My 'Fit' tells it like it is. Goal Adjustments.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I wish my Bodymedia Fit was actually a BodyBugg because the name rolls off the tongue so much easer. From what I have heard though, the BodyBugg branded BodyMedia Fits have defects in the fabric arm band that causes them to fall apart after a few days of wear. This is because when Biggest Loser bought the rights to BodyBugg from Body Media, they cheaped out. So even though the electronics are still made by BodyMedia, they found a cheaper source for the bands and now have a substandard product on the market. So if you buy one DO NOT buy the BodyBugg version. Buy the Body Media Fit version.

So what do I call it. I can't abbreviate it to BM Fit - because that sounds like I'm describing a very nice bowel movement in Britain. I could just call it my Fit. But I don't want people thinking I'm talking about an actual fit, as in "I'm having a fit" cause I'm not. I'm usually pretty chill. Why is this stressing me out? Body Fit? BF? BMF? BFF? Maybe I just call it Charlie.

Anyway. It tells it like it is. I was aiming for a 500 calorie deficit per day and thought that was pretty manageable based on my activity level and eating habits. However, Charlie crunched the numbers for me and it turns out that I averaged a 212 calorie deficit per day over the course of the last 8 days. Not what I was going for. Sooooo. Time to step it up on the activity meter and do a closer look at my diet. I'm eating in my calorie range, high middle, but my activity level and low BMR are going to continue to impede weight loss at that calorie level.

(15 minutes later)

OK Charlie and I did some more calculations. Here is my new goal: I am going to add 15 minutes of light interval cardio after my 1 hour strenght training workouts (3 days a week), and I am going to add some more movement of some kind into my heavy 60 minute interval cardio days (other 3 days a week). Either that, or eat less - but I like my diet plan right now. The only thing I think I am going to change, is that I am going to cut back on the number of walnuts I eat in a day, because I loooove them and they are sooooo calorically dense. And I think I am going to start adding in a glass or 2 of wine a day. Extra calories I know, but I like wine and the extra exercise should offset if I calc'd it right. Other than that I think I am going to leave my eating plan alone. Its pretty good. Its healthy and I am meeting all my nutritional requirements except fiber. It's so hard to get enough fiber. I need to make fiber my bitch.
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    It sounds like your BM Fit is really helping you to access your activity needs.
    2643 days ago
  • DEE0973
    thanks for the blog, and I now wish I owned a charlie. Some fiber suggestions is whole wheat low cal bread with added fiber, bulgar fruits--lots of fiber in apples, berries, oranges. Keep it going...
    2646 days ago
    How cool is Charlie?! I love things that provide real data to work with. Wow.

    I bet that feels great and the adjustments seems totally manageable.

    Well done you!!

    Yeah Charlie.

    2646 days ago
    I love this blog, it reads like I think lol

    I add 2 tbsp of ground flax to my oatmeal, eat brown rice, eat a low carb wrap for lunch... and I get too MUCH fiber. My wrap that I put turkey in for lunch has 7 by itsself.

    Anyway, good luck. My exercise daily burn goal is 500...it's a nice number, 500 lol

    2647 days ago
    I have my own Charlie but he's my son not a fit or bugg but he does both!

    Fun blog and helpful too!
    2647 days ago
    hahahaha i think charlie is the perfect name! :P fiber is a toughie. ground flaxseed is so easy to add into anything like oatmeal, cereal, smoothies. youll reach your goal in no time now! :)
    2647 days ago
    I have a body bugg and love it but I see what you mean about the band. I will have to buy a replacement in a few months. Wish I would have known that before I got it but oh well still love and trying to get my numbers right. Thanks for the update.
    2647 days ago
    I heard adding ground flaxseed is a helpful way to get fiber, or be me and eat Benifiber (but my reasons are different).

    You realize I want my own Charlie REALLY bad now.
    2647 days ago
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