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Monday, January 24, 2011

On Friday afternoon, my son called me at work to inform me that my neighbor's 9 year old son had pushed him on the bus. He pushed him twice and on the second time he caused my 10 year old son to fall onto a 6 year old. It was hard enough to injure the 6 year old's back. There has been an ongoing tension between our two boys. Needless to say, the child has been picked up 2 times for hiding a gun under the steps of his house to shoot his family. Yes, I am worried beyond belief for the safety of my child. On Saturday, my son and two of his friends where in our backyard. The "kid" was in a field behind our yard antagonizing my son and his friends. I walked outside and kindly asked him to leave my son alone. He replied, "Shut the f**k up B!tch". I was flabbergasted as I would never allow my son (at any age) to disrespect an adult in that manner. I replied that he may think he got away with touching my son on the bus Friday, but I would be contacting the school and something would be done. Needless to say, he continued taunting my son telling him to come in his yard and try to do something about it. About 15 minutes later, the police were knocking on my door. His mother called the police on me...seriously, I never left my carport and did not threaten her child in any way.
Anyhow, this morning, I attempted to speak to the bus driver who seemed to blow me off. On my way to work, I contact the school to begin an investigation on bullying on school property. Of course, no one took my call, but took a message. By 9:30, I still had not received a return call, so I called again. I am not taking this lightly. This kid is proven to be a danger. Surprisingly, I spoke to the assistant principle who informed me that they had already pulled the video tapes from the bus and witnessed the "kid" pushing my son. I was also told that my son reacted in a calm way and did not try to defend himself. I know that he would have been considered at fault as well if he had defended himself. He reported the incident to the bus driver. The principal proceeded to tell me that there would be discipline action taken against the "kid" but she was not a liberty to disclose exactly what action. But, she did tell me that my son would know and would be able to tell me.
In all this, I just would the mother would be a real mother and teach her child some respect. But then again, I doubt that will ever happen because she is all about playing a victim. It is her fault that "kid" is they way he is.
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    This hits home to me. I can't STAND anyone picking on my child, whether it be an adult or a child. I have had issues with individuals doing this to my daughter when she was younger. It frustrates me VERY much that parents allow this behavior to happen. The parents should be in charge, not the children. I bet these parents are afraid of their child. She probably called the cops, because she knew in time that the cops would be called on her son.

    Glad you kept up with the school and demanded that something be done. Don't give up. If you have to, involve the cops or stand at the school and demand more intervention, if need be.

    You are doing the right thing. Keep strong.
    3590 days ago
    I would take this very seriously. If he has a gun available to him I can't believe the parents haven't done something, but it sounds like they aren't willing to take care of him. I agree with reporting this to the police. This isn't normal and some action needs to be taken.
    3591 days ago
  • MOCNVW23
    I know exactly what you are going through and how you feel. I went through the exact same thing with my son through his 7th 8th and 9th grade years. It took me standing in the principal office, yelling loud enough for others to hear me in the hallway, and arranging a meeting with the main principal, the asst. principal and the teachers from the classes in which he was having problems, along with the special ed director cause my son has a IEP) all at the same meeting, still nothing. Well finally enough was enough, it took me going to a lawyer, and having them draw up papers of what I was accusing them of, and that if action wasn't taken to end the bullying that I wouuld persue further. And YES as you figured, that is all it took, one letter from a lawyer, and they called another meeting and I recieved in writing from the principal along with the director of the school board of what their action of solving the problem would be. And I never had another problem after that.
    I wish you the best of luck, and my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your son.
    3591 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5128667
    PLEASE get a police report made ASAP so you can have a documented description - and make sure you document all future incidents!

    Hope karma does the right thing by you and your son ASAP!

    (This makes me SO DAMNED glad I never raised boys.....can't understand at times why people feel that boys are easier to rais than girls.....)

    3591 days ago
  • PAULINE1123
    Not meaning to scare you but I do believe that you should make a report to the police stating that you are worried about yours and your son's safety. After all, they are your neighbours so that is a little bit too close for comfort. If they lived eslwhere, he would only see your son at school then you could take another route using the school's disciplinary actions against bullying. However with all that is happening in the news lately you have to take things people say real serious no matter how old they are.
    3591 days ago
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