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Monday, January 24, 2011

It's been 43 days since my last blog and around the same since I last tracked for a full day and I have put back on about 3 kgs.



Eighty-frickin-eight kilos AGAIN. *Cue load swearing and self flagellation*

Right, now I've got that out of my system - hurrah sparkpeople! Just writing this is making me feel more focused, accountable and in control already.

My best friend and Maid of Honour has lost 12 kilos in the last 3 months or so oh YAY FOR HER! Grrrrr, yes I am very jealous and can offer you a thousand reasons why it's all SO MUCH EASIER for her, none of which hold even a single drop of water, darn it.

I have ummmmm hang on (goes and checks calendar) 14 weeks until my wedding AAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Holy Matrimony batman.

(side note, here's a picture of the bonboniere I have ordered: The text is mine, the artwork is vistaprint's, How freakin COOL is that! if anyone leaves theirs behind, they will be totally off my Xmas card list)

Today is the first day of my awesomeness. If I can just get down to 80 I will be happy. That's not much to ask but is still more than I've ever asked myself before.

How will I do this?

1. Track my food daily, I KNOW this is why I've gone up again, tracking is so important for me.
2. Exercise 5 days a week - I haven't been too bad, usually doing 3 mornings on the x-trainer but I gotta RAMP IT UP kids, so....
3. do the bootcamp I bought a 6 week pass for and haven't used yet. It's a daily bootcamp down at the beach and for 6 weeks I can go as much as I want. (which is not at all, obviously)

Other things I need to do:

4. Take my supplements! My IUD is history (whoo-hooo) so baby making is on the agenda big styles and I need to take the supplements my nutritionist gave me more religoiusly - I am SHOCKING, did you know that I have NEVER EVER finished a course of antibiotics in my whole life? And here I am trying to take different supps at different times of day, some with food, some without, blimey, it's hard work I tells ya!

*****TMI WARNING*****

5. Have more sex. It's good exercise and we'll never get me up the duff if we don't seriously upscale our sex lives. Trouble is, girls, he's just not that interested. I mean I am not either really, though I have a real 'the more I do it, the more I want it' kinda thing, but I also have an agenda filed under the heading BABY. Which is his agenda too of course but still isn't sufficient to get him getting it on more than twice a week. I'm aiming for at least every three days but so far haven't been hitting that target. Maybe it'll just take a little while for us to get into the swing of things. It's only been just over two weeks since I got the IUD out and I had TOM for a few days after so it's early days..

I'm not feeling too sexy due to the FATNESS but I need to find my sauciness and then maybe I'll have more success. Anyone got a line on sexy underwear that holds your tummy in at the same time as being raunchy? Tummy control and raunch factor cannot co-exist I fear....

I don't think I have fallen yet (though you never know) so once I've had my next TOM I'll ramp up my efforts..

*******TMI SECTION OVER*******

Aaaaah well it's been supernice talking to y'all again! Thanks to those who've dropped by my page to ask where I was, been wedding planning to the bejesus but it's all planned now, bar a few little bits and pieces that can wait until closer to the date.

Nothing more to do for a bit, what a strange feeling that is! Gosh it was SO overwhelming at first, I got a bit stressed out actually, which I hadn't expected. But now the venue and all the suppliers are chosen and booked, I'm way more relaxed and will breeze the rest of the way I'm sure!

So that's me, mostly, all caught up. So so so so so determined to drop a minimum of 7 kgs by my wedding day - I CAN DO IT!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    hahahahahah your raunchy underwear but i feel fat section made me LOL hardcore. you crack me up lady. you are going to be absolutely stunning in that wedding dress! i need to get on target as well. it seems that a lot of my sparkfriends have been having a tough time the past couple of months. what's up with that? let's kick some fat ass!
    3780 days ago
    ...I feel like an absolute dunce... but uh, how much is 7 kilos? ...compared to pounds??? lol :")
    I'm trying to follow you here, but I ended up taking a different path!!! lol
    3786 days ago
    Absolutely you can do it! Way to go getting the wedding all planned, you'll feel so much better now... We didn't leave much time for planning ours and it ended up more something we wanted to get over with then something we were looking forward to... Side note, if someone leaves theirs behind I totally want it, coolest bonboniere ever!

    Good luck with the baby making! With any luck you'll be preggers so your munchkin can be at your wedding too!
    3788 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    3795 days ago
    Good luck and Congrats on your wedding and future baby plans :) 7 kilos - you can do it :)
    3795 days ago
    how exciting!

    7 kilos by may... you can do it! remember, working out helps with stress and as the wedding nears, you'll need all the help with stress that you can get!

    as for the TMI part... i can't imagine having to do it 3 times a week! LOL we used to, but something changed when we started living together. I don't know. we average about once a week, sometimes twice on a good week lol i don't think i have the energy for more! HA! GOOD LUCK GETTING IT ON!
    go make a baby! emoticon
    3796 days ago
    I think with your energy and enthusiasm you can definitely do this. You are hilarious - keep up the positive attitude and you will go far. Best of luck!
    3796 days ago
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