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Emotional eating - advice or help encouraged

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I just finished writing a journal entry about why I emotionally eat. I don't want to make it public because some of it is pretty personal and I read that I shouldn't out myself or shame myself. I just want to know if anyone knows how I can help myself past these emotional issues? I know they are the reason I eat when I shouldn't and the reason I've been feeding myself Nutella for the past week or so. I'm compensating for more than just my husband who is currently gone, it's really all about my issues.

I would love some ideas on how to work through these issues by myself. In Mali I know there are no psychologists trained to deal with this. I also have few friends I feel I can confide in here.

Links to articles and links to help would be welcome...or advice if you've gone through this yourself.


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    I wish I had some concrete advice to offer! It has taken me YEARS to develop an awareness of that "point" when I can stop, redirect myself, breathe, and move on. I'm not really sure how I did it, but the near-constant awareness has been important.

    Also, it's helped to start doing other things that make me feeel good --- I'm completely addicted to fresh air. LOL!! Seriously!! Often now my first response to stress is to get OUTside. (Not always though... So I still don't buy Nutella, lol!)

    I hope you find that writing the blog helped too. I recently wrote one of my first, and the flood of responses (INCLUDING YOURS -THANK YOU!!!!!) was totally re-energizing.

    Do. not. give. up. Each time you need to "do over," start right away. :) Good luck, love!! Rock the day,
    3354 days ago
    I'm an emotional eater too and have found lots of helpful articles on Sparkpeople (others have already provided links to these). I also found a book called 'Shrink Yourself' by Roger Gould quite helpful. There is an online blog & course that links to this at - Hope this helps & GOOD LUCK with your journey emoticon emoticon
    3354 days ago
    Hi Sweetie.

    I am certainly no expert so I want to refer you to some. Here are the articles I found on my search....




    I hope this helps. Know that you are not alone.

    3354 days ago

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    You are most definitely not alone! This isn't an issue that I particularly struggle with (which is not to say I've never done it), unfortunately, so I don't know if what works for me will work for you, but there is a sparksteam for emotional eaters and there are a lot of members. You might find support, information, and tips there.

    What I have read however says that in order to address emotional eating you have to find ways of dealing with the emotions that don't involve food. For example, here are some things I do do:

    I call a friend.
    I talk/vent to my husband, who is a very good listener.
    I put on music that makes me happy.
    If I'm angry or upset, I sometimes write it in a journal or even as a "letter" (one that I never intend to send)--this lets me get all those negative emotions out of my head and on the page.
    I go for a walk or do something else physically active (fencing, I recently discovered, is a great way to deal with stress. Before I hurt my hip, I danced every week and that was also a good stress reliever).
    I get out of house and go visit a friend.
    I tell my husband I need a hug.
    I call my parents.
    I make something (beading, knitting, whatever--I have learned recently that making things is my version of meditation).
    I watch a comfort movie (big believer in comfort movies).
    I play video games (this is a big one for me, even more than music and comfort movies).
    I read a comfort book (this is probably my #1 tactic. Even better than video games).
    I take a bath (if dealing with stress).
    Do something that makes me laugh--like watch stand up comedians on television or read a funny book or whatever. Laughter makes me feel better.
    3356 days ago

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    I think emotional eating is as natural as a baby wanting to have a bottle when he/she is tired or bothered. We all do it to some degree- that's why we read about "comfort foods" and so on in magazines. I let myself eat and notice what I'm doing. Later, I make sure I go for an extra walk. I also eat lots of vegetables and drink water, water, water which gets me over the needy feeling about food. When my daughter left home last week...actually when I was just preparing for her to leave- I ate Nutella too often! :-) I think we have to laugh more. I watch the same amusing movies over and over again. It's a kind of "lighten up" therapy. I also write/walk/and take care of someone or something- it takes the attention off of myself and needing the comfort of food. I appreciated your blog! Remember that somehow we are all connected and that you are supported. emoticon
    3356 days ago
  • GINNIE535
    Sparkpeople has some great articles on that

    Emotional Eating:


    Look around at some of the other ones- I just thought these 4 were particularly good.

    Just know that you are NOT alone.. I am pretty confident that every single person on the planet has been an emotional eater at some point. I do it every now and then.. It is just something that we have to try and overcome- know in your heart that you are stronger than that and you can handle it

    wishing you the best :)

    3356 days ago
    You are definitely NOT alone here. I too am an emotional eater. I too am in a place where I don't know anyone and have no support system. I think that it helps me to stop before I eat emotionally. Just for a few seconds to honestly decide if that is why you are doing what you are about to do. If so then decide to salve that need in another way. But it has to be something that will comfort you. Like a warm bath, A book and comfy blanket for a while, 5 minutes of privacy to throw a fit and voice what is bothering you by yelling at nobody but a pillow.... What ever. I like hot tea, a hot bath and a book. 30 minutes devoted to only me. If you need an anonymous online friend to help.... well so do I emoticon
    3357 days ago
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