I stepped on the scale though. I think it was kind of like a slap of reality right in the face! I am typing this as I sit on the couch (I already ran my 5 miles today) with my PLAIN water next to me. I am going to set NEW goals for myself.

From now on, I am going to drink at least 72 ounces of PLAIN WATER. Also, since night time eating is sabotaging my weight-loss, I will be going to bed around 8:30 instead of 11:30.

I vow to lose 20 pounds before I leave for my half marathon in Ft. Myers on 3/6/11.

MY VERY OWN TWENTY POUND CHALLENGE!!! (I'll be happy with 15, but I think if I stick to my plan, I can do 20. That's five weeks to lose 20 pounds - 4 pounds a week.

I need a 14,000 calorie deficit each week. How do I do that? Well, that's impossible considering I need 1568 calories per day to maintain my weigh, which is 10,977 calories the entire week. So, in order to do that I would have to not eat all week AND burn 431 calories per day for 7 days....NO WAY!!

I did watch Dr. Oz yesterday though. Did you read about the guy who says to do squats after you eat, pig out once a week, and take a cold bath for 10 minutes 3 times a week in order to lose weight?

Oh please help me Jesus!
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    Nikki - I am sorry to say that I fell off sparkpeople shortly after I posted this and thus, never saw your response. I wish I would have. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me. I am back up in weight a little (not at 138 though), but I am getting married in July and need to cut out about 10-15 pounds of weight. I will check into the Belly fat diet, but I also have learned so much over the last couple years about weight loss, water retention, fat loss, and muscle! I feel I am much more equipped this time around. Wish me luck (if you're still on sp)!

    Thank you again!!
    1965 days ago
    Hey girl -- Please, please please do not beat yourself up about this. We've all been through it and it's just awful! ARG.

    First of all, are you sure none of this is water retention? I know that messes me up a lot and I always eat cucumbers and that helps.

    Second, have you been getting rest? I know you realize that stress and lack of sleep can make you gain weight/retain water.

    I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't already know but I just wanted to make some suggestions.

    20 pounds in the few weeks? Oh gees -- hmmm. One thing I will recommend though if you're bound and determined to do this is the Belly Fat Diet. Someone on here recommended it. It's not Atkins, etc., but you do track carbs and sugars and can lose 10 pounds in a week. I have the books and, again, except for not eating much fruit, the diet looks fairly "normal."

    Please do tell what you do -- and if I can help you! Love, Nikki
    3035 days ago
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