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Monday, January 24, 2011

sooo.... i've been doing good so far... i haven't been stressing nearly as much... but yet i've haven't been over eating nearly as much either and i think i know why and i think i have a new approach...

i am no longer going to track my food... not because i want to hide what i'm eating or because i want to be oblivious to how many calories i'm taking in.... it's because I need to make healthy choices in my life whether or not i'm trying to lose weight...

when i track my calories i'm so obsessed with the calories that i tend to under eat... and then i find myself trying to keep thinks out of my diet... and then i start craving and rebelling against myself.... i can't spend my life in a calorie guarded jail.. i need to be a reagular human being. i need to have choices and learn to make the right ones.... sometimes i want to a candy well i'm gonna have it. but if i want this to be a lasting thing i need to be able to do it for the rest of my life and restricting myself i won't make it.. stressing over calories i'm gonna die of a heartattack brought on by stress... i don't want that for my life i think i'd rather be over weight...

people who are in shape and healthy and thin don't track every single calorie but they know what they're limits are they know what to eat it just comes natural to them so i need to follow my instincts and eat healthy on my own not my calulating how many cals i had today......

i know i can do this it's going to be a slow process but at least it will be steady and consistent...
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    i'm sooo sorry that if sounded that way.... i too know for a fact that they're are skinny people that eat horribly in fact i have friends that are trying to gain weight and are do so by putting a bunch of junk into they're mouth and i constantly tell them that they can't be doing that... it's not good for themm.....

    I really didn't mean it that way... what i meant as "skinny" is not about how they look.... but more so about people who are conscious of they're body's needs.... they are skinny BECAUSE they continue to take care of themselves.... and are aware of what they put into they're body who possibly grew up with a healthy lifestyle instilled into they're mind.... those are the people i think of when i think skinny.... the other "skinny" people don't really come to mind at all cause i know one day it will catch up to them...

    I meant it to come thru as those people who already have had a healthy life style don't think about calories every second of everyday... they don't think well shoot i ate a candy my whole day is ruined and then dwell on it forever.. that is what i meant...

    Thank you for calling me on that i'm glad you brought it to my attention cause i didn't want it to sound like that... cause i know for a fact i know a :)
    2700 days ago
    I agree that this is a lifestyle change and we have to learn to make healthy choices without always being in "calorie guarded jail" (I love the way you put that, BTW). That's good that you are thinking long term because this is a lifestyle we have to change for ever.

    But I dont like that you stereotyped "skinny" people. Not just because people are skinny means that they know what they're eating, how much they're eating, exetera. I now plenty of skinny people that dont like veggies or love their carbs or eat probably more than you and than me, but they are sticks. Their body is just different from ours, their metabolism is different, their genes are different. They are no smarter than we are about what they put in their mouths, not all of them. I dont like you thinking that way. I can guarantee that you know more about nutrition and fitness than the average skinny joe walking down the street. It's not just about what a person looks like, it's their knowledge about health and wellbeing, but even more so than that it's their acting upon that knowledge, about using that knowledge to fuel their bodies. Dont assume that because a person is thin they're healthy. that's not true!
    2700 days ago
    We all are different, you have to do what works for you! :) I am not a food tracker, either, but every once in a while I do write down what I eat for the day- just as a quick check in. Yesterday I wanted a hot dog (gross) and I got a hot dog (ewe) and now I definitely DO NOT want a hot dog (yuck). But I did, and now I'm over it (although my tummy & face are very mad at me & they are barking!). Why did I want one? I wanted salt for my T.O.M. And that's that! :)
    Good for you for doing what is best in your personal situation!
    2703 days ago
  • KM336511
    I feel the same way- when I track my calories I am obsessed with it. Generally I eat a very similar lunch and breakfast everyday so I know about how many calories that is - then I made good choices for dinner. I think tracking food is great to initially gage where you are but its counterproductive for me to keep doing.
    2704 days ago
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