Sunday, January 23, 2011

I never know what to call these blogs. My thoughts aren't that well-thought-out or profound. I do not care about you, blog entry title!

-I'm excited to start work tomorrow. I have some things I'd like to purchase over the next week that will help me bring my lunch to school, but first I need to figure out if I have access to things like a fridge and microwave! I'm sure I do, I just want to be sure first. I'm thinking I'll get a bento container here in the next few weeks, to help with lunch portion control.

-I'm also in the market for a new gym bag. If I'm going to start taking this gym thing more seriously, I'm going to need to start spending a little bit of $$ on nicer workout clothes, a bag, ect. Right now I wear the same set of workout clothes all the time, and they're going to wear out really quickly. Starting with a sports bra and workout tank, I think.

-I went out to karaoke with my (former!) coworkers last night. We were there for 6 hours, drunk off our a$$es, and had an awesome time. I stayed away from mixers and the food, and was down another .4 this morning. I was also chugging water constantly and made sure to drink a gallon and take some aspirin before I went to be last night. I got up and felt fine at 9, my coworker called me with a nasty hangover around 11 because she thought that I had called her. Poor lady.

-I can't wait to start this job. I always loved the first day of work/school/ect. You can be anyone you want to be: it's always a fresh start. I plan to be the person who is positive and helpful, and always has something nice to say. Let's just say I wasn't always that person at my last job, and while I don't regret it (I was often too busy....troubleshooting to find the "nice" way to say things) I would like things to be different at this new place. I'm also hoping that I'll find more like-minded people there: I love my former coworkers, but we had to work a lot on our relationships because we are very different people. I'm hoping I'll fit in better at the college.

-My handsome boyfriend is roasting a chicken right now, and I need to go make some side dishes. I made AMAZING chocolate ice cream last night (David Lebovitz's recipe: he's awesome) but I do not think I have enough calories left to have another bowl. That's right, I said another, lol.

Disclaimer: Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.

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