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Still confused with this sites' suggested calorie intake??

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This calorie intake thing is aggravating me! First, after using this sites' suggested calorie intake, I thought I was eating way more food than I ever was to begin with, even though my lunch/dinner choices may be healthier choices at times. I'm starting to feel that this is a great way to keep an obese person (who eats a crap load of food on any given day) satisfied with healthier choices. I've never been someone to eat ALL DAY, nor would I ever consume a half of a pie, nor would I eat 2 Big Macs at McDonalds (I actually hate fast food). This is just a ridiculous amount of food to consume in one day... for me.

I am eating healthy, moving more, and working out. Something has gotta give sooner or later. I think I just may stick to 1800 -2000 calories a day OR I may refer to my Weight Watchers points book (I lost 50 lbs. on that program!). Whatever works best.

aaaaand I hate scales. Took my son to the doctor this afternoon and weighed myself on their scale. Last week I was 351 at the gym (sneakers on, night time) and one week later, I was 350 (shoes on, afternoon) on the doctor's scale. rrrr...

NOT DISCOURAGED! Whatever... I feel great! I'm making good choices in my life. I'll let ya know when I do lose a reasonable amount. I know it's 1 POUND! , but I've taken weight off in the past and it melted off! hmm...

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    If you think its too much then ignore it and work out what you think is a proper calorie range for you. I went to a site that told me I should have up to 2600 calories a day and with some exercise it was expected to achieve half a pound loss per week. I did my own research and now eat between 1200-1500 calories a day (normally 1300) and feel fine. Your body will tell you if you aren't getting enough food because you will feel a lack of energy etc.

    I also don't agree that if you lose it fast you will gain it back just as fast. After you hit your desired weight you change from a weight loss strategy to one of maintenance. The real power is in your mind - if you put the weight back on you have simply loss your focus and gone back to old habits.
    2669 days ago
    I think you should do what is best for YOU. If weight watchers worked then use it. If you want to eat 1800 cal then eat it. And 1 lbs in a week is great!!! Know that you are probably building muscle and muscle weighs more then fat so you should measure yourself. And then measure yourself once a month form now on and you will probably be pleasantly surprised as to the inches you loose. Keep up the great work and try not to get discouraged. You sound like you are doing wonderful!
    2671 days ago
    I totally feel your confusion. I am with you. The thing I have to keep reminding myself is I didn't get fat overnight. It took me a good ten years. If I were to take it all off in a matter of two or three months it would be much harder to maintain; however, if I take it off over the course of 8 - 10 months I am going to be able to maintain it much easier. I never rely only on the scale either. I have taken to measurements, because Some weeks I may not lose anything but lose a combine 6 inches. That is fine with me. Also I never rely on the BMI, I am 6' 1" and when I was around 18% body fat I weighed 275. According to the BMI I was obese. According to the Doctor my frame size is off the chart large (I know it's the whole big bone excuse, but the doc agrees). I think people put too much credence in the number on the scale. If they would rely on a number of measurements, from pounds to inches to physical fitness tests they would be happier. Sorry to go off on a tangent. If you drop 1 lb per week by dec you would have dropped 52 lbs, or 1.5 lbs per week is 78 lbs!! Little victories are the surest way to keep it off:) Don't get discouraged, you are moving in the right direction!!

    P.S. I also use this bmi calculator at: http://www.kimlyons.com/
    ople is close, and they add in if you are doing lots of cardio and such. It seems high but if you were to record everything before spark in a day it would probably look like you were eating less food but more calories. Just a thought.
    2672 days ago

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    This may be obvious, but it's a suggestion...
    Are you doing the cardio you are supposed to be doing, according to SP? One of my team members was eating enough for the fitness goals she eventually wanted to achieve - cardio three times a week - not the ones she was actually doing now.

    I think that one has to listen to one's body; if it says "enough!" then it is enough, nutrition intake reached or not. So go with that! Good luck!
    2672 days ago
    Scales, even gym and Dr. scales, can differ greatly... Personally I always weigh my self on the same scale every time, that way I know I am getting a accurate reading. Not all scales are created equal! :)
    2672 days ago
    I am doing Weight Watchers. I'm using the Power Foods so I can pretty much eat till I get full using them. I like it as it is all fruits and veggies, lean protein, fat free dairy and the like. I'm getting full but I seem to have lots to eat. So good luck and Keep Sparking. emoticon
    2672 days ago
    I worked out for 2 months without losing weight...Im working out more to make up for the slow scale. If you know you are eating healthy..and exercising..then its just math at that point. (thats what my doctor said). Less caloires in..more calories out. Keep going...we all have it in us to do this!

    2672 days ago
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